Prominent Tucson Realtor agent Lee Davis is proud to extend his services to people seeking for real estate properties and to home sellers who are in need of realtors to sell their properties

Lee Davis is again sharing his expertise and experience in Tucson Real Estate by opening his doors to individuals who are seeking for residential properties. Real estate opportunities offered by Lee ranges from small homes to extra large properties.

Lee offers homes in Tucson for prices as low as $100,000 and $10,000,000 for extra large homes. Varieties of residential places include golf homes, homes with horses, ranch homes, retirement homes, Mountain View homes, panoramic view homes, and foothill homes. Homebuyers will definitely get their dream home with the help of Lee.

Home sellers can take his commitment and dedication to provide them the right client for their properties. He has help thousands of other home sellers finding them right buyers and giving them the right value for their properties.

Back in 1993, Lee had his license in Real Estate and since then he became an industry leader in providing affordable homes for the community. He has served various positions in the Tucson community that earned him respect.

Tucson, Arizona, with a total land area of 194.7 sq mi, is the second oldest town and is ranked as the 32nd largest city in the United States.

The Tucson Country Club was established in 1947 and is now one of the most favored and suitable places in the entire area. To give advantage to homebuyers who want to settle in Tucson Country Club, Lee’s experience to the place will give them the edge. He has been a member of the Club for more than 50 years, more than enough time for him to known every section and businesses of the place.

“Lee will be with you every step of the way from listing your home until close”, the statement said. As an extended service, he will negotiate for the prices of the properties and help homebuyers look for homes that meet their preferences. To recall, Lee has been a resident of Tucson, Arizona for more than 40 years now. Helping buyers pick the most suitable residential places at the most reasonable price will be Lee’s top priority.

About the Company:
Tucson Homes by Lee Davis is an Arizona based company dedicated to provide assistance to anybody in need of residential properties. Lee Davis is working hand-in-hand with another Tucson Real Estate Agent, Cathy Vega, to produce the best output for their clients. The company can reach through the telephone number 520-400-4525 and Toll Free 1-888-436-1322 and through their website at

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The Ivy Log Development group is proud to announce Union County’s first golf course community; Owen Glen

The championship golf course at Owen Glen was designed by world – class golf course Architect Denis Griffiths. With over 35 years of experience Denis has designed and built courses in Scotland, Thailand and here in the United States.

The Owen Glen community offers outstanding amenities for golf enthusiasts as well as those who want to lead active lifestyles surrounded by opulence and beauty.

Our Pre Opening Sale offers 27 premier lots many offering golf frontage, creek frontage and year-round mountain views Lots priced from the low $70’s to $250’s all to include a FREE 1 year golf membership Our Semi-private Championship 18 hole course is scheduled to open in the Summer 2009 The spectacular clubhouse is scheduled to begin construction in Early 2009 Golf memberships to include total access to our championship 18 hole 7500 yard course that may be played by cart or walking, designed to be enjoyable and an adventure to all, the golf course practice facility are unparalleled in North Georgia and will especially cater to the juniors and beginners Social memberships will include access to the fitness center, pool, tennis court, a snack bar and public meeting rooms

Call me today to schedule a private tour of this exciting golf community. Come experience the excitement of Owen Glen!


Bill Ruegge,


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Jeff Joyner & Chip Williams have combined to become the best Real Estate team in Pinellas County, Florida

Jeff Joyner and Larry “Chip” Williams have combined forces to become the best Real Estate team in Pinellas County, Florida. The new team name is Joyner-Williams Collection, Purveyors of fine homes for fine people with a new website located at Jeff and Chip are both natives of St Petersburg, Florida and can answer many of your questions about the “Sunshine City”, the Great Tampa Bay surrounding area and everything related to Real Estate.

Jeff is a 4th generation Realtor with his family roots dating back to 1928 in St Petersburg. He has the drive and dedication that gives him a competitive edge in the real estate business. His success thus far can be attributed to his honesty, communication skills and proficient negotiation techniques. Jeff takes great pride in finding his clients their dream home or getting the most value for the sale of their home.

Chip is a real estate professional with specialized expertise in the Pinellas county market. A lifetime resident of St Petersburg, he has a strong working knowledge of all the bay area has to offer. Since graduating from Eckerd College, his career has been dedicated to real estate finance, sale and/or purchase. Chip’s highly professional service has turned my business into over 65-70% referral based.

