NYC Flexible Office Space Provider, Jay Suites, Begins Tenant Spotlight Series

‘Jay Suites’ “Tenant Spotlight” series highlights the diversity of industries and companies that have made our business centers their headquarters. The vast array of corporate profiles we support is proof of the highest caliber professional services Jay Suites provides. Our business centers’ sleek decor, ultra-modern technology, and unsurpassed professionalism allows our tenants to save time and money and focus on what really matters: their business. Subscribe to our blog for future Tenant Profiles, and see first-hand the advantages in locating your company in one of Jay Suites
prestigious business centers.”

Founded in May 2008, BeautyBlitz is the world’s first entirely web-based beauty magazine – “first” and “best” are rarely synonymous, but BeautyBlitzis anything but typical: the site was rated the “#1” online beauty magazine by Weekend Today in New York. The staff of BeautyBlitz boasts over 125 years’ combined experience in the beauty and magazine industries – that’s right, one-and-one-quarter centuries’ experience is pumped into the content of Beauty Blitz daily! It’s no wonder that millions of women world-wide log onto the site to pour through product recommendations, insider tips, and posts from celeb guest-editors (notable past contributors include models Iman and Adriana Lima, reality star Bethenny Frankel, and actress Michelle Tractenberg, just to name a few).

Unlike typical women’s publications, a quick browse through the photo gallery of notable contributors shows women of every size, color, profession, and age. Where else can you find tips for taming the most unruly tresses (from the Branch sisters, founders of the famed Miss Jessie’sproducts), and then click over to tried-and-tested beauty advice from members of the U.S. Olympic team (from Allison Baver, speedskating, and Noelle Pikus-Pace, skeleton racing)? You got it – nowhere but here.

As if you need another reason to love Beauty Blitz, their across-the-board focus on results guarantees that BeautyBlitz readers need not worry about wasting money on pricey products boasting ineffectual promises. The editors test everything from drugstore mainstays to department store splurges, checking off every brand and price point in between. BeautyBlitz editors are frequently buzzing about “the next big thing you’ve never heard of” – and since many of their discoveries don’t hit the pages of mainstream magazines for months, they really are on the cutting edge of beauty news.

Polly Blitzer, founder and CEO of BeautyBlitz, is more than just a pretty face. This Columbia-educated entrepreneur gained experience in diverse disciplines before founding BeautyBlitz (among them: a stint in investment banking with Solomon Smith Barney, an editor at Marie Claire, and over six years’ as beauty editor for InStyle, where she is still a contributing editor). In addition to helming the website, Blitzer also founded “Kiss and Make Up,” a New York-based nonprofit providing makeovers to children with cancers. As often as possible, the editors at BeautyBlitz ship off boxes filled with brand-new beauty products to women’s shelters and hospitals in the greater New York-Metro area. Blitzer’s pragmatism and social savvy is evident in everything she does, including her desire to give back: “Beauty doesn’t have to be superficial. Sometimes it only takes a swipe of nail polish to make a sick child feel like a princess – and that is beautiful.”

For more information on BeautyBlitz, including the latest product reviews and to subscribe to their blog, check them out at:

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Tescos Out Ranked By The Little House Company

Whilst Tesco may dominate the retail sector in the UK, its foray into the online estate agency market is yet to pay dividends. That’s the result of a new report into online property sales websites which has found that iSold, the Spicerhaart venture backed by Tesco, fails to appear in the top six sites online estate agents, ranked by quality of website.

Instead, it is the hugely popular and successful The Little House Company that has been named as the UK’s leading online estate agency. Established ten years ago as a‘private sales’ site, The Little House Company has blossomed into one of the most important players in Britain’s online property sales market.

The report from The Big Property List undertook a comparison of online agents, looking at their services, prices, year established and the popularity and quality of their websites.

Nick Marr, Director of The Little House Company, newly crowned as the UK’s leading online estate agency, said: “Obviously, we are delighted that we came top of this extensive report into the UK’s online property market. We took the decision some time ago to change from being a private property sales website into an online estate agency and this has reaped dividends for both us and our army of satisfied customers.”

James Cole, the author of the report, said that one of the main reasons for The Little House Company’s success was that they had developed ‘strong strategies for driving buyers to their website.’

Agents can list with The Little House Company for less than £50 per month. The site brings agents a niche audience away from the estate agent only website and some agents have attracted vendors simply by listing on The Little House Company website.

Mr Marr, himself National Federation of Property Professionals qualified, added: “The Little House Company has been online since 2000 and is one of the UK’s most established online estate agencies and private house sale websites. Our services give consumers a choice in the way they decide to sell their homes online and we are thrilled that our innovative and affordable estate agency services have been recognized as the UK’s best.”

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