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Real Estate Pros Host Workshop for Fixer-Uppers

Moxie Realty Group LLC hosts “So . . . You Want to Buy a Fixer” at TreeHouse

On Thursday, May 28, Moxie Realty Group LLC, along with co-hosts TreeHouse, Austin Title, and Austin Inspection Services bring you an evening of the truth about what to expect when you buy a property and fix it up.

This is the second time this year Moxie has worked to provide a great forum for learning about the pitfalls, plateaus, and pinnacles of fixing up a property. From finding a property, to getting financing, to getting the work done—this candid group of professionals, including a renovation financing expert, will provide information and answer questions about what it takes.

Justine Smith and Mishell Kneeland, also known as the Moxie Ladies, have both been involved in extensive renovations projects—Justine was even featured on an episode of Flip That House for moving a home from South to East Austin—and will share their different perspectives on renovation tolerance. “I was lucky,” Kneeland says, “I only had to please myself. Justine and her husband had to agree on what to do, and had to do it while keeping toddlers out of wet paint!”

The renovation loan specialist will share important financial considerations and timelines. Whether you want to buy a fixer for your own home, or as an investment, there is a renovation product available for you.

One of the great things about fixing up a home is that you can make some truly eco-friendly decisions, and have a chance to put your own stamp on your home. There is nothing like having the freedom—whether your style is minimalist or over-the-top. Kneeland’s home “office,” which she calls her “Chinese jewel box,” features red lacquered cabinets and a black chandelier she brought back from a trip to Amsterdam and beautiful light fixtures she shipped from a trip to Marrakech.

Come for the refreshments and door prizes and leave with your own renovation plan. Come early and browse the wonderful products available at TreeHouse

At a Glance
Who: Moxie Realty Group LLC, TreeHouse, Austin Title, Austin Inspection Services
What: So . . . You want to buy a fixer?
When: May 28, 2015, 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Where: TreeHouse, 4477 South Lamar, Austin, TX 78456
Contact: Mishell Kneeland,, 512.965.5463 or Justine Smith,, 512.970.0681…

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The Door Store Pines For Some Excellent Doors

The Door Store has an excellent range of doors to suit the whole of the building trade requirements. The choice of doors and the number of different options that have come onto the market in recent years is immense. The quality has improved and the prices have remained excellent during this period. The Door Store has been at the forefront of supplying top quality doors for all occasions and all types of building from a range of different materials.

The Door Store has an excellent range of Pine Doors and they have taken a great deal of care to choose some of the best available pine doors to supply at some of the lowest prices available. In particular The Door Store is very proud to be able to supply the JB Kind range of Pine Doors. There is a range of different designs but one of the best standard designs is the JB Kind Clear Pine Swansea Internal Door.

The Swansea door is a classic design of Pine door with four panels fitted with two smaller oblong panels in the bottom half of the door and two longer almost elongated panels in the top half of the door. The bottom of the top panels is horizontal and the sides are vertical but the top has a classic half bow at the top of each panel going from low to high from the edge of the door towards the centre. This classic design can be used throughout the house and will enhance the general appearance of the building. The curved detail of the panelling is excellent and provides a great focal point for the doors.

The Door Store notes the exceptional quality and affordability of solid timber pine doors. These doors have a pine central core with a laminated veneered finish, which can either be stained or painted. The Door Store notes that care must be taken with Pine Doors as when they are made the wood is kiln dried to reduce the moisture content to a very low level and if they are exposed to high humidity they will obviously absorb water and the reaction can ruin a door. It is essential that the door is sealed to preserve their integrity and this can be carried out either by use of a good stain or by painting. The Door Store note that in general Pine Doors are not recommended for a new build situation as the high humidity can effect this high quality door.

The Door Store ( notes that the pine internal door is of a first class construction and one of the best values for money of all modern doors. Pine is a wood that fits well in modern surroundings and will compliment a large range of decorations and general fixtures and furniture. It is noted that the doors can be painted to fit in with the general house decoration scheme or made to stand out as a feature. A greater choice can be viewed on The Door Store web site and any queries will be answered promptly.

