Pricing Nation Forecasts That The Average Home Values in Boston MSA Will Go Up in March 2014 by 1.45 Percent

Pricing Nation Econometrics forecasts that the average home value in the Boston Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) will increase by 1.45% through the next twelve months. Some of the drivers of local change include homeowner vacancies and average weekly wages.  While there is a decline in supply (52.4% decrease in vacancies from Q3 to Q4 2012), there is not much improvement in the average weekly earnings (0.42% increase from Q3 to Q4 2012), which suppresses growth.

A table with the top 5 biggest increases and decreases per average home value per zip code can be found below. The Pricing Nation Econometrics Heat Map (also below) visualizes how the average home prices will vary across zip codes in the Boston MSA. Pricing Nation Econometrics is a division of Pricing Nation LLC, and more information can be found at

As the “Most Reliable Real-Estate Forecasting Company,” we strive to consistently provide the most accurate, relevant, and transparent real-estate data. In fact, as of July 2012, our forecast results have been less than one point away from actual results as reported by Case-Shiller. Visit to access your free Neighborhood Report and consult a Home Investment Report Card with home value forecasts for your home.

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Professional Properly Cash Investors Promote their ‘Sell House Fast’ Guarantee with the Release of their New YouTube Video

Fast House Sales have grasped the opportunity of online video marketing by releasing a YouTube video to showcase their ‘sell house fast’ service.

Having helped over one thousand happy customers with their sell house fast guarantee, Fast House Sales are keen to shed light on the unfair techniques some estate agents use that can actually prohibit or lessen the chances of a property being sold. Fast House Sales offer an alternative to these estate agents. Their efficient and uncomplicated service eliminates the risk of potential loss by guaranteeing a purchase, no matter the customer’s current circumstance.

Charlotte, of Fast House Sales explains that the ‘traditional’ way of selling a house is through an estate agent. “These estate agents visit your property and purposely fill you with optimism, over value your property and ultimately give the client unrealistic expectations. The thing is, these agents work on commission, so all they want to do is get paid, so often try these dishonest tricks to secure the client and the potential commission.”

Charlotte says. “A few months down the line, these agents will come back to you saying you need to lower your price because your property isn’t selling. This then becomes a very long and stressful process for the client.”

The current economic climate and challenging property market can often leave people thinking that their options are very limited when it comes to selling their property. In their Sell House Fast YouTube video, Fast House Sales say that this is not the case.

“Regardless of someones current circumstance, it is possible to sell that property.” states Akhtar, owner of the family run business. “We guarantee our clients and customers a hassle free sale, with no hidden costs or fees.”

People are often daunted by the prospect of selling a property for cash, but Fast House Sales are proud to offer the best advice to help find the most practical solution for the customer. With a number of unique ways of buying property, Fast House Sales are successful at finding win-win solutions for those looking to quickly sell their property. Fast House Sales work by using the property information from a new client in to instantly match them with a cash buyer in the local area. After the first viewing, the cash buyer can make an offer and if the client is happy to go ahead, the sale can be completed on a date that suits them.

“Of course, we work to the highest highest standards and all of our cash investors comply with our regulations.” says Akhtar. Fast House Sales regulations include;
– Always providing the customer with the highest cash offer possible
– Complying with the agreed completion date
– Working with the utmost honesty in regards to the cash offer
– Not applying any costs, including valuation
– Not concealing any charges

“This family run business has been running for eleven years” says Akhtar, “In that time, we have helped over 1000 customers sell their house fast in just a few simple steps. We even deal with all of legalities and pay all of the legal and survey fees. Some of our customers are in very tricky situations and in need of a fast solution. They may be emigrating, facing repossession or are behind on their mortgage payments. Regardless of their sitation, our Sell House Fast service can always help”

To watch Fast House Sales’ YouTube video, click the following link… or visit their

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