Homes and Villas Abroad enlarges holiday homes portfolio

The Italian lakes region has for millennia enraptured visitors, with some of the country’s most sought-after property located here.

Now HomesAndVillasAbroad.Com, one of the leading Italian property companies, can announce it is significantly broadening its portfolio of apartments and villas for sale in the region in response to demand from its clientele seeking to purchase real estate here.

To this end the company has signed partnerships with a number of real estate agents in the lake district to market their portfolios to a wider, multinational client base.

Homes and Villas Abroad is a complete package provider for people purchasing in Italy and has also hired a team of bilingual specialists in the lakes area to ensure the company offers as tailor-made a service as possible to its customer base, drawn from throughout the world.

Languages that the company caters for are English, German, French, Italian, Norwegian, Russian and Spanish.

Marketing head Simon Llewellyn commented: “Demand for homes in the lakes arearemains solid, in particular with clients from Russia, with units boasting a lake view understandably being most important on their wishlist.

“It is an area in which we were already had a presence, but we decided to seek additional partners to help us in meeting increasing demand.

“Despite the enduring appeal of Tuscany, the lakes region is one of Italy’s most beautiful areas but is not as out of reach financially as many people think; our prices start at about US$130,000 for a single-bedroom condo.

“Despite famous names such as actor George Clooney, soccer coach Jose Mourinho and airline tycoon Sir Richard Branson all owning expensive mansions here, there is something to suit pretty much all pockets.”

The region’s principal lakes are Como, Maggiore, Garda, Orta, Iseo and Endine.

There are excellent transport links, thanks to the six nearby airports. The nearest is 30 minutes away in Lugano, just over the Swiss border. There are three others in Milan, all within a 90-minute radius, while the final two are slightly further afield in Verona and Brescia.

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Pricing Nation Forecasts That The Average Home Values in Boston MSA Will Go Up in December 2013 by 2.34 Percent

Pricing Nation Econometrics forecasts that the average home value in the Boston Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) will increase by 2.34% over the next twelve months.

The Pricing Nation Econometrics Heat Map (below) visualizes how the average home prices will vary across Boston MSA zip codes. A table with the 10 largest increases and decreases in home values per zip code can also be found below.

Pricing Nation Econometrics is a division of Pricing Nation LLC. For more information on future changes in individual home values, visit us at

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Force8 Get Network VEKA Approval

Force8, a leading supply of a range of composite doors, have been approved by Network VEKA, a prestigious organisation that comprises of the most highly skilled specialists in the home improvement sector.

Amongst the products offered by those in the network include double glazing windows, conservatories, composite doors such as fire doors and bi folding doors, and UPVC windows. Force8 have been selling a range of products to its customers ever since it entered the market 20 years ago.

Dennis Sumner, Managing Director of the company, said;

“We are proud to announce that we have been approved by Network VEKA. We always pride ourselves on the quality of all our windows and doors and this should go a long way to show our customers and potential customers that we only stock the most durable and secure products.

Being part of such a revered network is only going to help us drive more customers and confirms that our products are of the highest quality”.

Those companies in Network VEKA are based all around the United Kingdom and many customers looking for such products often visit the website first. Force8 has now joined the list of companies that are already approved.

As an industry, the home improvement sector has been stung by some bad publicity so finding a reputable company is something that is vital to all customers and being part of such as respected network is going to be vital to the future of Force8.

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The Door Store Goes Forward In Pairs

The Door Store has had an exceptional record at developing a superb range of internal doors for the building trade. They have developed a vast trade in doors which cover the complete requirements of almost any designer ranging from the simple plain door to the exotic range of moulded and wood machined finishes.

A model that The Door Store is particularly proud to promote is the JB Kind Moulded Panel Classique internal doors. These are a great set of doors, which are white primed and moulded, ready for painting in whatever colour that is decided for your home. JB Kind doors come with an excellent pedigree and give The Door Store a great deal of confidence in the product.