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Force8 Get Network VEKA Approval

Force8, a leading supply of a range of composite doors, have been approved by Network VEKA, a prestigious organisation that comprises of the most highly skilled specialists in the home improvement sector.

Amongst the products offered by those in the network include double glazing windows, conservatories, composite doors such as fire doors and bi folding doors, and UPVC windows. Force8 have been selling a range of products to its customers ever since it entered the market 20 years ago.

Dennis Sumner, Managing Director of the company, said;

“We are proud to announce that we have been approved by Network VEKA. We always pride ourselves on the quality of all our windows and doors and this should go a long way to show our customers and potential customers that we only stock the most durable and secure products.

Being part of such a revered network is only going to help us drive more customers and confirms that our products are of the highest quality”.

Those companies in Network VEKA are based all around the United Kingdom and many customers looking for such products often visit the website first. Force8 has now joined the list of companies that are already approved.

As an industry, the home improvement sector has been stung by some bad publicity so finding a reputable company is something that is vital to all customers and being part of such as respected network is going to be vital to the future of Force8.

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The Door Store Goes Forward In Pairs

The Door Store has had an exceptional record at developing a superb range of internal doors for the building trade. They have developed a vast trade in doors which cover the complete requirements of almost any designer ranging from the simple plain door to the exotic range of moulded and wood machined finishes.

A model that The Door Store is particularly proud to promote is the JB Kind Moulded Panel Classique internal doors. These are a great set of doors, which are white primed and moulded, ready for painting in whatever colour that is decided for your home. JB Kind doors come with an excellent pedigree and give The Door Store a great deal of confidence in the product.

The Classique design is such that it has a six pane glass insert in the top half of the door of almost a Georgian design of six panes built in to the door in 3 pairs. The top panes have an ornate arch type top edge design to them and a single rebated type square design in the bottom half of the door. This really does provide a classic style and design, which can be used in a number of quite different situations.

The Door Store supply large quantities of pairs of cheap internal doors, which can be used for entry and exit to and from any room, and the appearance of these doors will really offset the entrance, which they are closing. The Classique design will give a richness to the look, which is most important to the house, and this will fit in with the general view of the property. Double entry doors do give any property that feel of space and luxury, which is difficult to get inn any other way. This is an excellent pair of doors and at a price of £137 plus VAT this is excellent value for money. The doors are a moulded hardboard construction with the grain textured and ready for final painting. The glass is safety tempered glass and if the doors are required as a fire door, Door Store are happy to supply a full pair of fire doors as JB Kind make the Classique design in a fully compliant fire door variant too.

These types of doors are themselves classics, and look at their best when displayed as a barrier between two rooms, which would otherwise be an open plan room.

There are of course doors which will match the Classique moulded door so that a full range of these doors can be fitted throughout the house and give a theme which will suit the whole design.

The Door Store – – has always examined all its ranges of doors in the light that a careful designer can mix and match as necessary and to that effect it is pleased that the present range can fulfil this function.

Whether the aim is luxury or good standard doors The Door Store can provide what is required and their web site is well worth contacting to see the vast range that can supply.

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Luxury Vinyl Tiling From Beautiful Flooring Direct

Beautiful Flooring Direct have put together a superb range of all types of flooring for the complete floor covering market and the company is pleased to note that one of the most hard wearing and popular of all the ranges is the luxury vinyl tiles which are becoming such a staple workhorse of the market. The quality of the product is one, which Beautiful Flooring Direct has been proud to put at the forefront of their full range of luxury flooring business. The luxury vinyl tile is an expanding market, which has been growing quite quickly for the past few years. Increasingly, you’re now able to buy luxury vinyl tiles online, as more and more retailers get involved with what is a booming and ever popular type of flooring.

Beautiful Flooring Direct has been pleased to supply their full range to a large variety of different applications where the tiles have invariably been used where their major qualifications have been used to the full. The vinyl tile is ideal for use in areas where there is a need for a hard wearing surface that can be cleaned instantly and returned to its former glory. The lifespan of the luxury vinyl tile is excellent and when such a floor is installed it will outlive most of its users and it is more likely to be changed from the wish to see something new or change the design of the room. Beautiful Flooring Direct recommend this type of flooring for use in the kitchen, hallways and utility rooms where there is a regularly hard wearing pattern and the possibility of spills or muddy shoes as the quality of the flooring will result in a standard cleaning bringing the floor back to its original state. Indeed luxury vinyl tiles in bathrooms are becoming more of a common sight too, as the surface is ideal to contain spills without becoming overly slippery.

