Top Austin Real Estate Agent, Kenn Renner ( with Keller Williams Lake Travis Market Center in Lakeway Sold a Custom “Spec” Home in Five Days

In an economy where negative real estate and financial news has become an all too common subject of the media, it is refreshing to hear of a win-win real estate success story. On Saturday, March 7th real estate broker Kenn Renner listed a brand new custom lake view home built by Horne Brothers Custom Homes located at 8032 Riviera Estates, Leander, Texas (

Kenn’s buyers were alerted via email through a “client Gateway” – a free Internet search feature that allows buyers to be notified when new listings come on the market. “Our buyer called us within 24 hours of the home hitting the market, our team showed him the home immediately, and within a few days we had the purchase details worked out and now we are under contract and headed toward closing.” Kenn explained. “The strategy that we took with the builder was to wait until the home was totally completed and fully staged before putting it on the market.” In the luxury market where selling times can exceed a year, an immediate sale is rare.

The buyers, who work in the medical field, had been looking for over two years for exactly the right lake view property – being very patient and particular about the type of home and especially the view. This brand new luxury estate fit their requirements and the builder will be adding a negative edge pool to complete their dream home. Our buyers confirmed their satisfaction exclaiming “This IS home!”

“In today’s extremely competitive market it takes a combination of strategies to sell a luxury home. It boils down to – staging, pricing, marketing and patience. The property must be staged and showcased with virtual tours, professional photography and graphic floor plans. I take it a step further and include high definition video tours that feature virtual aerial flyovers utilizing Google Earth.” Kenn adds “over
85% of home buyers begin their search on the Internet – for high end homes that number is much higher and they expect video content to be a part of the presentation.” As he does with all his listings Kenn created a unique property website exclusive to the home (www.8032RivieraEstates.Com). Buyers can navigate directly to a fully interactive exclusive website that features the specific property as opposed to a static web page or a typical multiple listing link.“Sellers need the marketing edge and exclusivity in all selling situations, especially luxury homes.”

Kenn owes much of his video expertise from his many appearances on the National television – HGTV’s “House Hunters.” Kenn produces all of his videos in-house and has a full time production assistant. “This home sold so quick I was not able to get the video finished in time, but we will add it at a later date because the home is spectacular and will show great in Hi Def.” Kenn recently released a video of another Lake Travis estate property called Lime Creek Ranch (, which showcases the property with virtual flyovers and 360-degree panoramas. “Having great video content is just the first step – we then spend a lot of time and resources getting them placed high on the search engines including Google & Youtube. We often are placed in the very first position when someone types in the keywords Austin Real Estate Videos in Google.”

He also utilizes intense search engine optimization (SEO) to get his listings and popular websites to the top of the search engines. “You must make your clients property very Internet friendly and then get them exposed with proper keyword phrases to be competitive in this market.” Having great websites also helps his clients exposure like his popular website Austin real estate website, which has been around since 1995 or his newly developed

To get your property showcased with by Kenn Renner, one of the top real estate brokers in Austin, Texas, contact him (512) 423-5626.

About Kenn Renner:
Kenn Renner ( is a national speaker & author on the subject of real estate and finance. He has been featured on HGTV’s House Hunters and is a guest expert on nationally syndicated radio talk shows. He has helped more than one thousand Central Texas families purchase their homes.

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Silverdoor Strengthens Their Northern Portfolio

SilverDoor has added new properties to its portfolio for two of the largest cities in the north of England by introducing more serviced apartments in Manchester and some new serviced apartments in Birmingham.

Manchester serviced apartments and Birmingham serviced apartments represent huge markets for us,” said Chris Gee, Sales Director at SilverDoor. “Both cities have such a lot going on that many people are looking to relocate.”

SilverDoor now represents 13 serviced apartment buildings within Birmingham. Ranging from a choice of studio apartments to three bedroom apartments located in the City centre and surrounding areas.