The Classique design is such that it has a six pane glass insert in the top half of the door of almost a Georgian design of six panes built in to the door in 3 pairs. The top panes have an ornate arch type top edge design to them and a single rebated type square design in the bottom half of the door. This really does provide a classic style and design, which can be used in a number of quite different situations.

The Door Store supply large quantities of pairs of cheap internal doors, which can be used for entry and exit to and from any room, and the appearance of these doors will really offset the entrance, which they are closing. The Classique design will give a richness to the look, which is most important to the house, and this will fit in with the general view of the property. Double entry doors do give any property that feel of space and luxury, which is difficult to get inn any other way. This is an excellent pair of doors and at a price of £137 plus VAT this is excellent value for money. The doors are a moulded hardboard construction with the grain textured and ready for final painting. The glass is safety tempered glass and if the doors are required as a fire door, Door Store are happy to supply a full pair of fire doors as JB Kind make the Classique design in a fully compliant fire door variant too.

These types of doors are themselves classics, and look at their best when displayed as a barrier between two rooms, which would otherwise be an open plan room.

There are of course doors which will match the Classique moulded door so that a full range of these doors can be fitted throughout the house and give a theme which will suit the whole design.

The Door Store – – has always examined all its ranges of doors in the light that a careful designer can mix and match as necessary and to that effect it is pleased that the present range can fulfil this function.

Whether the aim is luxury or good standard doors The Door Store can provide what is required and their web site is well worth contacting to see the vast range that can supply.

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Luxury Vinyl Tiling From Beautiful Flooring Direct

Beautiful Flooring Direct have put together a superb range of all types of flooring for the complete floor covering market and the company is pleased to note that one of the most hard wearing and popular of all the ranges is the luxury vinyl tiles which are becoming such a staple workhorse of the market. The quality of the product is one, which Beautiful Flooring Direct has been proud to put at the forefront of their full range of luxury flooring business. The luxury vinyl tile is an expanding market, which has been growing quite quickly for the past few years. Increasingly, you’re now able to buy luxury vinyl tiles online, as more and more retailers get involved with what is a booming and ever popular type of flooring.

Beautiful Flooring Direct has been pleased to supply their full range to a large variety of different applications where the tiles have invariably been used where their major qualifications have been used to the full. The vinyl tile is ideal for use in areas where there is a need for a hard wearing surface that can be cleaned instantly and returned to its former glory. The lifespan of the luxury vinyl tile is excellent and when such a floor is installed it will outlive most of its users and it is more likely to be changed from the wish to see something new or change the design of the room. Beautiful Flooring Direct recommend this type of flooring for use in the kitchen, hallways and utility rooms where there is a regularly hard wearing pattern and the possibility of spills or muddy shoes as the quality of the flooring will result in a standard cleaning bringing the floor back to its original state. Indeed luxury vinyl tiles in bathrooms are becoming more of a common sight too, as the surface is ideal to contain spills without becoming overly slippery.

Beautiful Flooring Direct – – has seen some excellent designs using the luxury vinyl tile as the versatility of the range allows a superb style range to be achieved. The luxury vinyl tile range can come in almost any type of material finish. The tile may look like stone with all the imperfections and grain styles and striations or it may look like quartz or a fantastic Italian marble effect. The advantage that this has to the designer is that the designs that suit the particular materials can be reproduced with the luxury vinyl tile. It is quite usual to see the luxury vinyl tile system being used in a typical modern take on the Roman marble floor. The Roman patterns can be reproduced and there are ranges of border or edging strips, which can be used to profile the design or to set the boundaries of the design. The door strips, ramps and cover strips are used to finish the design and provide a great boundary to the edges of the flooring.

The range sold by Beautiful Flooring Direct give a fabulous amount of options to the designer and the complete range of different types of luxury tiles can be seen on the company’s web site. If there are any queries the company will be only too willing to answer any queries by email or telephone. This is a great range that will give the interior designer or the ambitious owner a blank canvas on which to work and achieve great results.

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