Beautiful Flooring Direct – – has seen some excellent designs using the luxury vinyl tile as the versatility of the range allows a superb style range to be achieved. The luxury vinyl tile range can come in almost any type of material finish. The tile may look like stone with all the imperfections and grain styles and striations or it may look like quartz or a fantastic Italian marble effect. The advantage that this has to the designer is that the designs that suit the particular materials can be reproduced with the luxury vinyl tile. It is quite usual to see the luxury vinyl tile system being used in a typical modern take on the Roman marble floor. The Roman patterns can be reproduced and there are ranges of border or edging strips, which can be used to profile the design or to set the boundaries of the design. The door strips, ramps and cover strips are used to finish the design and provide a great boundary to the edges of the flooring.

The range sold by Beautiful Flooring Direct give a fabulous amount of options to the designer and the complete range of different types of luxury tiles can be seen on the company’s web site. If there are any queries the company will be only too willing to answer any queries by email or telephone. This is a great range that will give the interior designer or the ambitious owner a blank canvas on which to work and achieve great results.

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Click Fit Laminate Flooring From Beautiful Flooring Direct

The world of floor boarding has changed over the years as wood has become ever more expensive it is difficult to justify the cost of exotic wood floors planed and polished to give an attractive wood floor finish. The use of a laminate flooring system has allowed this type of finish to be achieved at a far reduced cost but with an appearance that looks equally as good as a finished solid wood floor.

Beautiful Flooring Direct is now providing an excellent service in supplying laminates of many different types of woods to be used at an extremely advantageous price. The laminates work with a very strong wood substrate to which a top laminate veneer is supplied, the types of materials that are used on the Beautiful Flooring Direct range of materials are of the highest qualities and it should be possible to source any finish that is required.

One of the major problems with the present laminate system is that they work on a tongued and grooved edging system where the joint is made by pushing the tongue into the groove after a small amount of glue is placed into the groove and or tongue and then the two parts are stuck together. This makes a very strong joint but it has two disadvantages, the first being that to make the joint in this fashion is time consuming and the second is that it is difficult to dismantle if there is a problem at a later date.

The Beautiful Flooring Direct Company now supplies the “Click– Fit” system which moves the laminate flooring on to a completely new level. The joining system is exactly as it says, when the tongue is pushed into the groove no glue is required and the tongue just clicks into position in the groove and is held firmly into position by the neatly designed “click system” This system now requires no gluing and the speed of fitting is very fast and the accuracy of the design makes a very fine joint with no gaps between adjacent pieces. Probably one of the best advantages is that any changes can be accommodated fairly easily although there may be some edge damage.

The quality click floor tiles supplied by Beautiful Flooring Direct can all be purchased on the internet and the excellent design of the Beautiful Flooring Direct web site gives a full description of all the products available and any questions can be directed to the sales staff by email or telephone. It is essential to fit these floors correctly and the company will be delighted to assist in any way possible to ensure a great finish. Beautiful Flooring Direct recommends that any click–fit laminate flooring is placed in the room where it is to be fitted to allow it to get to the typical room temperature. This will limit the amount of expansion of the laminates during the typical working day, fitting will usually include at least 8mm (More than ¼ inch) of expansion gap all around the room to take up extra expansion. To cover this expansion gap Beautiful Flooring Direct recommends that the skirting board is removed wherever possible to cover this gap at all times. Get clicked in with Beautiful Flooring Direct.

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A Window of Opportunity for Force Customers as Company Opens its Doors

Force 8, the windows and doors specialist in Hazel Grove and Timperley, are due to open their doors from the 21st September to the 23rd September to show all potential trade and domestic customers what they can offer.

Value for money in the home improvement sector is vital for everyone and Force 8 is inviting all customers to come and see for themselves how good the company is and, more importantly, what you get for your hard earned pound. Since the company was founded in 1988, Force 8 has been supplying a range of products including composite doors such as fire doors and bi folding doors, as well as windows and conservatories.