New additions include Birmingham’s Rotunda Apartments which are housed within the Rotunda building, a Grade II listed property which was recently refurbished by Urban Splash and architect Glenn Howells. Standing at 256 foot high with 23 floors and overlooking the Bull Ring shopping centre, it is one of Birmingham’s most prominent landmarks. The new serviced apartments in Birmingham from SilverDoor retain the Sixties origin of the building whilst still including modern furnishings. Guests will find Poggenpohl kitchens, bespoke NaughtOne furniture, Apple Mac entertainment systems, Bose sound docks and Gaggia coffee machines in the apartments. Rotunda offers studios, one and two bedroom apartments and also a penthouse complete with its own private balcony.

“These apartments are in a fantastic location and are of high quality and luxury. With Selfridges as its corner shop and everything else within Birmingham easily accessible, guests cannot fail to enjoy their time in Britain’s second largest City,” said Marnie Delaney-Parker, Head of PR and Marketing. “Birmingham is such a leading destination for SilverDoor and we are delighted to represent such a fantastic choice of serviced apartments.”

The Post Box apartments located near to the Mailbox development and the recently regenerated canal side offers a choice of one or two bedroom apartments. The two bedroom apartments have an additional bathroom allowing anyone sharing to have their own privacy. The building also offers secure complimentary car parking on site and a manned concierge service operating within office hours.

Manchester also sees new additions from SilverDoor. With a choice of 22 serviced apartment buildings located in and around the City Centre, Manchester has a strong serviced apartment presence and this is represented within the apartments SilverDoor offer. The new serviced apartments in Manchester offer a selection of one, two and three bedroom apartments.

One of the highlights of the new Manchester apartments SilverDoor represents is Pall Mall Apartments, which offers a selection of one and two bedroom apartments along with a two bedroom penthouse complete with a private 800sqft terrace and a private outdoor hot tub.

“Manchester serviced apartments and Birmingham serviced apartments are becoming more and more popular. We are inundated with enquiries for these destinations,” said Chris Gee, Sales Director at SilverDoor.


About SilverDoor:
SilverDoor international serviced apartments was incorporated as a Limited Company in March 2000 under its original name of Hotdigs. At the beginning of January 2006 the company changed its name to SilverDoor. The company was formed and continues to be led by managing director Marcus Angell.

SilverDoor boasts an impressive client portfolio which includes many FTSE 100 such as RBS, HSBC, Cadburys Schweppes and MAN Group PLC.

SilverDoor offers serviced apartments in over 160 locations globally such as Paris, New York, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. SilverDoor also offers serviced apartments in London. SilverDoor is based in Chiswick, West London.

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Silverdoor Reaches Record High With Edinburgh Bookings

Edinburgh has now become a top ten destination within SilverDoor’s portfolio of serviced apartments, following a recent growth in bookings for serviced apartments in Edinburgh and the city’s surrounding areas.

“Edinburgh serviced apartments is a very popular market for us,” said Chris Gee, Sales Director at SilverDoor. “Despite the city offering some fantastic hotels, more and more people want to stay in a serviced apartment.”

Boasting serviced apartments in Edinburgh City Centre, Leith and residential areas around the City, SilverDoor has 28 serviced apartment buildings on their website with a choice of studios, one, two, three and four bedroom apartments.

SilverDoor’s new properties include Garden Royal apartments, located centrally just off Queen Street and steps from the National Portrait Gallery in New Town. A more traditionally designed apartment block, these Edinburgh serviced apartments offer the benefits of a hotel whilst retaining the advantages of a serviced apartment. The property offers a dedicated reception, business centre and guest lounge, while also boasting a partnership with the nearby Scotsman Hotel, allowing guests to enjoy the health club facilities as well as Scotland’s first ever Cowshed Spa.

“Garden Royal Apartments concentrate on a lot of extra touches,” said Marnie Delaney-Parker, Head of PR and Marketing at SilverDoor. “Guests returning weekly can leave their belongings and provisions behind for the weekend. Garden Royal will simply transfer everything back to the guest’s apartment for their arrival. They’ll also offer to clean any laundry guests may wish to leave behind.”

Also part of SilverDoor’s new Edinburgh properties is Leith Waterside Apartments, located in the cosmopolitan area of Leith. Leith Waterside Apartments offer temporary membership of a local health club, a twenty four hour concierge service and a complimentary shuttle bus in to Edinburgh City Centre.


