Overseas Property Business Boosted By Twitter

Overseas property website Homesgofast.com demonstrates how things have changed in real estate with social media being an integral part of online marketing. The 21st century phenomena, and a web 2.0 craze has seen the site developing international contacts via Twitter which is a microcosm of the social networking craze.

For some businesses, still trying to get to grips with Social media and Web 2.0, Twitter has them scratching their heads and some are even quite afraid of it; “what if no one wants to follow me, won’t that do more harm than good?”

The answer is no; if no one is following you, no one will know, will they?

If you don’t know the answer to that question, then it is clear you haven’t yet embraced the phenomenon that is Twitter.

The overseas property business which includes a dedicated real estate blog has always been quick to embrace new technology, and has fallen in love with Twitter. The site is not only “on Twitter”, but they have even found its applications in building the business.

Nick Marr, director of Marr International, the group behind the portal, said:

“We love Twitter! It is really good for us, and for any business that produces engaging articles and content on a regular basis. Twitter allows you to share your content with the world, and if it is good content, your gang of followers will quickly grow.

“At first we thought it was just a way of building traffic to the site, as our following grows, we are being approached by businesses wanting to advertise and/or affiliate with us — through Twitter!”

Nick said their “Tweets” had become particularly popular with property marketers in the US and in the Caribbean. “We are in the process of forming a working relationship with the proprietor of propertyadsja.com, who contacted us after seeing our following grow on Twitter,” Nick explained, adding: “we will continue to exploit this new medium, and are particularly keen to follow, and be followed by those involved in the Jamaican property market.”

Homesgofast’s following on Twitter is growing by the day, join them at http://twitter.com/homesgofast

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Balli Real Estate Has Predicted That UK Property Will Be A Lucrative Proposition For Overseas Investors Due To The The Fall In The Value Of Sterling

Balli Real Estate has predicted that UK property will be a lucrative proposition for overseas investors due to the current fluctuations in the world’s currency exchanges and the fall in the value of Sterling caused by the global financial crisis.

Balli Real Estate, the developer of the 172 apartment Latitude property development currently under construction in central Birmingham, has witnessed an increase in levels of interest in the UK market from overseas in recent weeks, as a window of opportunity has opened with the fall of the pound against the world’s major currencies and, as such, Balli property developments are set to be popular among those overseas looking to invest in UK property.

Vahid Alaghband, Group Chairman of Balli Group, observed that the fall in sterling has made the UK an attractive proposition for overseas investors. He commented: “The relabttive weakness of the pound against other currencies and the fluctuations of the exchange rates are currently proving to be very beneficial to buyers from overseas who are looking for new opportunities thrown up by the turmoil being experienced by real estate markets around the world.”

Balli Real Estate suggests that the pound’s fall on the world’s currency markets will make the UK property market particularly attractive to buyers from the USA, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates.

Hassan Alaghband, director at Balli, said: “The argument for an influx of overseas investment is compelling when you combine a 30% fall in the value of the pound with, in some cases, a similar fall in property values.”

“Inward investment will help bring an increase in liquidity to the market, which will be an important factor in the recovery of the residential and commercial property markets in the UK,” he added.

Balli Real Estate expects that established and mature markets will prove particularly attractive to foreign investors as the fundamentals of location; accessibility and communications will remain key drivers for occupiers.

David Reid of Balli Real Estate observed: “The old adage of ‘location, location, location’ holds good whether the market is good or bad and the established and proven locations of our towns and cities will continue to draw occupiers and purchasers.”

“Our ‘Latitude’ development will see 172 apartments and penthouses located a short distance from New Street train station and the Bullring for private sale and, since its launch, over 60% of the total development has been sold. Situated in the heart of the city, on the corner of Bromsgrove and Hurst Street, ‘Latitude’ is just a few minutes’ walk from the Bullring Shopping Centre and Birmingham New Street Station and supports our philosophy of providing high specification and stunning accommodation in desirable and prestige locations.” he added.

