If Selling Burial Plots In Cyberspace Sounds Futuristic Perhaps It Is Because The Future Is Here

Technology allows us to do everything online, even settle up our final resting place. Most of us do not like to think about our final piece of real estate. It is an indication of our mortality and is a purchase we’d prefer to put off.

BuyandSellCemeteryPlots.com understands the sensitive nature of the transactions they facilitate and they provide a beautiful site designed to make the buying and selling of future resting places not only comforting, but supportive as well.

On BuyandSellCemeteryPlots.com you will find many helpful pieces of advice as well as words of comfort to help you understand what you should look for and expect from a funeral service and cemetery site. Unlike many websites designed to sell or assist buyers Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots provided licensed agencies that handle the details of each transaction for you while making sure you know what is going on and why. They understand how difficult decisions about burials and funerals are and they also know that the legalities of buying and selling plots are more complicated than the average person is ready to deal with. When a customer lists a plot on BuyandSellCemeteryPlots.com they are not simply left hanging once a listing is made. The staff at BuyandSellCemeteryPlots.com explains all of the details and then once a price is decided on they provided licensed agencies to handle drawing up the contracts and legal paperwork.

This company will also provide protection for buyers by examining the deeds of the parcels and making sure that everything is in order before a plot is listed. Once a buyer chooses a plot BuyandSellCemeteryPlots.com will provide access to a third party escrow company that holds a deposit from the buyer in escrow until all of the agreements are final and then that deposit is applied to the full purchase price to be paid.

Everything is done online and by there delivery service , as many businesses today are, the benefits for that are far-reaching in today’s spread out world. Where once families were centralized and congregated in specific areas many now are spread out all over the country, but when it comes to a final resting place often they desire to be together again. BuyandSellCemeteryPlots.com connects family members with available plots everywhere in the country so that you can find a plot in your hometown, your family’s epicenter, or, for some individuals a special place that has treasured memories, or is far-removed from your current life. With BuyandSellCemeteryPlots.com you can find the perfect resting place no matter what your idea of perfection is, or where it is located.

About Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots – Located in Saint Petersburg, Florida, Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots hosts a full service sales website for individuals wishing to sell a burial plot, or looking to buy a final resting place. They have listings in cemeteries all across the United States and in Canada. Each cemetery is shown and includes pictures and a description of the grounds to help viewers choose the spot they will spend eternity. The team at Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots handles the legal aspects of selling a plot for the buyer and the seller so that everyone enjoys a smooth and hassle free transaction.

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Silverdoor Has Announced The Addition Of New Serviced Apartments In Amsterdam Along With New Serviced Apartments Located In Berlin To Boost Its Existing European Portfolio

Already representing almost 20 serviced apartments in Amsterdam, more have now been added following high client demand.

“Serviced apartments in Amsterdam are such a huge market for us at the moment”, said Marcus Angell, Founder and Managing Director of SilverDoor, “Last year saw more foreign companies establishing a presence in Amsterdam than in previous years and quite clearly we are benefitting f r o m this”.

According to annual figures released last month by amsterdam inbusiness, a total of 105 companies came to Amsterdam in 2008 compared to an average of 90 within the last two years.

Amsterdam Airport Schipol has also been voted best international airport in a poll by Executive Travel. This is the second time that Schipol has won this award and it was recently awarded Best Airport in Europe 2008 by Business Traveller magazine.

Chris Gee, SilverDoor Sales Director, said “Berlin serviced apartments also represent an increasing business channel for SilverDoor”. Currently the company already represents five serviced apartments in the city and is aiming to increase this within the next six months.

Even in times of declining economic activity, Berlin remains able to hold its own ground as a competitive business location. The city offers an outstanding infrastructure and a large and highly qualified workforce as well as excellent colleges, universities and research institutions. Business, science and research are tightly interwoven in Berlin. Many smaller companies with a wealth of creative energy generate an innovative environment for the big players in the field. Around twenty of the world’s top fifty largest companies have offices in Berlin.

The Henriette serviced apartments are located within a stylish boutique aparthotel, giving guests the privacy, space and comfort of a serviced apartment along with the added luxuries of a hotel such as room service, reception and on site restaurants, bar and residents lounge.

The Krausenstrasse Apartment Hotel also options the benefits of a serviced apartment with the added extras of a hotel and has facilities such as a fitness studio, an indoor swimming pool and 24 hour reception as well as conference and meeting facilities.

About SilverDoor
SilverDoor international serviced apartments was incorporated as a Limited Company in March 2000 under its original name of Hotdigs. At the beginning of January 2006 the company changed its name to SilverDoor. The company was formed and continues to be led by managing director Marcus Angell.

