Pricing Nation Econometrics Predicts That The Average Home Price In The Boston Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) Will Decrease By 0.299 Percent Twelve Months From Now

Pricing Nation Econometrics, a division of Pricing Nation (, predicts that the average home price in the Boston Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) will decrease by 0.299 percent twelve months from now. Boston residents can be pleased that housing price declines continue to bottom out in April 2013.  Pricing Nation Econometrics has also just released their heat map (see attached) predicting home price changes for each zip code in the Boston MSA one year from now. The zip codes with the largest predicted improvement in home prices areMilton Mills, NH (03852) with a 4.19 percent increase followed by Melrose, MA (02176) with a 1.83 percent increase. The zip code with the largest predicted decrease in home prices is East Hampstead, NH (03826) with a 8.96 percent decrease followed by Newton Upper Falls, MA (02464) with a 7.12 percent decrease.Pricing Nation will provide its monthly projections, initially just for Boston and its related zip codes, at 7:00 a.m. of the last Tuesday of each month.

Pricing Nation has developed an integrated suite of regression based models that predict housing price changes at the MSA level, zip level and house level. These models have been built using data over the last ten years which is a robust training period as there has been both an upswing and downswing in prices during that time.  The model results for the Boston MSA are statistically highly significant. Of particular importance is that the Pricing Nation model, when used for historical periods, would have predicted the severe downturn in Boston MSA housing prices in August, 2006, 12 months before it actually occurred in August, 2007 (downturn data reported by S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices) and 16 months before the U.S. officially went into a recession according to the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), a nonprofit group entrusted by the government with determining when recessions begin and end.

Pricing Nation believes it is important to predict home price changes. From the Great Depression through 2008, homeowners generally made money investing in their homes if they owned them for a considerable amount of time.  It became common ‘wisdom’ that home prices across the country would always go up.  With the advent of the Credit and Housing Crisis, we now know that this common ‘wisdom’ was flawed.  Housing prices will go up and down in the future based primarily on local demand and supply factors combined with a number of macroeconomic variables. These factors are the drivers in the Pricing Nation predictive models.

The purchase of a home is typically a family’s largest investment and given the uncertainty in the housing markets, Pricing Nation is making their unique forecast of price change for each home in the Boston MSA available at for an introductory price of $19.99 per home (regular price is $49.99 per home). The forecast for each home comes with “The Home Investment Report Card” (see a sample attached), which also rates all of the local and national factors influencing the forecast and educates the consumer about factors that have a positive or negative impact on their investment. “The Home Investment Report” card is designed to be easy to use for all homebuyers and sellers.

Pricing Nation is committed to provide individuals with the information they need to make the major financial decisions in their life.  Pricing Nation has launched its product in the Boston MSA and will be expanding its offerings on a city by city basis.

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Bangkok Property World.Asia Is Ready To Establish Itself As An Excellent And Leading Site To Make It Possible For Buyers, Sellers, And Renters Of Properties In Asia To Find Each Other And Do Business Together

Bangkok Property World.Asia is proud to announce that we are bringing our successful real estate portal first seen in Bahrain at to Bangkok. Bangkok Property World.Asia is ready to establish itself as an excellent and leading site to make it possible for buyers, sellers, and renters of properties in Asia to find each other and do business together.

At Bangkok Property World.Asia, we are no stranger to success and we know what it takes to make property portals successful. In 2009, we won the prestigious Arabian Property Awards, part of the world’s most innovative and buzzworthy competition focused on identifying the most successful real estate professionals around the planet. We won the Arabian Property Awards for our work in the Middle East with our Bahrain Property World real estate portal.

Bahrain Property World’s success in attaining one of these highly desired awards indicates we have the skills and experience necessary to bring similar results and profits to our newest enterprise in Bangkok, Thailand.

It is absolutely free for every real estate company to register in order to list and promote their properties, and they can do so here and now.

What is this real estate portal about?

Bangkok Rental Apartments and Condos

Bangkok is easily one of the most extraordinary, enchanting, and magnificent locations on the globe, and it is certainly the place to be if you find yourself in Thailand. However, if you have never been to the area or are otherwise unfamiliar with it, you might have trouble finding the perfect rental or condo listing that meets all of your needs.

This is precisely why Bangkok Property World.Asia is here to help you. Through your research on our portal listing, you can figure out what kind of listing you are looking for, decide on the location that you find most important, and get a good idea of just how much it should cost.

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