Vahid Alaghband, Group Chairman of Balli Group, agreed: “‘Latitude’ is ideal for either owner occupiers or individual and bulk purchase investors looking to secure high quality property in the centre of one of the UK’s premier cities. The scheme has been priced competitively making ‘Latitude’ excellent value for money when compared to other regional cities in the UK, such as Manchester, Southampton and London.

Vahid continued, “Housing demand in Birmingham is forecast to grow over the next decade, due to the city’s expanding workforce and student population. With lower crime levels than comparable cities, good schools and improved retail provision Birmingham is well positioned to attract further investment and development.”

About Balli Real Estate:

Balli Real Estate is a leading multi-national real estate investment and development company operating in the UK, the Middle East and other lucrative markets. In the United Arab Emirates the company operates under the Peacock Ventures Ltd brand. The company focuses on four key activities: fund management, joint venture developments, direct developments and bulk purchase investment, and is involved in some of the most prestigious real estate projects in the world.

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Bruntwood, commercial property firm, has announced the completion of its £2m total refurbishment of 1 Dale Street in Liverpool’s city centre

Bruntwood, commercial property firm, has announced the completion of its £2m total refurbishment of 1 Dale Street in Liverpool’s city centre. In doing so, it brings 24,000 sq ft of high specification office space to market, in suites from 970 sq ft. The 50,000 sq ft office building provides small to medium sized businesses with access to high quality offices at very competitive rental levels.

Colin Forshaw, Bruntwood’s head of sales in Liverpool said, “Already, we’re experiencing high levels of demand at 1 Dale Street, with enquires coming from customers looking for high quality, open plan, office suites in a variety of sizes. We’re also finding that there is continued demand for contemporary, flexible, office space in historic buildings with character. With the building complete and existing customers such as The Royal Bank of Scotland and The Alan Johnston Partnership already in occupation, it’s hoped 1 Dale Street will soon be home to a diverse range of office occupiers wishing to capitalise on the great office space and central location the building’s able to offer.”

The newly refurbished Liverpool offices provides additional commercial property choice for SMEs and complements the existing 9 office buildings already owned by Bruntwood across Liverpool’s city centre. These properties enable the Bruntwood portfolio to be able to offer office space which can satisfy most business requirements with 104,736 sq ft available, in sizes from 190 to 46,000 sq ft, in a variety of architectural styles, from the ultra modern, to the very traditional.

Colin Forshaw said, “The choice of offices in Liverpool we’re able to offer SMEs is huge and varied. Much of our space is designed in such a way that small businesses can start work straight away. Not only this, the flexibility we offer with our leases, which are with us, not the building, means our customers are able to expand and contract throughout our Liverpool serviced offices and larger office portfolio. This customer focussed approach is engrained throughout our portfolio and the way we do things, something that is unique within the commercial property sector.”

About Bruntwood
Bruntwood owns over 90 office buildings in Liverpool, Leeds,Manchester offices and Birmingham. The company provides offices and serviced offices from one desk for one month, to entire office buildings for 25 years. Bruntwood also has retail and commercial space within its buildings and meeting rooms to hire.


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Bruntwood Attracts Major Customers To Newly Refurbished Office Property

Bruntwood, commercial property company, has announced that it has attracted three new office customers to 61 Oxford Street, one of its recently developed office properties in Manchester city centre. PHD North has taken 3,000 sq ft, with economists Roger Tym & Partners, and Seven Architects, taking 2,500 sq ft and 1,000 sq ft respectively.

Bruntwood sales director, Andrew Butterworth, said, “These deals come only 3 months after our refurbishment and re-branding of the Manchester office building, which we’ve owned for over 10 years. We’ve purposely developed the building so it can accommodate a diverse range of office customers in suites, from 450 to 4,500 sq ft. In doing so, we’re giving small to medium sized businesses access to some of the highest quality office space in the city centre at a highly competitive price, all delivered with a level of service that’s difficult to find outside our commercial property portfolio.”