About SilverDoor
SilverDoor international serviced apartments was incorporated as a Limited Company in March 2000 under its original name of Hotdigs. At the beginning of January 2006 the company changed its name to SilverDoor. The company was formed and continues to be led by managing director Marcus Angell.

SilverDoor boasts an impressive client portfolio which includes many FTSE 100 such as RBS, HSBC, Cadburys Schweppes and MAN Group PLC.

SilverDoor offers serviced apartments in over 160 locations globally such as Paris, New York, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. New properties recently added are a variety of serviced apartments in Reading and a new development of serviced apartments in Manchester as well as new serviced apartments in London. SilverDoor is based in Chiswick, West London.

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Immigrants To Help Fix The Housing Market in US

WSJ is currently running a very interesting article about the possibilities that can be opened for the housing market in this country should the immigrants and potential new comers be allowed to buy houses motivated by the permanent residency offered in return. We are noticing more and more voices lately in support of this hypothetical program as this is believed could possibly prevent or slow down the property’s values from dropping further down. 

The Obama administration should seriously consider granting resident status to foreigners who buy surplus houses in this country, says WSJ in its article.

This makes more sense than the president’s $275 billion housing bailout plan, which Americans greeted with a Bronx cheer.

The federal bailout forces taxpayers to subsidize overextended homeowners who bet on ever-rising house prices and used their abodes as ATMs, and it doesn’t get to the basic problem — the huge inventory of excess houses. We estimate that 2.4 million houses over and above normal working inventories are left over from the 1996-2005 housing bubble. That’s a lot, considering the long-term average annual construction of 1.5 million single- and multi-family units.

Excess inventory is the mortal enemy of house prices, which have already fallen 27% since the peak in early 2006. WSJ also predicts another 14% drop through the end of 2010 if nothing is done to eliminate the surplus.

A better idea is to offer permanent residence status to the many foreigners who are clamoring to get into the U.S. — if they buy houses of minimal values (not shacks). They wouldn’t need to live in those houses, but in order to remove the unit from the total housing market, they couldn’t rent them. Their temporary resident status granted upon purchase would become permanent after, perhaps, five years, if they still owned the houses and maintained clean records. The mere announcement of this program might well stop the ongoing collapse in house prices, especially in cities such as Las Vegas, Miami, Phoenix and San Francisco, where prices are down 40% — but where many foreigners like to live.

Each year, 85,000 H-1B visas are granted for foreigners with advanced skills and education, and last year, 163,000 petitions were filed in the first five days after applications were accepted. The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation estimates that as of Sept. 30, 2006, 500,040 residents of the U.S. and 59,915 individuals living abroad were waiting for employment-based visas. Many would buy homes if their immigration conditions were settled.

These people tend to be highly productive. In 2006, foreign nationals residing in the U.S. were listed as inventors on 25.6% of the patent applications filed in the U.S., up from 7.6% in 1998. A Council of Graduate Schools survey found that in the fall of 2007, 241,095 non-U.S. citizens were enrolled in graduate programs. Some 55% were in engineering and the biological and physical sciences, compared with only 16% of U.S. citizens. In 2007, more people on temporary visas received doctorates in physical sciences and engineering than U.S. citizens.

There is a high correlation between education and incomes, and in today’s uncertain economic climate, many wealthy foreigners desire U.S. resident status just as a number in Hong Kong secured residences in Singapore and Canada before the British handover to China in 1997. They rapidly became over a quarter of Vancouver’s population, and brought in billions of dollars to buy houses and make other investments.

We could benefit from such an influx. Merrill Lynch estimates that in 2007 there were 10.1 million individuals in the world, 7.1 million outside the U.S., with at least $1 million in financial assets that totaled $29 trillion. If new immigrants bought the 2.4 million excess houses at today’s $184,000 median price with funds from abroad, they would bring untold billions. The immigrants would also buy consumer goods, pay taxes, and start many new businesses.

The blueprint for a program to sell surplus housing to immigrants is already in place with the EB-5 visa program. Each year, 10,000 EB-5 visas for this country are available for foreigners who each invest $1 million in a new enterprise ($500,000 in economically depressed areas) that creates at least 10 full-time jobs. After two years, the entrepreneur and his family can become permanent residents.