Dennis Sumner, Managing Director of the company said, “We have always offered our customers a range of high quality products but we wanted to show them exactly what they are buying and give them the opportunity to have a look behind the scenes.

“We really hope that all domestic and trade customers will come and visit us during the 3 days to get a feel the types of products we have available.”

Force 8 is hoping to gain significant interest in their range of products, including conservatory roofs in both glass and polycarbonate. The company pride itself on using energy efficient glass which has its benefits for the customer as they can save money on their utility bills.

One of their best selling products is their bi folding doors with integrated blinds; unlike others on the market, the blinds are built into the door which ensures the blinds to not get stuck when you fold them out.

If you can get to Hazel Grove during the next few days or live in the area, go and visit the showroom and see if you can improve the look and feel of your home with Force 8.

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Brits Enjoy Best Choice of Home Improvement Companies Thanks to Local Search is helping more UK consumers to source the perfect locally-based home improvement company thanks to the website’s dedicated local search facility.

Powerful local search capabilities like that available through allow consumers to quickly and conveniently source the best locally-based home improvement company for their needs – whether they are looking for windows, solar panels or double glazing doors.

Peter Jakubek, Interactive Director at, says, “We are able to help our site users source the ideal home improvement company in their vicinity thanks to the power of our local search functionality. We want to help UK consumers continue to learn the lessons of unscrupulous traders – there are far too many cold-callers and dishonest suppliers around these days.”

“Our site and local search functionality only ever offer our users approved companies which have adhered to our strict standards and guidelines. Local search has helped us to build lots of new business and leads recently, with suppliers listed able to give quotes on everything from standard patio doors through to sash windows prices.”

Google continues to dominate the online local search sector, and is being joined by other services this year including those offered by Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Companies are today aware that local search gives them enhanced exposure and access to new customers all over the country.

Peter Jakubek goes on, “Local search has helped us to build our own business and to offer better, approved companies to our users. Consumers know that they can trust to put them in touch with the most trustworthy local suppliers in the home improvement space – for all solutions from standard windows through to even triple glazing.” reports that consumers are now more aware of the tricks utilised by rogue salesman and cold callers, and third party recommendation is enabling them to make more informed choices of suppliers.

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American Verified Home Inspections Help Make That Buying Property a Solid Investment

American Verified Home Inspections, a team of experienced and dedicate cincinnati home inspector professionals are continuing their mission to help every home buyer make the right decision, by stressing the importance of a thorough and effective pre-purchase home inspection.

The company claims that, when buying a home, choosing the right home inspector is just as vital as choosing the right financial planner.

That’s why the company carry out only the most thorough of inspections and provide each client with a detailed report of their findings.

Their experience covers all aspects of home inspections, allowing them to advise both buyers on any type of property – whether new or old.

As the company preach, a thorough home inspection will give any buyer peace of mind, and safeguard their investment:

“I recognize that the home buyer of today is more knowledgeable and demands the best in professional Home Inspectors. The time worn techniques employed by Home Inspectors in the past have become outdated in the age of the informed consumer. As a Professional Home Inspector I take pride in every property inspection and perform in and every Inspection report on” says the company owner.

The company’s services are certainly far reaching and valuable, making the prospect of hiring a home inspector attractive to even the most discerning of buyers.

To find out more about their services, and to book your home inspection today, please visit:

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Force 8 Calls On UK Homeowners To Beef Up Their Security With A Composite Door

UK composite door manufacturer Force 8 has called on homeowners across the UK to make sure their properties are safe from intruders.

Over 65 per cent of burglaries are attempted through doors and in order to beat the crooks, Force 8 has urged people to fit stylish, intruder-proof, composite doors.

After more than 20 years in the replacement windows and doors trade, the team at Force 8 has a wealth of knowledge about the best products on the market. And when it comes to doors, there’s only one product that meets the firm’s high standards – the composite door.

Managing director Dennis Sumner said: “Many people are unaware that uPVC panelled doors are made up in two parts, similar to a window. The frame is welded together and then a thin plastic panel is clipped in place by glazing beads.