The Joyner-Williams Collection portfolio consists of Single-Family Homes, Condos and Land with $10,600,500 worth of listings. Since combining forces on September 1st, the Joyner-Williams Collections has listed $6,000,000 worth of properties and sold $1,595,000.

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Housing Rescue Plan, LLC offers several loss mitigation options for homeowners facing financial hardships such as unemployment, separation or divorce, medical bills, reduced income, job relocation or others

The loss mitigation options H.R.P., LLC will discuss with you include: loan modifications; VA loan modifications; short payoff (short sale); deed in lieu of foreclosure, repayment plans, partial claims for FHA mortgages and special forbearance agreements. The H.R.P., LLC team will work in conjunction with you and your lender to come up with a plan of action that works for both sides. The best part is you may be able to work out an agreement with your lender that will allow you and your family to stay in your home. The H.R.P., LLC office is run and operated by Dr. Michael W. Cantrell, Sr. creator of the Federal Housing Recovery Plan. Dr. Cantrell has a 95% success rate negotiating with lenders.

Are you behind in your mortgage payments; by how many months? One, three, six or more? Have you been presented with a Forbearance Agreement that just doesn’t feel right? Or is your bank threatening foreclosure? There is help. Visit the closest H. R. P. office for your FREE consultation.

Foreclosure may not be the answer. You shouldn’t have to just give up the fight for your home that you worked so hard to purchase and hold on to. There is another option that your bank may not be forthcoming in talking to you about. It’s called Loss Mitigation. The Housing Rescue Plan, LLC specializes in loss mitigation services.

Housing Rescue Plan, LLC offers several loss mitigation options for homeowners facing financial hardships such as unemployment, separation or divorce, medical bills, reduced income, job relocation or others. The loss mitigation options H.R.P., LLC will discuss with you include: loan modifications; VA loan modifications; short payoff (short sale); deed in lieu of foreclosure, repayment plans, partial claims for FHA mortgages and special forbearance agreements. The H.R.P., LLC team will work in conjunction with you and your lender to come up with a plan of action that works for both sides. The best part is you may be able to work out an agreement with your lender that will allow you and your family to stay in your home. The H.R.P., LLC office is run and operated by Dr. Michael W. Cantrell, Sr. creator of the Federal Housing Recovery Plan. Dr. Cantrell has a 95% success rate negotiating with lenders.

Dr. Cantrell has over 19 years of mortgage experience in various roles. He, together with his team of trained counselors are available now to talk to you about your current housing situation. Your initial consultation is free. Visit for more information and an online application to get started today. Housing Rescue Plan, LLC is working with homeowners, keeping the American dream alive. We currently help people in trouble in all 50 states.

Dr. Michael W. Cantrell, Sr. can be reached on
(888) 880-9997 ext. 5921

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250,000 new families will enter foreclosure every three months according to the Mortgage Bankers Association

Over 60% of those families don’t know about services and options that mortgage lenders offer to help avoid foreclosure.

Most homeowners try and get refinancing for their home loan if they fear foreclosure. Others try to negotiate a “short sale” or just accept the foreclosure and walk away. Many homeowners have never heard of loan modification, a legal process that a homeowner can use to renegotiate loan terms with the current lender to reflect current financial circumstances.

“The people I’ve worked with in the past either don’t know what loan modification is, or they believe loan modification requires a high-priced specialist,” said Troy Fullwood, creator of the Loan Modification Toolbox. “Most homeowners could do it themselves if they just get access to the information,” he added.

Most or all of the fees associated with loan modification can be rolled up into the new balance according to HUD guidelines. Because loan modification doesn’t usually require upfront fees, it’s a viable option for cash strapped families.

Considering that a home is the largest investment most people will ever make, the opportunity to save that investment offers a lifeline to many affected by recent market trends.

The Loan Modification Toolbox was created by Troy Fullwood to offer a loan modification roadmap and information at a fraction of a specialist’s cost. The Loan Modification Toolbox, offers step by step plans, necessary forms and lender negotiation requirements to homeowners trying to stop foreclosure.

