A Simple, Flexible, Non-Recourse Lending Alternative Without Liquidating The Borrower’s Assets

Securities Based Funding, Inc. announces a unique financing advantage to borrowers against the value of their securities portfolio at below-market, simple interest, fixed rate loans ranging from 2.5% to 4.5%.

These   non-recourse   loans will assist Domestic and international buyers, sellers and developers of properties worldwide. The loan proceeds can be used for any purpose except to buy securities or carry securities in a margin account.

Despite the credit crunch and while access to liquidity through traditional capital markets is difficult in today’s uncertain economy, security-based loans enable borrowers to access liquidity at below-market rates by pledging the securities they own as collateral for the loan. Securities based loans offer residential and commercial real estate owners and developers, a viable alternative, that are being frozen out of the market, by their banks and traditional sources of financing.

Eligible securities are publicly trades stocks, bonds, tradable mutual funds, unit investment and real estate investment trusts as well as foreign positions on international exchanges. Ineligible securities include, privately held stocks, securities held in retirement accounts, such as, IRAs and 401Ks. The borrower retains all upside market appreciation and receives any dividends or interest to which the securities are entitled. Loan to security values (LTV) range from 35% up to 80%. The more liquid and actively trades the securities, the higher the LTV.

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Kenn Renner Saves Three Home Buyers A Total Of $127,500 In The Past 30 Days

Austin home sales picked up 38% over 2008 (as reported by the Austin American Statesman). “Homebuyers are obviously taking advantage of builder incentives and home sellers seeking to cash out and move-up,” says Kenn Renner with www.BuyAustin.com. With the recent extension and expansion of the Federal Tax Credit, now even more homebuyers are able to take advantage of Uncle Sam’s free giveaway. Although the Austin area has been relatively sheltered from the recent economic housing downturn, there are still fantastic housing deals available to first time and move up homebuyers. Real estate broker Kenn Renner with Keller Williams Realty has been busy helping homebuyers cash in on not only the tax credit, but also builder discounts and seller concessions being offered in today’s market.

Kenn explains, “It’s a unique opportunity for homebuyers who are selling their first home and moving up to their next home. The reason being is that in the lower price ranges under $160,000 it is currently a seller’s market. A well-priced and well-staged home will sell in a relatively short period of time – sometimes at or more than asking price. Those that are selling those homes will often times purchase a move up home in the $250,000 to $400,000 price range, which currently is a buyer’s market in the Austin area. It has been my pleasure to help many clients in the last 30 days take advantage of U.S. tax credits and builder incentives.”

Kenn recently sold a house in the Round Rock community of Paloma Lake that was a builder speculative inventory home that had been on the market for almost a year. The original price was $361,500 and Kenn’s buyers were able to pick the home up for $277,000. Kenn explains, “This time of year can actually be one of the best times seasonally to purchase a home. It is normally a slower time of year because of the holidays, but also it is builder’s fiscal year end and they will often take deep discounts to get certain homes off of their books before the end of the year.” Kenn adds, “Volume home builders are large corporate entities and many times will take a deep discounts, especially on a close out or a speculative home that has been completed for a long period of time.”

“Most home buyers who try to buy direct from the builder don’t really know how builders work and often times are not capable of negotiating the super deep discounts that they could get if they had professional representation.” Home builders have high regard for solid reputable real estate brokers because of the amount of past and future business that a top producing Realtor can generate. Kenn mentions, “I tell my clients that they may only buy one home from a builder in a lifetime whereas I may sell a dozen every year with that same builder – so it’s important that the builder keeps my clients happy and keeps me happy so that I continue to bring them new clients.”

Kenn was also recently able to get a large price reduction on a home that was already under contract and already sold to his client. “The builder reduced their price point in this particular neighborhood to generate sales. My client paid $161,000 for his property that was still under contract, which was a good deal. But when the builder reduced their prices, I was able to get the builder to reduce my client’s purchase price by $18,000. Needless to say, my client was very happy to pay a substantially lower price on his first home. He put zero down and is now applying for his $8,000 tax credit which he plans to use to put in granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.”

Similar to builders, resale home sellers have also been willing to discount their prices for a quick sale. Kenn explains “At this time of year, real estate sales have a tendency to slow down because of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. People are more focused on family and holiday activities. So those home buyers that are out actually looking are pretty serious and those that need to sell in this market will usually take notice – they know it’s a slower time of year.”

Kenn recently helped a homebuyer purchase a home in the Cedar Park community of Heritage Park. It is a 2,400 square foot home that his clients were able to purchase for $150,000. It appraised at $169,000. His client was ecstatic and also appreciated the fact that the property came with a brand new roof due to the recent hailstorms.

Another home Kenn recently sold was a waterfront creekside home in the Creeks of Round Rock that was listed for $205,000. His clients were able to pick up the home for $189,000 and were able to secure a 4.75% interest rate home loan. “This has just been a fantastic time of year to purchase a home where there’s a convergence of what I call the ‘Perfect Opportunity!’ No other time in recent history have we had such low interest rates, government home buying incentives, combined with a buyer’s market. It’s unprecedented,” says Kenn.

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Search Office Space Adds New Business Centre in Exclusive Knightsbridge

SOS > Search Office Space expands its world class commercial real estate database of serviced offices further with the latest addition of a prestigious business centre in London’s exclusive Knightsbridge.

The new serviced offices in Knightsbridge offer clients the opportunity to do business in one of London’s premier addresses. In addition, the new business centre offers an impressive package of office services and IT capacity that is scaled to fit business needs of any size.