The former cotton mill, built in 1850, has undergone a complete refurbishment to provide high specification office space in a period environment, over five floors. As well as the open plan offices, the building also includes a brand new reception area, exposed beams, columns and brickwork, as well as fully restored sash windows and wrought iron staircase.

Andrew Timms, partner at the building’s agents Edwards & Co. said, “Since its refurbishment, 61 Oxford Street has received much interest from media, marketing and professional firms, resulting in these three new office occupiers. Above and beyond the quality of the office space, this is down to Bruntwood’s customer service, their ability to offer small suites and the commercial flexibility in terms of space and cost; their scale means they can offer all of this without compromising on the quality finishes and character features. We continue to talk to interested parties regarding the remaining office space at the building.”

The recent deals at 61 Oxford Street are testament to the fact Bruntwood continues to successfully let office space to a range of new customers across its portfolio.

Andrew Butterworth said, “This year we aim to let over 250,000 sq ft of offices in Manchester, and we remain optimistic we will achieve this target. One reason our lettings performance remains positive is our financial security which customers are attracted to this because they can be confident we will continue to maintain and manage their office property and deliver the quality of office product and service they expect.”

About Bruntwood
Bruntwood owns over 90 offices in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Birmingham, providing offices and serviced offices including a range of city central
Manchester serviced offices. Offices are available from one desk for one month, to entire office buildings for 25 years. Bruntwood also has retail and commercial space within its buildings and meeting rooms to hire.

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Leading Online Office Search Website Offices.Net Has Announced The Launch Of Its New‘Map-Driven’ Search System

Using an integrated Google Map mashup, this site allows visitors to the site to find offices, executive suites and serviced office space simply by navigating around a map of the US.

‘Offices.net is all about making it easy for businesses of all sizes to find their work space, so there was a huge appeal to using a simple point-and-click system to let people explore their area on a map,’ said company Director Matt Aird. ‘Visitors can see the locations of office buildings, internal and external photographs and lists of their facilities right there on the map.’

Offices.net provides detailed information about the office space rental market to the public, and does not charge or require registration before allowing access to information. In another move to simplify the process of obtaining office space, users can now add as many offices as they are interested in to a ‘shopping-cart’ and get quotes and detailed information about them all at once.

The the map-driven system, photo-displays and the office shopping-cart are all part of our effort to integrate the best of recent developments and intuitive navigation ideas to make the site as easy and fun to use as possible, and we’re proud of our development team’s efforts,’ Offices.net Marketing Communications Specialist Jurga Galvan added. ‘Choosing the right location and office space is vital for any company, especially new ones starting out in the current tougher business environment, so anything we can do to make that simpler, easier and cheaper is worth the effort.’

Along with the map system, www.Offices.net provides free search tools to help users find executive suites, business centers, office buildings, flexible and shared office space for lease across the US.

Executive suites, shared office space and other types of short term office rentals are growing in popularity as they provide flexibility and cost savings compared to conventional office space. Businesses can move in immediately and with very little capital investment in terms of furniture and equipment, and most office buildings providing reception, janitorial and support staff.


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As The Foreclosure Crisis Worsens, The Parsa Law Group And Its Marketing Arm, The National Loan Modification Center, Have Been Contacted By Thousands Of Homeowners Which They Have Helped Stay In Their Homes

As the foreclosure crisis worsens, The Parsa Law Group and its marketing arm, the National Loan Modification Center, have been contacted by thousands of homeowners which they have helped stay in their homes.

The Parsa Law Group provides professional legal representation for those wishing to renegotiate an existing mortgage with their lender. The ultimate goal of the service is to avoid foreclosure and keep people in their home. With the number of phone calls increasing each month, the Parsa Law Group and the National Loan Modification center recently added 10,000 square feet of extra space and nearly 50 new employees last month alone.

