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The NSRA Pointed Out That Adding Granite In A Home Does Not Make Any Significant Difference In Radon Levels In The Residence

With all the news about dangerous levels of radon being emitted by some granite materials, why would a stone restoration professional install one in his home?

Due to the recent issue of granite producing high levels of radon emissions, Josveek Huligar, of The Natural Stone Restoration Alliance, ( considered a plan to test for himself the effects and the results of radon emitting granite surface.

The over all feeling of the stone industry is that this marketing campaign against natural stone needs to be settled once and for all. Huligar will test his home for radon and radiation before the hot granite was install. Once the granite was installed, the home will be tested again; All testing will be done as described by the EPA. Mr. Huligar adds,”Some people that invested major amounts of money in granite counter tops found themselves ripping out the natural stone fueled by the fear of death lurking in their countertops. As of today, there is no proof that natural stone can kill you unless it falls on you.”

The members of the Natural Stone Restoration Alliance (NSRA) released its own research information that not only looked at the past and present studies, but also focused on the marketing strategy that was being used by the manufacturers that were responsible for perpetuating the scare. In the paper the NSRA pointed out that adding granite in a home does not make any significant difference in radon levels in the residence; and for this Mr. Huligar is will to but his fate in the hands of the NSRA research group, seen that they are asking the rest of the public to do the same.

The first task was to find one of these alleged radiated slabs. Mr.Tim Scarlata of Atlantic Granite & Marble ( a fabricator located in Rochester NY. Searched the country for a slab of granite that was considered “hot”. Mr.Scarlata was able to locate a slab that was emitting higher than normal readings and condsider dangerous acording to the sinence that all of this started over in the first place. Atlantic Granite & Marble supply not only found the slab but is willing to fabricate and install the counter top, all on video for the public to view.

The NSRA plan was testing granite for radon as well as working with independent studies to come to a true conclusion of this issue. The plan ultimately became a bit more extensive. Along with a collaborative effort of AirChek ( – The Radon Information Center a leader in Radon testing and mitigation and Atlantic Granite & Marble, an event was in the making.

Not only is the granite going to be installed in a residence that was tested before hand for radon emissions and after the installation, the process will be on a webcam for the public to monitor. The webcam can monitored at (

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Optima, the UK’s market leading partitioning specialist has vowed to completely cut waste to landfill out of their operations through recycling by 2010.

Optima, the UK’s leading supplier of commercial partitioning systems is paving the way to greener construction by promising to eliminate all waste to landfill from their operations by 2010.

Optima, (whose past projects have included supplying partitioning for clients at the Gherkin), plan to achieve this by using only materials that can be dismantled and recycled when they are no longer required.

Managing Director, Nigel Westray said, “We are examining every aspect of the supply chain to see where improvements can be made and are pleased to say that we have reduced our carbon emissions by 5% since the start of the year.”

Optima’s revolutionary partitioning solutions have been made from 98% recycled materials since the beginning of this year, now Optima wish to go a step further, ensuring each of its products can be fully recycled, eliminating waste to landfill and dramatically reducing the impact Optima’s activities have on the environment.

Westray adds, “Our products are installed in the offices of some of the most prestigious companies in the UK, companies who are totally committed to Environmental management, and it is only right that we meet or exceed their standards of environmental best practice”.

Optima’s environmentally ethical practices recently earned the company ISO14001 accreditation for its Environmental Management System and the company has also drawn up plans to make further emissions reductions across all sectors.

To find out more about Optima‘s superior and eco friendly office partions products and services please visit:

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Recent Falls In Fixed-Rate Mortgage Rates Have Given Both Homeowners And Homebuyers Some Hope To Housing Market

As house prices continue dropping and transaction levels reach a new low, financial solutions company welcomes the recent falls in fixed-rate mortgage rates.

Recently, falls in the cost of wholesale funding have allowed lenders such as HBOS, HSBC, RBS and Woolwich to reduce their mortgage rates, reports Times Online. These cuts may not be not enough to undo the increases we’ve seen since the onset of the credit crunch, but they could still indicate an important change of direction that potentially places the peak in mortgage rates behind us.

“The criteria for mortgages may still be strict, but it’s nonetheless encouraging to see mortgage rates coming down like this,” said a spokesperson for “Essentially, any move in this direction bodes well for the housing market, implying a return of confidence among lenders which should translate into greater confidence among would-be homeowners.”

Yet the drops do not benefit all would-be buyers equally. “With lenders determined to protect themselves against potential falls in house prices, the biggest drops are aimed at those with the largest deposits. Given the importance of confidence to the housing market, however, it’s important not to underestimate the potential impact of more attractive rates – even if they are only available to some would-be homebuyers, they could provide a much-needed boost to the market. The more lenders’ confidence in the mortgage market increases, the sooner we should see more significant drops in mortgage rates offered to those with smaller deposits.