“This panel offers no security. A few sharp kicks from a burglar makes the beads fly out, in goes the panel and in steps the burglar.”

Dennis speaks from experience. He has fitted doors for hundreds of customers who have been the victims of crime because their previous uPVC door couldn’t withstand pressure from a burglar.

He said: “One customer told me their uPVC back door was kicked in with alarming ease. We fitted a composite door and he feels safer now that his property is more secure.”

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Abbeygate Lighting’s Range of Garden Zone Outdoor Lighting Set to Inspire Garden Lovers

For garden lovers and landscapers alike, showing off the garden to the best effect with efficient and quality lighting has become a regular feature within a garden plan. Garden lighting is an essential element which will enhance the best “room” in your house. The warmth and beauty that this home lighting can create will only be appreciated if the scheme is designed correctly. However, finding the right lighting solution has, until now, been problematic.

Garden Zone aims to eliminate this by offering a wide and versatile selection of high quality, flower beds, trees, pathways or decking.

Garden Zone is a brand of landscape and garden lighting, which will fulfil all the needs of the gardening enthusiast, landscape designer or contract specialist. Having developed a product range designed with quality and light performance as the first priority, this collection of fittings offers the broadest and arguably the best quality selection available.

Sarah Gooch, Director of Abbeygate Lighting Online Ltd, says, “Whether you have a small courtyard or a large garden, outdoor lights can be used to maximise the real “living room” of your home. Your garden can come to life, whether lighting trees and shrubs, using path lighting, pond lighting or deck lights.”

Time spent planning your lighting scheme will enhance your garden’s best features. Concentrate on the most attractive features, such as a specific plant or water feature, don’t just light everything in sight. Knowing how the trees and shrubs are going to mature is essential when considering whether to illuminate or not.

Sarah points out “Think practically – light up steps and paths for safe access and combine with security lights. Avoid positioning lights so that they shine onto a neighbour’s window.”

The majority of fittings within the Garden Zone range use LED lamps. Typically the single 1 x 1.6W give out 120 lumens of light (equivalent to a 15W incandescent bulb) and the 3 x 1W units give out 240 lumens (equivalent to 30W incandescent or 20W halogen bulb). However, normal lamps have a very wide beam so the light is much less intense. LED on the other hand is a much better projector so is much more intense over a lesser area, which is ideal for lighting in the garden.

Using the excellent low voltage plug & go system allows a large number of fittings to be connected together over a distance of up to 50 metres. Furthermore, all the fittings within the plug & go series use high power LED light sources, which have very good light output properties alongside exceptionally low energy consumption. There is a complementary range of 240V energy efficient models in matching designs as well as range accessories to ensure the widest possible choice.

At, a wide and varied range of contemporary and traditional lighting can be found – wall lighting, ceiling lights, crystal chandeliers, bathroom lighting and outdoor lighting, as well as departments dedicated to ceiling fans, table lamps and floor lamps.

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Ligne Roset is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Wanted Design NYC

Ligne Roset is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Wanted Design NYC, a fresh and exciting addition to Design Week, held in New York City. This creative platform for international designers, architects, and manufacturers to discuss and share exciting, inspiring and innovative ideas will take place from May 13 through May 16.

Ligne Roset will be honored by the presence of Philippe Nigro, who will present some of his pieces introduced earlier this year at IMM and Maison et Objet.

Creations designed by Philippe Nigro include Inseparables and T.U., and some of the new pieces making their debut Stateside will be Passio, Cuts and Stripes. Inseparable is a multifunctional piece which can act as a sofa end table, seat or simply a foot rest. The table can be slotted into the footstool or kept separately. The T.U. table also demonstrates a versatile quality as it has reversible top panels which can be flipped to show different materials and colors or can be altered in terms of width and height to suit the room or occasion. The sofa Passio is the introduction to our new outdoor collection. Its inventive design was conceived for indoor living, but the choice of materials allows it to be enjoyed outdoors. Nigro’s signature themes of intersections and interlocking elements are apparent in the arms and back. His passion for repetition and variation continues with the bookcase Cuts and with the pendant lamp Stripes.