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Lloydstsb Personal Loans Reports More Than One Third Of UK Estate Agents Say Environmentally Friendly Improvements Could Help Homes Sell During A Slower Climate

According to the latest Lloyds TSB Personal Loans survey, more than one third (34 per cent) of UK estate agents claim ‘going green’ with environmentally friendly home improvements could help homes sell faster during the economic downturn.

Lloyds TSB Personal Loans surveyed 500 UK estate agents and over 1000 home owners to understand how would-be sellers are responding to the cooling housing market*.

The findings reveal that 34 per cent of estate agents believe environmentally friendly home improvements, such as insulation and solar panels, would improve chances of a sale during a slower climate. One in ten estate agents questioned by the bank said they had seen an increase in potential buyers enquiring about the environmental credentials of a property.

More than one in ten homeowners looking to sell their property has made environmentally friendly improvements to their homes in recent months. Both would-be sellers and estate agents agree that the most valuable environmentally friendly improvements are loft insulation (56 per cent), and/or installing an energy efficient boiler (73 per cent).

TV presenter and property finder, Phil Spencer, commented on the research: “With the property market slowing down in recent months, would-be sellers are looking for a point-of-difference. Environmentally friendly improvements provide something extra when it comes to selling but also means families are likely to save money through energy efficiency. Times have changed, the market’s not going to help you – you’re going to have to do it yourself.”

Other environmentally friendly improvements that proved popular with estate agents and homeowners include:
– Cavity wall insulation
– Draft proofing
– Solar panels
– Double flush toilets
– Redecorating using ecologically-friendly materials (e.g. paints, woods etc)
– Wind turbines

To help homeowners add value to their home Lloyds TSB personal loans has teamed up with Phil Spencer to create the Move or Improve Guide, offering practical advice and insider tips on the do’s and don’ts of home improvement. An audio home improvement podcast is available to download free of charge.

* 1081 homeowners surveyed by in June 2008. 500 UK estate agents surveyed by The Survey Shop in June 2008.

About Lloyds TSB:
Lloyds TSB offers customers a wide range of current accounts, savings accounts, insurance, personal loans and credit cards, designed to meet different customers’ needs.

Lloyds TSB Bank plc and Lloyds TSB Scotland plc are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority and signatories to the Banking Codes.

Lloyds TSB Bank plc Registered Office: 25 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7HN .
Registered in England and Wales no. 2065.

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United Arab Emirates nabbed the top spot in TheMoveChannel’s investment property watch for October

Forcing Portugal off the top spot this month was the United Arab Emirates, which nabbed the top spot in TheMoveChannel’s investment property watch for October. However, Portugal did fight back to some extent, grabbing both second and third places…

UAE properties climbed from fourth place last month to take the gold in our investment property watch chart. Don’t assume it was Dubai. It was in fact Ajman, the smallest of the seven emirates.

Close to Dubai for job possibilities yet far enough away for peace and quiet, property in Ajman is becoming increasingly sought after by locals and foreign investors.

Prices in Ajman have not gone though the roof like those in neighbouring Dubai, so property in the emirate is still relatively affordable. Plans are in the pipeline for a new international airport which will make access easier and push prices higher.

Dan Johnson, Director of TheMoveChannel, said, “Ajman is the smallest emirate by size, but it certainly has big aspirations and was the first to offer investors of any nationality full and transparent freehold property ownership.

“Close to the Dubai airport and well connected via the Emirates road (traffic permitting), it has a wonderful old 16th century fort in the central square which is a must see, as well as an old Iranian souk, giving the city an authentic flavor,” added Mr Johnson.

The Algarve has long been a tourist hotspot, with more than five million visitors from across the globe making the pilgrimage to the sun, sand and sea each year.

Expats and investors from the UK are continuing to snap up property in Portugal, especially along coastline, despite being more expensive than some European destinations.

The Algarve’s popularity with holidaymakers means that foreign property owners have also been able to make money by letting their residence out to visitors. The Silver Coast has also become popular in recent years.

At number four on our investment property watch chart was property in Ajman Costa Rica, which is fast becoming the next property hot spot with international property investors eagerly anticipating a big boom in the country.

Costa Rica’s popularity has been growing for numerous reasons. With the slow down in the US economy, many US investors are looking abroad for safer markets with bigger potential profits.

The climate and beautiful natural scenery which includes everything from rainforests to volcanoes to beaches ensures that tourism in Costa Rica looks set to remain a prosperous industry for the foreseeable future which drives up demand for property.

