Optima, the UK’s market leading partitioning specialist has vowed to completely cut waste to landfill out of their operations through recycling by 2010.

Optima, the UK’s leading supplier of commercial partitioning systems is paving the way to greener construction by promising to eliminate all waste to landfill from their operations by 2010.

Optima, (whose past projects have included supplying partitioning for clients at the Gherkin), plan to achieve this by using only materials that can be dismantled and recycled when they are no longer required.

Managing Director, Nigel Westray said, “We are examining every aspect of the supply chain to see where improvements can be made and are pleased to say that we have reduced our carbon emissions by 5% since the start of the year.”

Optima’s revolutionary partitioning solutions have been made from 98% recycled materials since the beginning of this year, now Optima wish to go a step further, ensuring each of its products can be fully recycled, eliminating waste to landfill and dramatically reducing the impact Optima’s activities have on the environment.

Westray adds, “Our products are installed in the offices of some of the most prestigious companies in the UK, companies who are totally committed to Environmental management, and it is only right that we meet or exceed their standards of environmental best practice”.

Optima’s environmentally ethical practices recently earned the company ISO14001 accreditation for its Environmental Management System and the company has also drawn up plans to make further emissions reductions across all sectors.

To find out more about Optima‘s superior and eco friendly office partions products and services please visit: http://www.optimasystems.com/glass-wall-sustainable.php

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Recent Falls In Fixed-Rate Mortgage Rates Have Given Both Homeowners And Homebuyers Some Hope To Housing Market

As house prices continue dropping and transaction levels reach a new low, financial solutions company ThinkMoney.com welcomes the recent falls in fixed-rate mortgage rates.

Recently, falls in the cost of wholesale funding have allowed lenders such as HBOS, HSBC, RBS and Woolwich to reduce their mortgage rates, reports Times Online. These cuts may not be not enough to undo the increases we’ve seen since the onset of the credit crunch, but they could still indicate an important change of direction that potentially places the peak in mortgage rates behind us.

“The criteria for mortgages may still be strict, but it’s nonetheless encouraging to see mortgage rates coming down like this,” said a spokesperson for ThinkMoney.com. “Essentially, any move in this direction bodes well for the housing market, implying a return of confidence among lenders which should translate into greater confidence among would-be homeowners.”

Yet the drops do not benefit all would-be buyers equally. “With lenders determined to protect themselves against potential falls in house prices, the biggest drops are aimed at those with the largest deposits. Given the importance of confidence to the housing market, however, it’s important not to underestimate the potential impact of more attractive rates – even if they are only available to some would-be homebuyers, they could provide a much-needed boost to the market. The more lenders’ confidence in the mortgage market increases, the sooner we should see more significant drops in mortgage rates offered to those with smaller deposits.

“At the moment, of course, prices are dropping because of the problems in the mortgages market – they’re dropping because so many people simply can’t buy. Once mortgages become cheaper and more readily available, there’s a high probability that prices will level out or increase. Nevertheless, astute would-be homebuyers are fully aware that any increase in prices can’t take place overnight, and they’re saving up now to make sure they can move as soon as mortgage rates descend to a level they find acceptable – but before house prices start to climb once more.”

Among homeowners, two groups in particular are watching the mortgage news with great interest.

“Any homeowner thinking of selling their property today faces an unpleasant choice: sell now (if they can) for an average of 9% less than their property would have fetched at the peak of the housing market in October 2007, or wait and hope the market improves. For them, any drop in mortgage rates is good news, as it might increase the number of potential buyers – and the more buyers there are, the more likely we are to see a recovery of some kind in the housing market.

“At the same time, the rising cost of mortgages has hit anyone looking to remortgage – because they’re coming off their existing fixed-rate mortgage, for example, or consolidating their debts. This news about falling mortgage rates may be particularly significant for people in this group, as so many of them find themselves forced to act within a certain timeframe. For them, ‘wait and see’ simply isn’t an option.”

Think Money (http://www.thinkmoney.com) are a financial solutions company based in Salford Quays, Manchester. The company specialises in a range of financial services, including mortgages, loans, debt help and advice (including debt management plans, IVAs, and debt consolidation).

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Natural stone paving is ideal for outdoors use

Exterior flooring is as much about quantity as it is about quality. Often procuring and specifying for outdoor jobs means a large budget and making sure the supplier has stock of the right stone and getting it on site at the right time.

Natural stone paving are ideal for use outdoors and are low maintenance. Limestone, travertine , granite and slate paving are all excellent choices. Builder Superstore carries stock of stone paving to suit contemporary garden plans and all with next day delivery and high stock holding. Also the same day sample despatch gives specifiers and customers the chance to make a quick decision.

Currently Builder Superstore are offering trade customers an EXTRA 10% OFF when a trade account * is opened. Simply apply for an account when placing an order to receive the 10% CASH BACK.

Drawing inspiration from extensive travelling can offer excellent outdoor spaces to add value and space. This is the stone courtyard of the Esbaluard Museu d’art modern in Palma.

Sealant for exterior paving is especially important in cooking areas to prevent the natural materials from staining heavily. Builder Superstore supply tile sealant and treatment to protect and complete the look. The natural stone flooring can be teamed with a perimeter of limestone chippings that reflect light to make installing quicker and cheaper.

