Can Miller Homes Fix It For You?

Miller Homes is pledging to try and “fix it” for buyers struggling with their property searchas it embarks on a nationwide initiative to bring buyers and their dream homes together in 2011.

Operating under the banner theme “Miller Homes Can Fix It For You” – deliberately reminiscent of Sir Jimmy Saville’s 80s TV juggernaut – the developer is offering a whole range of incentives from Deposit Match to shared equity and, on certain plots, will allow you to swap your old home for a brand new Miller home, leaving you to enjoy your move.

And to help buyers in a fix after the cost of Christmas – Miller Homes will throw in£500 of M&S vouchers and £500 towards utility bills to sweeten the deal. Buyers will have to act fast however, as these offers are exclusive to all reservations to buy a house taken by the 20th February.

Sue Warwick, National Sales and Marketing Director of Miller Homes said; “Whatever the buyer’s obstacle, we have a team of experts on hand to offer a solution and make that dream move achievable. Despite recent news reports, 2010 saw stability in the property market and we want to show that 2011 should be a year to be positive.”

Miller Homes is also encouraging customers to take advantage of a core range of incentives put in place to get people moving, including shared equity schemes, a unique home exchange package, deposit match and recommend a friend.

For people with a home to sell, the developer has recently rolled out its exclusive new home exchange product, MiSwap. This unique scheme is only available through Miller Homes and allows buyers looking at their new homes for sale to swap their current home for one of Miller’s selected plots*, whether they are looking to upsize, downsize or swap like for like.

The scheme marks a radical departure from traditional part exchange exchanges which usually require a home owner to purchase a property worth at least 30% more than their existing home to qualify.

For buyers looking to get onto the property ladder, Miller Homes has shared equity available either in the form of the Government backed scheme (Homebuy Direct) or its own package – MiWay.

Both schemes enable buyers to pay for part of their home now (up to 75% with MiWay and up to 70% with Homebuy Direct) with the rest coming in the form of a low interest loan from Miller Homes, or in the case of Homebuy Direct, Miller Homes and the Government.

Sue added; “We have moved thousands of buyers over the last couple of years. It’s a fantastic opportunity for those that qualify, but potential buyers shouldn’t just take our word for it. Anyone interested can log on to our website to see what our customers have to say –

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Informative Mortgage Website Invites Local Mortgage Lenders To Write And Share Their Knowledge With Others

Mortgage website has opened its virtual doors to San Diego mortgage lenders and professionals to share what they know about the mortgage industry to the public.

The website serves as a guide and source of information for people in the market for a mortgage. is inviting mortgage professionals to add to the extensive collection of informative articles that are already showcased. These articles guide would-be borrowers, giving tips on where to go to get a mortgage, how to select a lender, information on the many types of loans, such as second mortgages, along with the pros and cons of each, and more. was made to guide mortgage seekers in the San Diego area, although much of the information is pertinent to consumers everywhere.

With this goal in mind, is now inviting San Diego mortgage professionals to give visitors the best mortgage information possible. Everything from the existing market conditions, market trends, tips and insights to get the most out of a mortgage, and so on. And the website has hit the ground running, as they have already featured their first expert, Mark Chrisman.

Mark Chrisman of West Coast Mortgage, touched on residential financing and what happened during the past few years, particularly in San Diego. He also gave his take on the current trends in the market, how borrowers now need better credit scores, and he revealed some of the biggest challenges borrowers will face in the San Diego home mortgage market. Chrisman also included some absolute essentials that borrowers should know, which is very useful for any prospective borrower.

This is precisely the intention of by inviting professionals to share their insights; giving borrowers all the information they need is the primary goal of the website.

San Diego mortgage professionals and lenders interested in being featured are encouraged to make contact the site editor.

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NY Office Space in the 21st Century

In the course of adapting ourselves to the modern world, we have come to rely on the Internet as a physical entity, a space that “really exists,” as opposed to the skepticism and unfamiliarity that first accompanied the “dot com” explosion. For the most part, everyone has “their sites” – those pages you check daily when work comes to a lull, and whose familiar home screens provide a sense of stability and comfort. This is analogous to how (I imagine) it felt 50 years ago, when you walked into your neighborhood pharmacy and were met with familiar faces in a comfortable setting.

Unlike a physical environment, however, the internet is never truly static and unchanging – and the speed of change online is instant. A site rolling out a new homepage is equivalent to a full physical renovation to the entrance of a building – in our experience, change of this magnitude should not occur overnight! You should hear hammering and see the work being slowly, painfully, brought from a beginning to a well-deserved final result. While the speed of achieving results has been shortened to a matter of hours in a digital space, the amount of thought and trial-and-error that go into planning these instant results is almost unbelievable.

Jay Suites’ unveiling of a new homepage this week is a perfect example of how the“instant” change perceived by you, our wonderful web audience, was preceded by a staggering amount of work and collaboration, both within our company and with external experts. While there were no physical undercurrents of change visible to those on the outside, Jay Suites has been pursuing a more targeted web strategy, focused on making our online identity as personalized and approachable as we are in person.

“Jay Suites’ new homepage has been in the works for a long time, and making it live was one of the easier elements in the process,” said COO Jack Srour, the day after the homepage makeover debuted. “That’s really how we approach everything – all you see is the immediate result, not how much goes on behind the scenes to make it happen.”

In addition to the new user-friendly landing page, which includes easy access for new and existing clients to the sites’ relevant content, Jay Suites has been aggressively pursuing an increased focus on social NY Office Space media development. “It’s so important to personalize your company, and make your products and services relevant to your target audience – if our clients are on Facebook and Twitter, we need to be there, too,” emphasized General Manager Caitie Bucci.

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