“It’s been a quite challenge to keep up with the explosive growth of this area of our business,” says Mike Ponzillo, Director of Operations at the Parsa Law Group / National Loan Modification Center “we are literally hiring people every week because the calls keep coming in and every single case we negotiate with a lender requires a huge commitment of staff hours and resources on our end.”

This is indeed great news for homeowners who are in dire need of help from agencies like the Parsa Law Group. What sets this company apart is that they are a group of actual lawyers who provided legal representation for their clients when renegotiating a mortgage with their lenders. Studies show that homeowners who attempt to deal with a lender without any representation fail 80% of the time.

“For me this is a mission to help as many homeowners as possible stay in their homes. It’s such a shame when we see so many people that were taken advantage of with loans that were not explained to them fully or when you have someone that is about to lose their house and entire life’s savings because someone lied to them outright, or because they lost their job, or are simply going through rough financial times like so many other Americans. With the banks out to save themselves with billions in bonuses, and refusing to free up credit markets with the bailout money, a line has clearly been drawn, and we have chosen to be on the side of struggling homeowners.” said James Parsa, Lead Attorney at the Parsa Law Group / National Loan Modification Center.

While assistance from the government seems less and less likely, it is certain that more and more homeowners will reach out for help and the Parsa Law Group has proven to be more than ready.

The Parsa Law Group together with its marketing arm, the National Loan Modification Center, is the Nation’s Leading Legal Loan Modification Provider, with thousands of homes saved. With an on-site team of attorneys and professionals that fight to save homes from foreclosure, reduce mortgage payments, and hold lenders accountable for unfair or fraudulent loans, the Parsa Law Group is the staunch legal ally that struggling homeowners need in these difficult times.

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Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots

On a normal day, no one starts the morning with the thought, “I have to find a gravesite today”. We generally don’t concern ourselves with thoughts of our demise and resulting mortal remains until we get a call that someone close to us has died. Then, it’s a sudden rush to find a funeral home and gravesite.

On the other hand, there are those who plan for the future, and realize that one day life will end. Many recognize the inherent truth behind, “The only thing sure in life is death and taxes”, and prepare for the eventuality. Later, however, there may be circumstances in which they’d need to sell their previously bought cemetery plot.

How do these people, those in immediate need of a cemetery plot and those trying to sell a cemetery plot, meet up? Without the proper resources, it can be an endless search, with neither party finding what they need.

This is why services such as BuyandSellCemeteryPlots.com have done so well. Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots, a leader in cemetery sales, provides an online platform for just these people. Those who need to sell their cemetery plot can post it on the website along with any information they feel would help, including video or pictures. The company provides full service to their clients, including seasoned account executives to help with the transactions, take care of all the steps involved in the sale and ensure that all the legal paperwork is handled correctly thru a properly licensed and bonded third party at no additional cost to the buyer or seller of the cemetery property.

Buy and Sell also offers premium marketing talent to bring the cemetery property for sale to the public eye, in order to make them more accessible to those needing to buy the property. The buyer views the cemetery plot, either through video, pictures or description and, if they want to buy it, an account executive is there to help with the particulars.

As with any real estate transaction, the buying and selling of cemetery plots have certain legal documents that must be taken care of before transfer of ownership. Current ownership needs to be verified, the Bill of Sale will need to be provided, and the owner transfer paperwork will have to be filed. With services such as Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots, all of this is handled with care, in a timely successful transaction, whether the sale is basic or complex. This provides a seamless transition between the buyer and seller.

Providing a platform for the buying and selling of cemetery plots, as well as the marketing to match buyer and seller, is a needed service. It cuts down on the amount of stress that most transactions can cause, especially transactions of such a sensitive nature, and guarantees that the transitions are flawless.