America’s relatively open immigration policy makes this country better off than many other developed lands whose governments also must fund the pensions and health care for growing numbers of retirees. Yet there’s still a huge need for more productive and skilled people, both current residents and immigrants, who will produce enough goods and services to provide for their own needs and for those in retirement. Otherwise, entitlement spending eventually will touch off intergenerational warfare.

Granting permanent resident status to foreigners who buy houses in this country will curtail a primary driver of the deepening recession and financial crises — excess house inventories and the resulting collapse of prices. Since the people who will buy these houses will tend to have money, education, skills and entrepreneurial talents, they will be substantial assets to America in both the short and long runs.

We are joining these voices in support of a program that could permit foreigners who are looking for a way to immigrate to US buy houses in return of green cards (even though we think certain criteria should be met) since we believe this could seriously enliven our housing market. This is an area that is worth exploring in this economic downturn since many current and potential immigrants can afford buying their houses in US (without even going through the lenders), but are effectively precluded from doing so due to their unclear status here in the states. 


Silverdoor Has Announced That After Only 12 Months In Their New Offices In Chiswick, The Company Already Needs To Expand Again As A Result Of Record Business Throughout 2008

Having always been based in Chiswick, West London, SilverDoor moved into its current offices in Dukes Gate in January 2008 following six years in its previous offices around the corner on Chiswick High Road. The new offices were renovated, redesigned and refurbished by SilverDoor itself, providing a 

Newbridge Apartments Serviced Apartment LivingRoom_0360_5_.jpg

clean, efficient and modern image. The new offices have been thoughtfully planned with a fine attention to detail which reflects the corporate attitude of the company.

Marcus Angell, SilverDoor’s founder and Managing Director said “Due to a staggering 2008, we need to employ more staff and in turn this means that we need more space. When we moved into 3 Dukes Gate we were a team of 14 and now a year on we have doubled in size with another recruitment drive currently taking place. We are already on 3 floors within our current Dukes Gate location and are looking at offices close by as additional space. I’m determined that the comfort and style of our current offices will continue into our new premises and therefore trying to find space close by is imperative. I have ensured that our Dukes Gate office is somewhere the team like to be and the office was designed with a staff recreation area for everyone to enjoy as well as a comfortable business environment allowing the team to be productive.”

2008 has seen a 54% increase in sales revenue and with a busy year ahead expected. SilverDoor is already looking at recruiting for their 2009/10 student placement program that starts in June as well as currently recruiting corporate sales consultants, finance staff and a specific web developer to help launch their 360 degree tours and Google StreetView within the next few months.

SilverDoor came runner up in the Buying Business Travel Diamond Awards Best Serviced Apartment category in December and achieved finalist status in the prestigious Best Business Accommodation category at the Business Travel World Awards held in January. Both award ceremonies are highly respected and valued amongst the travel trade and represent the views of the most important industry clients.

Buying Business Travel first introduced a Best Serviced Apartment category in 2007 and 2009 was the first year that SilverDoor decided to launch a marketing campaign centred around their nomination in the awards. SilverDoor has also sponsored the Business Travel Personality of the Year award for the past two years and presented awards to Mike Platt in 2008 and Richard Lovell in 2009, both industry leaders.

As part of its rapid expansion, SilverDoor has recently added new serviced apartments in Manchester, Cape Town, as well as serviced apartments in Cardiff and Cork as part of its international portfolio.


About SilverDoor
SilverDoor international serviced apartments was incorporated as a Limited Company in March 2000 under its original name of HotDigs. At the beginning of January 2006 the company changed its name to SilverDoor. The company was formed and continues to be led by managing director Marcus Angell.

SilverDoor boasts an impressive client portfolio which includes many FTSE 100 such as RBS, HSBC, Cadburys Schweppes and MAN Group Plc.

SilverDoor offers apartments in over 160 locations globally such as Paris, New York, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, as well as UK locations, providing a wide selection of London serviced apartmentsManchester serviced apartments and serviced apartments in Edinburgh.

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Bruntwood’s Leeds Office Development Proves Popular

Bruntwood, North of England commercial property firm, has announced the letting of an 8,300 sq ft office at 14 King Street, in Leeds’ city centre. Having recently benefited from an extensive £2.3m refurbishment, Bruntwood’s 37,000 sq ft, grade A, office space development will become home to Gatenby Sanderson and Charles Stanley & Co, who are taking 6,500 and 1,800 sq ft respectively.