In conjunction with Wanted Design, Ligne Roset’s Soho showroom will decorate its window with Ploum, one of the most exciting pieces to come out of IMM Cologne 2011. Designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, this will mark the first time Ploum will be seen in North America.

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Rent Builtin Appliances for FHA Appraisals

Guaranteed Home Inspections inspects homes in all counties in Southern California – Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, San Diego and Los Angeles.

Rent Builtin Appliances for FHA Appraisals

Many homes that are inspected are missing builtin appliances. FHA lenders are now requiring that homes that originally had builtin appliances MUST have them operational at the time of the appraisal. If they are not in place and working the appraisal cannot be completed.

GHI is now offering to install builtin range tops in kitchen counters and builtin ovens in kitchen cabinets to facilitate appraisals. These can be installed within a few days notice and can be left in place through the close of escrow to comply with the lender’s expectation.

The cost is $100 for clients who choose GHI to inspect the house. If the inspection cannot be included, the cost is $200 which includes the labor to install and the labor to remove after close of escrow. This price includes both a counter top range and a cabinet mounted oven. Due to the cost of labor to install and remove, discounts cannot be given for rental of just one of the two. These appliances are not new and are not expected to be the buyer’s choice for life. In fact, in kitchens with double oven cabinets, only one rental oven is installed because that is all that is required by FHA lenders and appraisers. Open space above or below is closed off by a temporary but presentable cabinet face.

Authority to install and right to remove must be obtained from the seller or the seller’s listing agent. Payment may be made by either the selling party or the buying party. Payment may be made by cash, check, credit card or PayPal and is due in full at time of installation.

For more information see the Guaranteed Home Inspections web site,

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Home and Garden Consumers Now Have a ‘Fitting Room’ for Trying On Products with this Free Website

Visual Applications, Inc., a developer of visualization software applications for the home improvement and landscape industry, recently launched, an interactive community for home and garden enthusiasts and businesses alike.

Home and Garden Consumers Now Have a 'Fitting Room' for Trying On Products with this Free Website

Termed the Home and Garden Hub, Showoff brings products straight to the homes of interested customers where visitors can shop for ideas, products and services from the comforts of home and receive support from experts in the home industry.

Consumers “try on” products using the Visualizer, a free online tool that allows users to upload their own photographs to visualize any home improvement project in minutes including landscape, remodeling and interior design projects.

Showoff provides a place for contractors, manufacturers, dealers and designers to showcase their products and services for users to browse in places like the Product Showcase and Portfolio Gallery. Landscape and remodeling contractors, designers, and other industry professionals can get in front of a captive audience by uploading photos of their own work into the Portfolio Gallery for customers to peruse.

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More Real Estate press releases Releases The Latest In Damp Proof Membrane Technology

Online home improvement price comparison site has responded to customer demand and the UK weather with the launch of a value for money damp proof membrane for their online customers. Offering essential home improvement products like this damp proof membrane is the next logical step for Local Quoter, who already provide customers with competitive quotes for home improvement needs from hundreds of suppliers. Releases The Latest In Damp Proof Membrane Technology

“We have already established ourselves as a leader in supply and fit price comparison online and demand from our new and existing customer base is now also for value for money home improvement products – hence the launch of this damp proof membrane”, says Les Yates of Local Quoter.

Damp proof membrane is used to form a horizontal barrier within a wall to prevent damp rising from the ground up through the structure. UK householders whose properties have not already got damp proof membrane installed are recommended to do so to keep their homes safe from the threat of rising damp. Rising damp is a particular problem in the UK due to the high rainfall levels and resulting ground water.

Local Quoter offers competitive prices on supply and fit needs by comparing quotes from hundreds of suppliers and can now also offer customers the best value for money on essential home improvement products such as the damp proof membrane.

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Don’t Be Caught Cold By Another Freezing Spell

When the country found itself in the icy grip of winter last month, many people reached for their central heating thermostats to turn them up. And while that might have warded off the immediate chill, home services comparison website says many householders will soon be paying the price for keeping themselves warm as the next energy bills land on the doormat.

Don't Be Caught Cold By Another Freezing Spell

It’s at times like these, too, when lots of good intentions regarding using less energy to help cut down our CO2 emissions go out of the window. So next time we feel an icy blast, everyone can be better prepared – and will reduce their carbon footprint – by having the latest, most energy-efficient windows and doors fitted.