SilverDoor boasts an impressive client portfolio which includes many FTSE 100 such as RBS, HSBC, Cadburys Schweppes and MAN Group PLC.

As well as Berlin and Amsterdam serviced apartments, SilverDoor offers serviced apartments in over 160 locations globally such as London, Paris, New York, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. SilverDoor has also just added a selection of serviced apartments in Manchester along with a collection of serviced apartments in Edinburgh to their portfolio.

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Shouldn’t Foreclosure Always Be The Homeowner’s Last Resort?

Many families are in financial trouble because of a declining economy and an unstable real estate market. Numerous families are finding it increasingly difficult to pay for their mortgages and are in jeopardy of losing their homes to foreclosure*. Unfortunately, homeowners are not aware of the options that are available to them, or whom they can turn to for help.

First and foremost, a homeowner who is about to be or already is in financial distress should contact their current lender(s) to find out if there are options available for their particular situation. In some cases, a loan modification can be arranged directly with the lender, at no cost.

Regrettably, a significant number of home loans were poorly written; therefore, loan modification is not an option for a large portion of borrowers in distress. Homeowners may seek counseling; counseling is offered free of charge, by calling the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, HUD, toll free at: (800) 569-4287.

Homeowners should stay away from and beware of paying any fees to ANYONE, including so called, “counseling agencies”, as they are not regulated and offer little to no help. Most states have also set up toll free numbers to counsel their residents, so check with with your State of residency.

More and more homeowners, who have been unsuccessful in getting any assistance from their lenders and/or government agencies, are turning to a CERTIFIED DISTRESSED PROPERTY EXPERT© (CDPE©), a Licensed REALTOR® who specializes in helping distressed homeowners who are “upside down” on their equity, late on their mortgage payments or who are already in the foreclosure process. A CERTIFIED DISTRESSED PROPERTY EXPERT© will see the homeowner through their distressed situation by successfully negotiating a short sale with their lender(s).

Lenders are now more willing to accept a short sale offer for a property’s true value, even if it is less than the amount owed. However, lenders are receiving thousands of short sale offers per month (most of the offers are incomplete packages that get tossed away or to the side) so a complete and well-prepared short sale offer package, sent by a CERTIFIED DISTRESSED PROPERTY EXPERT©, has the highest chance to be expedited quickly through a lender’s full log.

The end result of a short sale is minor when compared to the consequences of a foreclosure. Foreclosures have a devastating effect on credit history, job security, employment opportunities, security clearances, military and law enforcement careers, and the ability to purchase a home in the future; these are just a few examples of the damaging consequences of a foreclosure. Additionally, a foreclosure becomes public record, which is searchable by anyone, and can NEVER be removed.

We have all been bombarded lately with new creative ads, mailers, door hangers, TV and radio commercials promoting “foreclosure delay experts”. These ads are an example of how advertising is being misused to confuse vulnerable homeowners. Some ads claim to provide a service whereby they guarantee a homeowner will stay in their home for one year. Another example of how deceitful information targets already distressed homeowners. The average time for a foreclosure proceeding in Florida is in excess of 200 days, free of charge; so these less-than-forthcoming advertisers are charging money, when people need it the most, for a service that homeowners, in essence, already have.

Please do not pay, or let anyone you know pay money to anybody claiming they can stop foreclosures, including attorneys. Attorneys cannot stop foreclosures! The new “fighting foreclosures” and “foreclosure defense” ads attorneys are now broadcasting are an additional example of how the manipulation of information is being used to confuse and mislead the targeted distressed homeowner. Attorneys will “fight” a foreclosure until the homeowner is out of money. The only “defense” to a foreclosure is payment. The attorney, however, for a considerable fee, can prolong the legal process of a foreclosure until the homeowner is completely broke or all legal extensions have been exhausted. Nevertheless, in the end, the homeowner will still lose their home to a foreclosure and and face all the disastrous consequences that a foreclosure brings.

If a homeowner has the available money to pay for these deceitful services, he/she should use that money to make their mortgage payments.

If the borrower can pay the total amount owed to the lender, even up to the sale date, the lender will stop foreclosure. No one but the lender can stop the foreclosure process, and they will do so when either the homeowner pays the mortgage, bringing the loan payments up to date, or there is a successful negotiation of a short sale. These are the ONLY two ways for a foreclosure process to end. The homeowner will then be able to move on with his/her life, and in many cases, be eligible to own a new home in two years.

If you (or anyone you know) are about to miss a mortgage payment, have already defaulted on a home loan, or have been served foreclosure papers, a CERTIFIED DISTRESSED PROPERTY EXPERT© is able to help. The sooner you seek help the better but help is available even up to the last phase of a foreclosure, so please do not refrain from seeking help, because you might think it is “too late”. A CDPE© will not charge the homeowner. The CDPE© gets paid by the lender, at the end of the foreclosure proceedings, due to the successful sale of the home.