Bruntwood’s head of sales and development for the offices in Leeds, Craig Burrow, said, “These deals are a great start for us at 14 King Street and we’re delighted to welcome these companies to the Bruntwood portfolio. The building’s already proving popular and with high specification, air conditioned and open plan office space for up to 6,700 sq ft available on flexible and competitive terms, we’re expecting the interest to remain strong. The flexibility of the building also allows us to create offices in Leeds from as little as 355 sq ft, meaning we can provide cost effective office space for businesses looking to accommodate anywhere from three to over 300 people.”

Both Gatenby Sanderson and Charles Stanley & Co’s leases will be with Bruntwood and not the building itself, meaning they both have the opportunity to up and down size throughout Bruntwood’s 90 building office portfolio, as their business requirements change. This ability to expand and contract customers is a key part of Bruntwood’s service oriented approach and something 50 Bruntwood customers have taken advantage of in the past 12 months.

Craig Burrow, said, “Every Bruntwood customer benefits from lease flexibility that’s difficult to find elsewhere. When you combine this with the quality of accommodation and levels of customer service on offer, 14 King Street provides exceptional value for money for those businesses wishing to locate their offices in Leeds’ traditional commercial core.”

14 King Street is Bruntwood’s fourth office in Leeds’ city centre which takes the Leeds offices portfolio to 275,000 sq ft. The other 3 buildings are 99% let, with the exception of the serviced office space and meeting room facilities, all of which are available to hire on an on-going basis at its Westone development on Wellington Street.

About Bruntwood
Bruntwood owns over 90 office buildings in Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester offices. Bruntwood provides offices and serviced offices from one desk for one month, to entire office buildings for 25 years. Bruntwood also has retail and commercial space within its buildings and meeting rooms to hire.

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Bruntwood Completes Office Space Development At St Hughs In Bootle

Bruntwood, commercial property firm, has announced the completion of the development of St Hugh’s, the company’s first office development in Bootle, Liverpool. The building has undergone an extensive £3.6m transformation both externally and internally, which includes a new reception and some of the 

highest quality office space in Liverpool. The development at St Hugh’s is a 48,000 sq ft, six storey building located on Stanley Road in Bootle town centre.

Colin Forshaw, Bruntwood’s head of sales in Liverpool said, “The quality of the offices at St Hugh’s rivals many city centre alternatives but also offers greater value for money. The building has been designed to cater for businesses with between 1 and 500 people, so will accommodate a wide variety of office space requirements.”

Bruntwood currently has over 1,000 customers and holds a long term promise to respond to any changes in their property needs. The addition of St Hugh’s presents Bruntwood customers with a greater choice should they wish to up or downsize their requirements for office space in Liverpool at any time in the future.

Colin said, “We are committed to investing in Liverpool as a whole, and not just the city centre, so we have no reservations about investing a total of £4.25m in Bootle.”

Bruntwood sales director, Andrew Butterworth, commented, “Completing St Hugh’s means we can offer our Liverpool customers a greater variety in product and price along with greater flexibility to move around our portfolio as they require. Last year we helped 50 customers to expand and contract seamlessly and cost efficiently within the terms of their lease, showing the dedication we have for our customers’ business prosperity.”

All of Bruntwood’s office buildings have the added benefit of an on-site customer service team, who deliver a level of service more typically associated with a 5 star hotel. Bruntwood believes that the close relationships that its service teams have with the customers is one of the main reasons Bruntwood’s customer retention rate is 3 times higher than the national average.

About Bruntwood 
Bruntwood owns over 90 office buildings in Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester offices. Bruntwood provides offices and serviced offices from one desk for one month, to entire office buildings for 25 years. Bruntwood also has retail and commercial property space within its buildings and meeting rooms to hire.

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To Relieve The Anxiety At The Time Of Death

Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots announces global expansion of the company’s erstwhile marketing programs. These new procedures incorporate new international marketing with international retailers, agencies and marketing venues that bring persons looking to buy cemetery plots together with individuals looking to sell cemetery plots. Today’s transient lifestyle has more people relocating, changing their lives and looking to change their pre-arranged burial sites f r o m one location to another.