“Having windows and doors manufactured to the most up-to-date standards fitted in the home is an investment which pays off immediately in helping cut energy use, and reducing heating bills,” says Les Yates of LocalQuoter. “Modern, state-of-the-art windows are made from glass which contains an invisible metal coating between the panes. This reflects the heat back into the home, and keeps it warmer in winter and cooler in the summer,” he adds.

LocalQuoter helps householders find the best company to supply and install the latest double-glazed windows and doors and passes cheap double glazing quotes on to the customer. It chooses companies based on personal recommendation, so if a firm uses the latest materials, and customers see the savings, then they are likely to be rewarded by gaining more recommendations.

And the benefits for homeowners in having the most efficient windows fitted are both short and long term. “Upgrading windows and doors has double benefits, in bringing cost savings, and making a home look much more attractive, which will help substantially in increasing its value,” Les Yates added.

Getting old windows replaced with double glazing at any time is a sensible idea. But getting it done before the cold weather bites again not only makes sense – it will make people better off in the long run.

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Tu Bloom Designs Livens Up The Gift Lounge At This Year’s 52nd Annual Grammy Awards

On January 31, 2010, the world will watch the 52nd Annual GRAMMY ® Awards. For the three days leading up to Music’s Biggest Night ®, Mr. Tu of Tu Bloom designs will be the featured floral designer at the official backstage Gift Lounge. Distinctive Assets felt he was the right designer to beautify this year’s Lounge with an elegant grand entrance piece along with vibrant table pieces. Tu Bloom will also be providing GRAMMY presenters and performers a gift card so that they too can experience the power of an enchanting garden.

Since he was 8 years old, Mr. Tu, president and owner of Tu Bloom Designs, has been captivated by the life inside of a garden. He has a natural talent for envisioning a magnificent design and bringing it to life by catering it to the gardens owners’ lifestyle. He brings colors and textures together that simply take your breath away.

Tu Bloom Designs Livens Up The Gift Lounge At This Year's 52nd Annual Grammy Awards

Tu Bloom, founded in 1998, has grown to be a nationally known garden design corporation. Servicing Chicago , Los Angeles , New York and Miami , Tu Bloom can enrich anyone’s home, garden or landscape. They offer their service all year round for every season because a lively rich garden should never die. You can contact Tu Bloom for your beatification needs at

The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards will be held on January 31, 2010, at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles and will be broadcast live in high definition TV and 5.1 surround sound on the CBS Television Network from 8 – 11:30 p.m. (ET/PT).

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LocalQuoter, The UK-Based Price Comparison Specialist, Is Looking To Make Inroads Into The American Home Improvement Market

LocalQuoter, the UK-based price comparison specialist, is looking to make inroads into the American home improvement market in 2010 by establishing itself in Florida.

LocalQuoter, The UK-Based Price Comparison Specialist, Is Looking To Make Inroads Into The American Home Improvement Market

The company, which was set up in England in 2008, has just expanded to serve the whole of America, and intends to build on its reputation for finding the best deals for customers wanting sunrooms, conservatories, sidings, pergolas and replacement windows and doors.

Through an extensive network of suppliers and fitters across the US, the company puts customers in touch with the best tradespeople, whatever the job. LocalQuoter America has access to over 4,000 companies specialising in windows and doors and allows people to choose between 1,500 conservatory experts.

LocalQuoter’s presence in America will also allow customers access to more than 2,500 firms involved in building sunrooms. Having a sunroom adds a new dimension to your home visually, provides a great living space where you can relax all-year-round, and can significantly add to the value of your property when the time comes to sell up.

Another benefit of using an online comparison service is that once one quote form has been filled out, no more work is required on the part of the customer. They can simply sit back and let LocalQuoter do the hard work and find the best company to carry out the project such as sunroom quotes, windows and Pergolas as well.

Les Yates, boss of LocalQuoter America, said by going through the company’s brand new US website people can obtain no obligation quotes from reputable companies who have been accepted onto an approved suppliers list.

He said: “We’re delighted to have been able to expand our business to serve the whole of America and are confident of being able to replicate the success of LocalQuoter in the UK.