Black or white marble is very recherché. (See our natural stone tile section). Monotones are very contemporary and make a striking change from stone shades.

Raise the outdoor room slightly higher than the rest of the garden to prevent it looking like a patio. Include a feature design such as a natural stone octagonal or sun circle as a focal point.

Builder Superstore offer interior floor tiles and exterior paving at trade prices with next day timed delivery and bulk discounts.

Paving materials and flooring tiles in vast quantities – Next Day Delivery & Pallet Discounts! Also trade customers can get an EXTRA 10% OFF when a trade account* is opened. Simply apply for an account when placing an order to receive the 10% CASH BACK.

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Home-buying expert SecureASale are helping sellers sell their house quickly without agency fees.

SecureASale, the brainchild of two London-based ex estate agents, Tim Jackson and Eli Robinson, is a home-buying business that provides cash for homes, offering sellers up to 90% of the market value of their property in cash. This gives sellers who need to sell their house quickly the freedom to move on without waiting for a property market that is slowing day-by-day.

Having met many clients with bad experiences of dealing with home-buying companies, Eli and Tim have designed a new service, SecureASale.co.uk that addresses many of the failings within the industry.

As the housing market continues to falter, those that have no choice but to sell their house quickly to release equity or to stop repossession have been desperately seeking a means to sell their property quickly without losing all the money they ploughed in.

Past seller Renzo Castellano said “What is generally a cumbersome process in the UK, especially in recent times, turned out to be pretty straightforward when dealing with SecureASale.”

By focusing only on North and North-West London, areas the directors know extremely well, Eli and Tim are able to personally visit all of their clients for an initial consultation and make a formal cash offer there and then rather than just relying on faceless bank valuations like their competitors do.

While most of the larger sell-quick companies tend to act only as large lead-generating machines, (passing the actual purchase on to unproven third parties), SecureASale‘s directors purchase all their properties directly and have a large cash fund to enable swift transactions that are often completed in just a few days.

Unlike many high-profile companies, SecureASale.co.uk never charges a valuation fee, or in fact any fees at all to the client. SecureASale even contribute towards the vendors solicitor’s fees.

Tim Jackson, director of SecureASale comments, “There are many reasons why people require a quick home buying service, from people inheriting a property to sellers under the threat of repossession if they cannot sell quick. Other people are simply fed-up of being stuck in a property chain and want a no-hassle, cash buyer service to help them move on quicker.”

Whilst the offers SecureaSale makes are often below the amount a vendor would receive on the open market, there are no agency fees to pay and the offers are guaranteed and the process quick. With over 65% of deals falling through prior to exchange this year (source RICS), a professional service allowing people to sell their house quickly without waiting for a stagnant market is a welcome initiative.

For more information on SecureASale and their cash for homes service please visit http://www.secureasale.co.uk

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RealtyJuggler Real Estate Software can now synchronize seamlessly Contacts, Tasks and Appointments with Microsoft Outlook.

RealOrganized, Inc. announced that their organizational real estate software product, RealtyJuggler Desktop now synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook.

“Seamless, Two-Way synchronization with Outlook has been our number one request. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our products, and this latest upgrade demonstrates that commitment. This upgrade is free and part of the normal RealtyJuggler Desktop subscription.” stated Scott Schmitz, President of RealOrganized, Inc.

Synchronization is as easy as pressing the ‘Start Sync’ button in RealtyJuggler Desktop. Changes made to Contacts, Appointments, and Tasks are then merged with Microsoft Outlook Contacts, Appointments, and Tasks and are treated normally within Microsoft Outlook. This approach permits the use of third party synchronization with devices such as:

* Palm-Powered PDA’s and SmartPhones, including the Palm Treo
* RIM’s Blackberry including the Pearl and Curve
* Pocket PC / Windows Mobile / Windows CE devices including the HP iPAQ
* Apple’s iPhone
* Any other third party device that synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook.

Other real estate software vendors offer custom mobile solutions for an extra fee. But that approach forces the Realtor to software from that vendor only. By synchronizing with Microsoft Outlook, RealtyJuggler Desktop avoids vendor lock-in. An agent has the freedom to synchronize with whatever devices they like.

RealtyJuggler Desktop is a Realtor’s swiss-army-knife. It tracks prospects, buyers, sellers, showings, closings, open houses, lockboxes, promotions and expenses. Included are five real-estate calculators and a complete DRIP e-mail system with hundreds of template letters written in both Spanish and English. The product is web-based and multi-user with a straightforward user interface. Visit company web site for 90-day free trial. Normal subscription pricing is $99/year with no extra fees or charges.

About RealOrganized, Inc. – RealOrganized is a corporation founded in 2003 by a former executive from AOL and a top real estate agent, each with over a dozen years experience in their respective fields. The company’s mission is to create organizational software for the real estate industry.

RealOrganized and RealtyJuggler and are trademarks of RealOrganized, Inc. Realtor is a registered trademark of the National Association of Realtors.

Palm and Treo are registered trademarks of Palm, Inc. Realtor is a registered trademark of the National Association of Realtors. Windows CE, Windows Mobile and Pocket PC are registered trademarks of Microsoft, Inc. Blackberry is a registered trademark of RIM, Inc. iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.

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