Costa Rica is considered by many to be the strongest democracy in Central America with an independent judiciary ensuring the rights of investors. Unlike many other countries, Costa Rica also allows 100 per cent foreign ownership making it easy for US citizens buying investment property in Costa Rica.

Old favourite Italy made two appearances on the top ten table, at fifth and ninth place. An Italian property in the southern Italian village of Irsina took fifth place, proving that the interest in the south of the country is still growing.

Traditionally, the north of Italy has been the most popular, and the less fashionable southern regions were overlooked. But now, savvy investors seeking a cheaper property are increasingly turning their attentions to the south. is a property website that was founded in 1999 as an online resource for buying, selling and learning about property. It now receives as many as 300,000 visits per month and advertises over 50,000 properties in nearly 90 countries, which are listed by over 500 partner organisations.

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Prime Spanish real estate consisting of an entire holiday complex will be given away in this raffle of the year

The media has covered a number of raffles over the past few months in which a house or property is given away to one lucky winning ticket holder. None of these can compete however with the latest property draw ‘San Blas’ ( unveiled this week. The raffle will see San Blas, a magnificently fully restored old Spanish Cortijo set in the beautiful Andalucían countryside, and worth around a cool E1.5 Million be handed over to the prize winner holding the lucky ticket costing a mere 25 Euros. More unusual about this raffle is the fact that the lucky ticket holder will not only win a stunning 4 bedroom house but a complete self catering holiday complex too. The San Blas raffle is truly unrivalled by any other property draw and offers the winner a truly life changing prize.

It has been quite an emotional journey for English owners Wayne and Dave who have spent the past three years lovingly restoring the property to a quite remarkable standard. For family reasons however they have been forced to make the difficult decision to say goodbye to the home and business of their dreams and return to the UK. The recent credit crunch and property crisis have led the pair to do some lateral thinking and they have come up with an alternative and novel way of selling this outstanding property. To the fortunate winner Wayne and Dave leave behind all the fruits of their hard work: a beautifully restored house, along with seven classic white-washed self catering cottages and apartments, a swimming pool, and 15 acres of breathtaking countryside. Further information and pictures of the entire property can be viewed at There is also an additional online booking website for the self-catering business.

The raffle has been carefully drawn up with full legal advice and meets all legal requirements. Each ticket will cost 25 Euros and can be purchased easily online at the website, and those purchasing 4 tickets will receive an additional ticket free. Those participating in the raffle can view online the number of tickets sold which is updated daily. Every ticket holder will be kept updated on the draw and informed within 48 hours of all tickets being sold. The grand draw itself will be overseen by a number of independent Spanish solicitors and this will also be filmed. The video of the draw will be made available for everyone to watch on the website within 24 hours of the draw taking place.

Looking for Spanish real estate? Look no more because the lucky winner will receive the freehold and full & clear title deeds to the fabulous Cortijo San Blas which will include the 4 bedroom main house along with 7 self catering units comprising 12 bedrooms, 9 kitchens, 12 showers, 13 toilets, plus 15 acres and a great swimming pool – pretty spectacular for just a 25 Euro stake. The winner will also be handed over the deposits and all future bookings at the popular San Blas holiday property. With the self catering units being rented from 190 to 365 Euros per week each, this will provide the winner with a profitable start to their new life and business in the Spanish sunshine.

Also unique to this property raffle is the fact that tickets will retain their full face value as they can be exchanged at any time before the draw for accommodation at the complex. Indeed Wayne and Dave are keen to encourage as many people as possible to view the property whether passing through the area or staying to see for themselves what a fantastic home and ready-made holiday business awaits the lucky winner.

To purchase tickets or to find out more about the most exciting property raffle ever launched and the chance to enjoy a fantastic new life in the Spanish sun visit – and remember, somebody has to win and it could very well be you!

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Winpropertyinfrance.Com Introduces A Unique Concept Combining The Fun, Thrill And Legality Of Online Spot The Ball Competitions With A Fabulous Prize That Holds Mass Appeal: The Ownership Of A 19th Century Renovated Manor House In Southern France

The unique spot the ball competition, which was launched today on, enables people who have dreamed of owning a character property in sunny southern France to use their skills and judgment to make this dream come true by winning the competition for a £25 ticket purchase. The prize is an amazing 4 bedroom 19th century renovated manor house located in an authentic village very close to Montpellier.