To find out more about buying and selling cemetery plots in general, or Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots’ full service features, visit: http://www.buyandsellcemeteryplots.com

About Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots
Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots was constructed around the idea that buying or selling a cemetery plot should not be a traumatic event. By helping clients to plan for the future and release there loved ones from the burden of final planning, Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots provides secure and effect ways for everyone to make informed decisions from the comfort of their home. Whether selling a cemetery plot due to life changes or buying a cemetery plot to secure a final resting place, Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots provides a quality, effective service for both buyers and sellers.

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Kenn Renner and Sport Court of Austin are featured on an up coming episode of HGTV’s number #1 rated television show “House Hunters”

On Monday, February 16th at 6:30 Central Time (7:30 Pacific/Eastern) HGTV’s # 1 rated show “House Hunters” will air featuring Lake Travis estate homes. One of the homes on the show will feature a sport court built by Sport Court of Austin. On the show, real estate expert Kenn Renner (www.buyaustin.com) will tour three luxury lakeside estates – all just twenty minutes f r o m  downtown Austin, Texas. “All of the homes were absolutely stunning but the home with the sport court was truly unique – when we saw the court with a lake view it really was a show stopper. With home buyers a sport court shouts – healthy family get-togethers!” Kenn, a twenty-five year veteran of real estate and national speaker has been encouraging his custom home building clients to consider building a sport court to enhance the value and appeal of their luxury home. He explains, “a sport court and a putting green can be installed for much less than an in-ground pool and can certainly influence a buyer’s home choice. The luxury market is a buyer’s market right now and a sport court can make the difference in final home selection.”

Kenn recently met with the owner of Sport Court of Austin, Greg Dettman, who has been building courts in the Austin area since 1978. He has built over 1000 courts in and around Austin. He agrees that these days, his clients are looking to enhance the family value of a home. He sees sport court buyers making an investment in their homes “and” their children through the quality time they will spend playing basketball, volleyball, tennis etc. “A backyard court gives kids a place to hang out at home and stay active and away f r o m the video games,” Dettman says. Sport Court of Austin has installed courts and greens for celebrities , sports stars and coaches, as well as many “not so famous people like you and me – however we are famous in our kid’s eyes and that’s what’s really important,” Dettman further adds. A popular Youtube video featuring one of his sport courts and the star of the House Hunters show can be found at http://www.JustinRenner.com.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Sport Court of Austin and the honor of being featured on National Television’s “House Hunters” Greg and Kenn are having a reception at the new Steiner Steak House (www.SteinerSteakhouse.com) the day of the show – Monday, February 16th. The reception will begin at 6 P.M. and will be held on the third level of the steak house with a spectacular view of Lake Travis. The “House Hunter’s” show airs at 6:30 P.M. For an invite to the reception and to RSVP for the event contact Kenn Renner @ 512-423-5626 (call/text) or via email at kenn@buyaustin.com

About Kenn Renner:
Kenn Renner (www.BuyAustin.com) is a national speaker & author on the subject of real estate and finance. He has been featured on HGTV’s House Hunters and is a guest expert on nationally syndicated radio talk shows. He has helped more than one thousand Central Texas families purchase their homes.

About Sports Court of Austin:
Since 1978, Sport Court of Austin (www.AustinCourtBuilders.com — d.b.a. Court Builders of Austin) has provided quality residential and commercial sports construction services for Austin and Central Texas.

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Homesgofast.com announced that it has been accepted as a member of the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP) making it one of only three property portals to be Members of the organisation

The international real estate portal Homesgofast.com announced that it has been accepted as a member of the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP) making it one of only three property portals to be Members of the organisation.

AIPP was set up to increase consumer confidence when buying property abroad and to provide industry professionals with a united voice. It aims to improve the standards of professionalism in the international property market. Each member has been vetted and approved, and is required to have a minimum level of experience to qualify for membership.

AIPP Chief Executive Paul Owen welcomed the portal membership stating “As well as agents and developers, the AIPP welcomes other professional companies from the international property market, including lawyers, banks, magazines and property portals. Homesgofast.com has joined the AIPP and we welcome them into membership. We congratulate them on playing their part in our work to make the international property market a better and safer place for both consumers and those working in the industry.”