I cannot emphasize enough that no money should ever leave a distressed homeowner’s hands, ever.

This information barely scratches the surface. Mortgage delinquency and foreclosures are complex issues. Each and every case has its own unique set of facts and challenges. In most cases, homeowners are experiencing this overwhelming stress alone, without help of any kind, from anyone. It does not have to be that way. Families all around the country are in desperate need of proper guidance.

Not only do homeowners feel uncomfortable seeking the help of strangers, but a good amount of distressed homeowners might not feel comfortable asking delicate, private financial questions to people they do know. As a result, they do not ask anyone, falling deeper in trouble and are more vulnerable to scams. The Short Sales Message Board is a venue that was created specifically for distressed homeowners to ask Experienced Real Estate professionals questions, while maintaining total privacy.

A foreclosure is a devastating financial and emotional process for any family to endure and recover from and it should hardly ever happen. Foreclosure IS the last resort.

* In Florida, a Judicial State, a foreclosure happens when a lender files a lawsuit in State court against a borrower.

More Information can be found at the following web addresses:


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Serviced, Flexible Office Space Opens In Midtown Manhattan

Jay Suites, a leading provider of luxurious office space, recently had the grand opening of its Grand Central location. Situated in the heart of the big apple, the center offers an exceptional identity to any business, with solutions ranging from fully-furnished office space to virtual office plans. Conference rooms, break rooms with complete kitchen facility, and other business services are available as well.

Jay Suites is founded on an innovative concept that aims to create a professional, supportive environment by combining exceptional design with cutting-edge technology. The company currently operates a center in Manhattan’s financial district, and is preparing to open another in world-renowned Rockefeller Center.

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Sente Mortgage Home Finance Expert Kenton Brown And National Speaker Kenn Renner From Buyaustin.Com Will Present A Free Home Buying Seminar On April 16th

It is a fact that some of the greatest opportunities for buying a home are currently available based on three major factors: 1) Home Loan Rates continue to be at historic lows, 2) There is a $8000 Federal Housing credit available to 1st time homebuyers, and 3) It is a “Buyers Market”, which means there are some tremendous bargains out in the Austin real estate market right now. This is an incredible time for prospective home buyers to quit paying rent and to achieve the dream of homeownership.

Planning ahead allows potential homeowners to have the knowledge they need to get a great deal right now. Those that attend this seminar will learn the ten steps to homeownership and how they can get their $8,000 “gift” from the Government. This workshop will focus on fundamental and simple to understand concepts that empower those that attend with practical knowledge to be able to make prudent decisions when it comes to homeownership.

Two of Austin’s top real estate and finance industry professionals will present this free Home Buying Seminar on Thursday, April 16th from 6:30 to 8:30 P.M. at the Renaissance Hotel in the Arboretum. The seminar presentations will cover key strategies to help homebuyers understand and succeed in today’s extremely competitive and constantly changing market. Highlights of the seminar include:

– The 10 steps to home ownership.
– Details on the 8,000 Federal housing credit.
– Move Assistance Programs (MAP’s).
– How to Renegotiate leases and tell landlords goodbye?
– The “Truth” about mortgage financing.
– What programs are available to buy your home?
– Negotiating to get the best deal.

The workshop format will help attendees uncover their dreams, goals and visions of homeownership. This seminar will explore concepts such as how to choose a Realtor ™, Builder, or Loan Consultant and what to look for when selecting trusted advisors. It will also provide detail about the mysteries of credit scoring and how to be truly“pre-approved” so that a great deal on a home purchase can be negotiated. There will be opportunities to visit with a select group of market expert professionals both before and after the seminar.

The cost is free for the seminar.

To register online visit: www.BuyAustin.com or call/text 512-423-5626

About Kenn Renner:
Kenn Renner (BuyAustin.com) is a national speaker on the subject of real estate and goal achievement. His popular presentation “The Highway Seminar” (www.TheHighwaySeminar.com) is based on his up coming book “The Highway – Purpose, Goals & Priorities” to be published this spring. With over twenty-five years in the real estate business, he is one of the top brokers in Central Texas with over $80,000,000 in closed sales in the past three years. Kenn can be reached at 512-423-5626 (call or text)

About Kenton Brown:
Kenton Brown is Sr. Vice President of Sente Mortgage (www.MortgagesForAustin.com) one of the top mortgage companies in Austin. He is also a part of Sente Learning, (www.SenteLearning.com) which is an educational forum designed to help business professionals succeed and achieve autonomy through tactics, strategy, planning and action. Kenton offers his unique insight and perspective by tapping into his twenty-five plus years in the finance industry. He can be reached at 512-637-9900.

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