This competition is the brainchild of the French couple owning this property who are keen to pass this century old house along to other passionate people. In order to provide participants with all possible guarantees for a legal, safe, secure and transparent competition and strictly abide by existing regulations, they have incorporated a UK limited company which will be the competition promoter: Win Property Online Ltd. Spot the ball competitions operated by UK Limited companies have been acknowledged as games of skills and thus authorized by the UK Gambling Commission.

The competition will close on 30 June 2009 or whenever before this date the maximum number of 20,000 competition entries has been reached. Should the required number of competition entries not be reached by the final closing date, the competition winner will be awarded the total money collected less a retainer fee to cover output VAT on ticket sales and technical and administrative expenses of £10,000.

The founders of the initiative commented: “We believe we have developed a very unique concept, combining the thrill and legality of online spot the ball competitions with a fabulous prize: a character property in a dream location. We hope that the proposition of winning such a prize for £25 will appeal to all those who have dreamed of owning an authentic property in sunny southern France.”

People eager to learn more about the property and competition rules or to join the competition by purchasing 1 to 4 tickets at £25 each (the 5th ticket is free!) should click on the website.

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Top Austin real estate home builder – Lennar Homes joins Kenn Renner leading Austin Realtor and owner of to assist homebuyers with new Move Assistance Programs also known as M.A.Ps

One of Austin’s premier builders, Lennar Homes and top real estate broker Kenn Renner of Keller Williams Realty, have developed a series of programs to help new homebuyers defer much of the cost associated with moving. The Move Assistance Programs (M.A.Ps) offers the following financial incentives to help a tenant or a move-up homebuyer with the expenses associated with relocating.

For Renters:

Lease Buy-Out Program – Provides assistance in paying off existing lease and/or covering the re-leasing fee.

Lease Negotiation Service – Provides expert negotiations with your current landlord.

For Move-up Homebuyers with a Home to Sell:

Expert Real Estate Counseling – Receive a free consultation with a 25-year real estate veteran.

Guaranteed Buy-out Program – A free evaluation and bottom-line price will be offered for your current home.

‘Sell Your Home for Free’ Program – A 0% net commission program that allows you to sell your home for zero total real estate commission.

Moving Cost Coverage Program – Helps defer the cost of moving expenses such as moving companies and moving trucks.

Temporary Rental Program – Provides assistance in locating temporary housing, furnished or unfurnished.

In a recent meeting, Lennar’s division president, Sean Chandler, stated, “There is no better time in recent history to purchase a new Lennar home. Austin is where everyone wants to be and Lennar is dedicated to helping homebuyers with the transition through financial incentive programs such as M.A.Ps.” Along with first class service and attention to detail – Lennar Homes is famous for their “Everything’s Included” homes. “Everything’s Included” is unique to national builders where buyers do not have to pay huge markups for “upgrades.” “Most ‘upgrades’ charged by other builders are included standard with Lennar Homes. Along with ‘Everything’s Included,’ Lennar is offering large price and financing incentives, especially on standing inventory,” Chandler adds.

Kenn Renner, a top selling central Texas real estate broker with Keller Williams Realty, and owner of explains, “In challenging economic times the larger more financially stable builders like Lennar are able to offer programs that the smaller builders just can’t afford to do. That is why they have called on us to develop the Move Assistance Programs (M.A.Ps).” Lennar is without a doubt pro-Realtor because they understand the need for professional counseling and guidance throughout the home-buying process. Renner adds, “Lennar understands the need for renters and move-up home buyers to have innovative alternatives such as lease buy-outs and sales cost (commission) coverage. I am pleased to be one of Lennar’s preferred Realtors.”

Lennar Homes was ranked number two nationwide by Builder Magazine in 2007 with over 30,000 homes sold nationwide. In Austin, Lennar has 18 subdivisions with prices ranging from the $110s to the $480s.

Kenn Renner ( consistently ranks as one of the top ten real estate agents in the city of Austin and Central Texas with over 400 home sales and over $80,000,000 in closings since 2005.

For more information about the M.A.Ps programs visit or call or text Kenn Renner at (512) 423-5626.

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