The expansion of the Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots marketing program is in direct response to this increased demand. The nation’s premier reseller of cemetery plots continues to update its website at to accommodate the increased demand for information about selling and buying cemetery plots.

The St. Petersburg Florida based company’s online presence is supported by the new direct marketing program which has effectively created a marketplace for buyers and sellers. The company’s pre-qualifying protocol assures sellers of worthy clients who are ready to proceed and buyers of valid titleholders. Transactions are carefully concluded by experienced staff that guides buyers through the secure and confidential process.

The Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots Cemetery Directory serves as a national reference center that assists buyers and sellers in locating specific cemetery plots. This forward-thinking solution for the death and burial only includes plots that are accompanied by verified deeds.

To relieve the anxiety at the time of death, Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots serve as the agent who procures an escrow deposit f r o m the buyer, develops the purchase and sale agreement for the accompanying plot and expedites the closing to the benefit of both parties. Completed transactions normally take six to eight weeks.

The Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots trained and experienced support staff can now offer Buyers an expanded inventory of listed plots throughout the United States. The country’s largest listing inventory consists of burial lots, mausoleums, vaults and crypts.

The transfer of the plot’s deed is managed and coordinated by company representatives whose responsibilities are stated on the company site. The company has detailed all company procedures and business practices on the site. Prospects may contact Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots by internet connection or by telephone at 727-278-2015.

Cemetery plots have spiritual and material value. Many times these valuable a s s e t s remain dormant or are wasted completely. The company has made its mark providing cost cost-effective, expedited acquisition and transfer solutions. Like real estate, cemetery plots typically appreciate over time. Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots is now foully prepared to maximize the return on these plots.

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BuyAustin.Com Features Lime Creek Ranch

The Lime Creek Ranch Property stands on a pristine mountaintop overlooking the gorgeous Texas Hill Country and Lake Travis ( Austin real estate agent, Kenn Renner exclaims, “I am really excited about our virtual area tour of my new listing,” referring to the Estate at Lime Creek Ranch, “This video is going to be awesome!” Kenn was describing his new virtual fly-over area tour of an exclusive estate property located just 20 miles from downtown Austin. Renner adds, “In the recent past, to do an aerial tour, we would have to hire an airplane or a helicopter to capture the geographic nature of our listings.

Now with Google Earth, “we have complete control of what we want to showcase about the property,” says Renner. The video tour includes facts, information, and high resolution on ground photography to compliment the virtual tour. Google Earths fly-over technology allowed him to take a virtual, helicopter type fly-over. It also allowed for a 360 degree panoramic view punctuated with high-resolution photos.

Kenn explains, “In the near future, the use of Google Earth will revolutionize how real estate is presented. I intend to be on the cutting edge of this incredible technology.” Visit to see the new Google Earth aerial video tour.

Kenn’s real estate videos top the best online search engines, including Google and YouTube. His years of production experience include not only video productions, but also music and virtual real estate tours for special clients. Kenn has recently featured Lake Travis Estate properties on HGTV’s #1 rated show, “House Hunters”.

His featured listing is the Estate at Lime Creek Ranch, a 12.5-acre mountaintop lake view property just off of Lime Creek Road in Cedar Park, Texas. Cedar Park is an Austin suburb, just to the north of the city. Lime Creek Ranch is perched upon one of the highest points in western Travis County it is the Crown Jewel of Central Texas.

The ranch sits on a mountaintop over-looking the popular and historic Texas Hill Country, with commanding views of sparkling Lake Travis. Enjoy far reaching lake views and distant vistas including extensive portions of the Balcones Canyon-lands Preserve.