“Often when homeowners are looking to have work carried out on their properties they worry about ending up with a rogue trader. The beauty of a service like LocalQuoter is that every single one of our suppliers is vetted and has to conform to a certain set of criteria.

“We believe there is a gap in the market and people across the United States will welcome the arrival of a company that can act as a reliable and trustworthy source, providing them with honest, local tradespeople who don’t charge the earth.

“Our massive database of contacts across America’s home improvement industry allows us to ensure our customers get to choose from the best deals available and we can’t wait to help people start saving.”

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Popular Interior Design Blog ‘Homes Suite Homes’ Provides Inspiration For 2010

With the turn of the New Year comes the chance to give your much loved humble abode a fresh new look. The year 2010 is set to see Homes Suite Homes blog continue to supply the best advice and inspiration tips and trick to its loyal audience, making their journey towards creating their perfect home more exciting and adventurous.

Due to the current economic and environmental climate restrictions, more and more homeowners will be taking on the task of simple home projects to save money and improve their current space. Equally, others are sprucing up in preparation for placing their home on the market.

Regardless of the purpose, a fresh coat of paint remains one of the most economical ways to accomplish all three. No matter what paint color is used, homeowners continue to strive for comfortable, tranquil home environments.

The minimalist look is always a great look and it does not require a lot of effort in order to get it just right. We all like the idea of spending money on extravagant items now and again, and with the abundance of online home decor blogs there is a huge amount of style inspiration and design tips to be had. With all of these ideas at our finger tips, there are numerous ways in which we can add a touch of style to our homes with minimal effort.

Black walls for example strike many people as somewhat Gothic and dark slightly cold even, nevertheless innovative British architect Sir Edwin Lutyens was a fan of this look for 2010. He likes setting off the darkness of walls with crisp white woodwork and the occasional wild-card accent such as a selection of token sofas. You can heighten entrance hall ways and living rooms with semi-gloss black walls, a chalk-white vaulted ceiling, doors, and baseboards. Colour is definitely still an option, but keep it to a few token pieces For example, a deep red sofa would look great within the black and white living room setting. If you are dealing with smaller spaces remember that deep, dramatic colours don’t always make a little room look minuscule. Actually, dark walls can either make an interior seem larger by diminishing its boundaries or give it a sense of cosiness, and if you are lucky sometimes both.

Many are unsure about how to decorate their living room, but it is easy to get ideas f r o m magazines, websites and blogs such as Homes Suite Homes can also help you decide. Put together a scrap book, as this will help you plan your overall desired look. Being bold will be essential. If there is a lack of creativity it is worth trying to make the biggest piece of furniture the focal point of the room and keep everything else simple. If you are looking for value for money, put good effort into comparing prices but try not to forget that quality is important too. Accessories can make a huge impact, good and bad! For a smaller room, try the minimalise approach otherwise you can end up with the ‘cluttered’ look!

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Astute Investors Can Enlist Help Of Quality Tradespeople To Boost Returns

It has long been the case that investors have seen renovating and modernising a run-down property as a good opportunity to make money.

But in times like the present, when anyone who is still in the market for property can drive a hard bargain, such investments offer an even more appealing deal.

This is because, with good properties scarce, investors’ attention will increasingly focus on what is available lower down the market, where the potential long-term gains are greater.

Les Yates, of Bolton-based trade comparison site, LocalQuoter, believes that, with lots of tradespeople working at less than capacity due to the recession, there is also plenty of help and advice available for would-be investors.

“Competition is fierce among quality tradespeople, whose workload has slowed with the onset of the recession,” Les points out.

“So they have more time to advise on which improvements are needed to a run-down property, and which will bring potentially the highest return.”

Measures such as a new fitted kitchen, double glazing and a new bathroom always have the greatest appeal for buyers, and are one way to make money in a flat housing market, it has been claimed.

But with renewed emphasis on energy efficiency, any improvements which enhance a house’s energy-saving performance are also likely to bring good returns for investors.

Local Quoter can provide you with all the information you need to embark on any home improvment or enovation project such as Double Glazing QuotesCheap Double Glazing and Conservatory quotes.

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