Homesgofast.com membership category at AIPP comes under its media group which also includes Daily Mail Ltd, OPP – PFI Media Ltd and Real Estate TV Ltd. Current membership from other overseas property portals includes The Move Channel and Kyero.com

Paul Owen explained the association role in the overseas property industry “A non-profit organisation, the AIPP exists to improve standards of professionalism in the international property market. Set up in 2006, the AIPP is improving the market by bringing together professional companies who voluntarily agree to abide by its professional Code of Conduct. Where you see the badge of AIPP membership, it means a company has been vetted, has agreed to industry standard training and, importantly, has agreed to be bound by the AIPP’s professional code.”

Nicholas Marr CEO Homesgofast.com “We are delighted to be a part of an organisation that aims to improve standards of the overseas property industry. Our online platform at Homesgofast.com is used by overseas property buyers and those promoting international real estate. It makes sense more than ever to help raise standards not only with overseas property agents but also with those in the business of promoting international real estate.

He continues ”It’s a fact that most buyers will use the internet first before contacting an agent and we believe the standards set out by AIPP should apply to the internet as with real estate professionals “

Homesgofast.com was established in 2003 Homesgofast.com is part of global property marketing company Marr International Ltd.The webiste began by promoting property in Spain, France and the UK and now cover some 70 countries. Homesgofast.com attracts a large international audience to over 180,000 international property listings and a range of related services.

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Bruntwood, office space provider, has issued a clarion call to businesses to forge ahead with their environmental programmes despite the credit crunch

Office space provider Bruntwood has issued a clarion call to businesses across Greater Manchester and the north-west to ‘forge ahead’ with their environmental programmes during the credit crunch.

Running a sustainable business is a vital part of the long-term strategy of this family owned commercial property firm which has more than 90 offices in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Birmingham.

It has a robust environmental strategy in place which is intended to reduce the company’s impact on the environment while also providing customers with long-term value for money.

But Bruntwood’s director of facilities management, Iain Grant, said that now is the time for all companies – regardless of the sectors they operate in – to “keep their nerve and hold true to their environmental agenda”.

Mr Grant said: “We didn’t realise how quickly our environmental strategy would be tested. In the current climate, there is a danger that pure ‘green’ initiatives – particularly those that come at a premium and provide little value for money – are no longer sustainable for businesses.

“For Bruntwood, however, our environmental proposition has become more valid than ever as in the current economic climate helping save the planet is important but preventing wasteful expenditure is essential.

“Our principle has always been simple – wasteful consumption results in wasteful spend, which has a real but unnecessary cost to our business, our customer’s business and the environment”.

Bruntwood has already implemented its own highly successful in-house recycling scheme – with 6,000 recycling bins in place across its offices in Birmingham Manchester, Liverpool and offices in leeds – and is on target to recycle 65 per cent of all its waste by September 2009.

Mr Grant said: “With over 1,000 businesses in our office buildings, we decided to take action and in September last year launched a free recycling scheme for all our office customers.

“As well as helping cut their contribution to landfill gas emissions, our recycling scheme will save them up to £1m over three years”.

Additionally, Bruntwood has begun installing Smart Metres to measure electricity consumption in its premises to provide ‘real time’ information about how much energy is being used and help their customers identify wasteful energy consumption in their office space.

Bruntwood is also funding a major ‘climate adaptation’ project in conjunction with Manchester University called ‘Eco Cities’ which aims to provide a blue print for the first integrated climate change adaptation strategy for Greater Manchester.

About Bruntwood
Bruntwood owns over 90 buildings providing offices in liverpool, Leeds and Birmingham and serviced offices from one desk for one month, to entire buildings for 25 years. Bruntwood also has retail and commercial space within its buildings and meeting rooms to hire.

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