The Estate at Lime Creek Ranch could be the site of a huge hilltop gated estate or could be divided into several acreage lots that custom homebuilders could sculpt their masterpieces. There are several building sites on the top of the mountain, which garners several acres of nearly flat building sites and then the property falls off into the pristine Fisher Hollow and Lime Creek valleys. Nature has graced the ranch with large oak trees and other beautiful hardwoods. Gentle mountaintop breezes and quiet wilderness enhance the natural surroundings. Bring your imagination and your creativity to turn this one-of-a-kind Lake Travis view acreage into your dream home come true. The Estate at Lime Creek Ranch is conveniently located, yet private and secluded. The property is located directly on Lime Creek Road just 2 easy (and straight) miles from the new Anderson Mill Road extension, which is less than 20 miles from downtown Austin and less than 6 miles to Cedar Park and the new 183A toll road. There is no lack of public service here either.

The new Seton Cedar Park Regional Medical Center is less than 15 minutes away. County emergency response locations are much closer. The property is also just 2 miles from Sandy Creek Yacht Club where you can store a Yacht and enjoy fine dining at Café Bleu’. Although the ranch is quiet and secluded – shopping, restaurants and schools are just a few minutes away. It is located in the highly rated Leander Independent School District. Take a look at the links on our website for more information regarding the amenities, education, employment and recreational opportunities surrounding The Estate at Lime Creek Ranch. In order to arrange for a private tour of the property, then please contact or Kenn Renner @ 512-423-5626 of Keller Williams Lake Travis. Or via email

About Kenn Renner:
Kenn Renner ( is a national speaker & author on the subject of real estate and finance. He has been featured on HGTV’s House Hunters and is a guest expert on nationally syndicated radio talk shows. He has helped more than one thousand Central Texas families purchase their homes including over two hundred DR Horton home owners. Corporate Disclosure: Kenn Renner is a buyer’s representative and does not represent nor have an exclusive right to sell DR Horton homes.

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Cohousing – The Case for Change America’s Small House Movement

Job insecurity and the mortgage crisis are combining to drive change in America’s housing market, and cohousing is a concept coming of age.

Cohousing, which groups 20-30 individual, self-contained homes around a neighborhood plan with shared common kitchens and community spaces, originated in Denmark in the 1960’s. Brought to America by architects Katie MacCamant and Charles Durrett, this sustainable model is gaining momentum, with over 115 cohousing communities in the United States to date.

Cohousing projects are known for reducing the carbon footprint of housing in at least three key ways—green and re-used building materials; shared community features allows individual homes to be smaller, and lastly; changing behaviors to community living, which results in less car travel and localized lifestyles.

Smaller houses, shared spaces and environmentally sound building practices successfully trade out excess for improved quality of life and reduced cost of living. David Wann’s book, Simple Prosperity, suggests, “If the United States and other wayward nations are wise enough to substitute moderation for excess, our world can come back into balance, maybe just in time.” Author Wann lives in a cohousing community and has served on Cohousing Association’s Board of Directors.

The biggest benefit to cohousing though, may just be living with neighbors and the natural reduction of duplicated community resources through sharing common space, dining and chores. “Knowing our neighbors, feeling like we belong, being a part of something that we care about and that cares about us…” Chris Scott Hanson, The Cohousing Handbook: Building a Place for Community

If you are ready for Cohousing 101, the Cohousing Association of the United States is holding it’s annual conference, Growing Community, in Seattle, June 24-28. This event brings together international thought leaders, professionals, cohousing grass-roots experts, and those interested in cohousing. Growing Community features seminars, presentations and tours. Presenters include one of Denmark’s cohousing concept originators, Jan Gudmand Hoyer, architects and authors Charles Durrett, Katie McCamant, cohousing consultant Chris Scott Hanson.

Cohousing Association’s slogan “Building a better society, one neighborhood at a time” may just be the type of housing change America can truly believe in.

To learn more or register, visit, email or call 866-758-3942 (toll free) or 314-754-5828.

Event details:
WHO: Cohousing Association of the US
WHAT: Growing Community, International Cohousing Summit, Pre-Conference Workshops and Tours, National Cohousing Conference
WHEN: International Cohousing Summit (by invitation)—Sunday, June 21 thru Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Pre-Conference Workshops and Tours—Wednesday, June 24 thru Friday, June 26, 2009
National Cohousing Conference— Friday, June 26 thru Sunday, June 28, 2009
WHERE: Conference events will be at the University of Washington plus a variety of regional onsite tours
FEES: Some offerings are free; workshops begin as low as $20, full conference registration $375 ($325 for first 50 registrants)

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