The new business centre in Knightsbridge is in one of the most exclusive commercial and residential parts of London. Lying to the west of Central London, the new centre is in close proximity to Belgravia, Chelsea, Mayfair and Hyde Park.

An up market district, very few office space providers have managed to gain entry in this exclusive area. Home to major national luxury retailers such as the iconic Harrods, Harvey Nichols, and Peter Jones, Knightsbridge is also the chosen bases of renowned international designers such as Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik. The high concentration of top end commercial activity makes Knightsbridge an office space market unlike any other in metropolitan London. In addition, Knightsbridge is only one of two international centres under further development through the London Plan. The purpose of the development proposals under the London Plan is to build on the current economic base and promote internationally.

The market for Knightsbridge office rentals is among the most expensive and attractive in the world. Being a commercial hub, the area is in high demand not only from the residential sector but also from the commercial sector. With such a strong demand for commercial office space in Knightsbridge, very few firms actually succeed in acquiring business in this market. The historically consistent demand for Knightsbridge office rentals is largely unaffected by high letting rates which currently average £110.79 per square foot. This is an increase from rates of £103.46 during September. While other high price markets around the world have shown a decline in demand and rental rates, prices for office space in Knightsbridge have remained relatively stable. The new business centre is due to open in April 2009, however, serviced office space is currently being let off plan.

Richard Smith, SOS > Search Office Space Managing Director and founder commented: “This new addition in Knightsbridge is ideal, especially since the options for office space to rent are limited in the area. I would not be surprised to see the centre opening in April with an occupancy rate of over 95%. Knightsbridge is a well sought after location in London, and the office solution and rate offered by the centre is unique in the area.”

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Search Office Space move to Berkeley Square in Mayfair

SOS > Search Office Space has relocated to a new world class location, Berkeley Square House in London’s Mayfair.

SOS is experiencing a continued increase in global business relationships within the serviced office industry. The company’s growth and increasingly influential role in the market has taken the company’s reach and operations to a global level. The new high profile location in Central London will enable SOS to easily manage its global relationships with business centres, corporate clients, commercial property agents, property companies and development companies, in London and also throughout the world.

The previous UK headquarters were located in the area where the Bond Street Crossrail underground station is due to be built, however following the compulsory purchase of the site, SOS > Search Office Space decided to move to its new even more prestigious location.

Richard Smith, Managing Director and founder of Search Office Space commented: “We are sad to be leaving 18 Hanover Square (due to Crossrail) because it was an excellent building with superb customer service. However we are delighted to be moving to Berkeley Square House, which is undoubtedly the most prestigious address in London.”

Berkeley Square House is one of the most prestigious addresses in London. Overlooking the east side of Berkeley Square, the building is one of the most highly sought-after addresses in Mayfair and London. In addition to being the home to high profile national and international businesses, the property is surrounded by world class restaurants, hotels, entertainment, shopping, and business centres.

About SOS > Search Office Space:
Search Office Space was founded in 1993 by Richard Smith in order to bring together all elements of the serviced office space market into one convenient single point of contact, with clients having access, at no cost, to the entire global serviced office market.

With major offices in London, Auckland, Hong Kong, along with US headquarters in Manhattan and offices in California, SOS > Search Office Space is ideally placed to provide services across key UK locations, with office space in Londonoffice space in Mayfair and office space in Kensington available, and across the world.

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Serviced, Flexible Office Space Expands in the Grand Central Market

Jay Suites, a leading provider of luxurious office space, recently expanded to another floor at its Grand Central location. Situated in the heart of the big apple, the center offers an exceptional identity to any business, with solutions ranging from fully-furnished office space to virtual office plans. Conference rooms, break rooms with complete kitchen facility, and other business services are available as well.

The firm bills itself as more than an executive business center. The growing executive suites firm promises to be their to support your business with a hand-picked team of trained, experienced staff. The serviced office space provider taps into the expertise of architects, contractors, designers, electricians and consultants to make its executive suites both accessible and attractive.

Jay Suites is founded on an innovative concept that aims to create a professional, supportive environment by combining exceptional design with cutting-edge technology. The company currently operates another center in Manhattan’s financial district, and is preparing to open another in world-renowned Rockefeller Center.

Jay Suites focuses on three elements at each of its locations: modern décor, cutting-edge technology and security and accessibility. Let’s look at each area as it relates to this New York-based provider of flexible, full-time luxury office space.

First, modern décor. As Jay Suites sees it, the significance of the first impression cannot be overstated. That’s why all Jay Suites locations feature high ceilings, elegant lighting, marble halls and Venetian plaster walls. Jay Suites conference rooms are equipped with glass-top tables and Italian leather chairs. To be sure, Jay Suites offers a clean, sleek, 21st century modern look that helps clients project the right image.

Next, cutting-edge technology. Jay Suites leverages digital environments. All Jay Suites packages include access to state-of-the-art equipment and services, such as high-speed Internet, Cisco VOIP telephone system, a next-generation copier, and conference rooms equipped with digital whiteboards and surround-sound systems.

Finally, security and accessibility. Jay Suites sets out to offer safety without compromising productivity. The company accomplishes this with strategies that range from doorman-secured buildings to biometric access control entry and verification systems. What’s more, Jay Suites offers executive business centers in strategic New York locations just minutes from mass transit train and bus lines.

What about lease terms, start-up costs and monthly fees? In a nutshell, it will cost you less than $5,000 to get into a Jay Suites serviced office unit. That includes a two-month security deposit. Monthly office rents start as low as $1,000 and include everything above. And lease terms are as short as three months. For a location in the hot spots of New York, Jay Suites offers flexible terms and luxurious offices.

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