“At the moment, of course, prices are dropping because of the problems in the mortgages market – they’re dropping because so many people simply can’t buy. Once mortgages become cheaper and more readily available, there’s a high probability that prices will level out or increase. Nevertheless, astute would-be homebuyers are fully aware that any increase in prices can’t take place overnight, and they’re saving up now to make sure they can move as soon as mortgage rates descend to a level they find acceptable – but before house prices start to climb once more.”

Among homeowners, two groups in particular are watching the mortgage news with great interest.

“Any homeowner thinking of selling their property today faces an unpleasant choice: sell now (if they can) for an average of 9% less than their property would have fetched at the peak of the housing market in October 2007, or wait and hope the market improves. For them, any drop in mortgage rates is good news, as it might increase the number of potential buyers – and the more buyers there are, the more likely we are to see a recovery of some kind in the housing market.

“At the same time, the rising cost of mortgages has hit anyone looking to remortgage – because they’re coming off their existing fixed-rate mortgage, for example, or consolidating their debts. This news about falling mortgage rates may be particularly significant for people in this group, as so many of them find themselves forced to act within a certain timeframe. For them, ‘wait and see’ simply isn’t an option.”

Think Money ( are a financial solutions company based in Salford Quays, Manchester. The company specialises in a range of financial services, including mortgages, loans, debt help and advice (including debt management plans, IVAs, and debt consolidation).

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New LudoSlate™ Line Meets Consumer Need For A Slate Alternative That Will Not Curl Or Fade Over Time

Driven by customer demand, Ludowici has introduced a new offering that combines the advantages of natural clay and the beauty and aesthetics of slate.

Ludowici engineers have designed an innovative product that is lightweight (less than 600 lbs per square), fully walkable (with a breaking strength of over 400 lbs), and has all the beauty and color of traditional slate at a cost that is competitive with less dependable, mass market composite products, but with the added benefit of a 75 year warranty from a company that has been in operation in the United States for 120 years!

The color range for LudoSlate™ is the broadest on the market—a broad array of colors and blends that cover all of the classical ranges of slate, but unlike mined slate, LudoSlate™ will be able to consistently repeat the colors over time. In addition, the LudoSlate™ line includes LudoSlate Premier™ with varied widths available for those that prefer a more random appearance.

About Ludowici: Ludowici Roof Tile is an American based manufacturer located in southeastern Ohio that has been in continuous operation since 1888 mining rich Ohio clays to manufacture a wide variety of top of the line clay roof products.

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NSD Maps supplies real-time tracking for every new street location built throughout the United States and Canada

Because of the booming growth in the housing industry for new housing construction, companies are buying mapping data to get an accurate picture of neighborhood boundaries to keep their mapping software and databases up to the minute.

Due to the considerable amount of newly minted new street locations produced every year by new housing developments, the innovative system of mapping data by NSD Maps assures a constant stream of potent new street and boundary data for every update.

“When you consider that there are approximately 7,000 new housing developments constructed a year yielding over 45,000 new streets, the intelligence of a clean database of new street data is immeasurable,” states Joe Herskowitz, VP of Sales & Marketing. “Every piece of mapping data about new street locations provides an essential part of a larger puzzle. If one address range is missing, then the end product is incomplete and unreliable.” With unbelievable accuracy, NSD Maps uses geospatial vector images to display the integrated new street data for newly constructed housing developments for the past four years as well as those currently under construction.

As the premium aggregator of mapping datasets, NSD Maps employs state-of-the-art technology to provide targeted new street data to upgrade geographical datasets for mapping software. With the current expansion rate of new housing construction creating new street locations every day, NSD Maps supplies the exact layout of the new housing construction without delay. “Because newly minted streets resulting from new construction take 3-5 years to index into mapping software, the impracticality and loss of competitive edge of traditional new street data and boundary data is immense in a high tech world thriving on real-time data,” notes Joe Herskowitz, VP of Sales & Marketing. Due to the sheer volume of new streets created in the United States and Canada every year, numerous companies are struggling to preserve out-of-date map datasets or spending vast amounts of time on the upkeep of new street data.

NSD Maps gives clients the edge over their competitors by using innovative technology to deliver mapping data updated bi-monthly with reliable information. NSD Maps provides mapping data about new street locations that is never over two weeks old. With data outputs that include builder’s name, email address, and the number of homes in an area, NSD Maps provide the structure and platform of dependable mapping data for many thriving web based mapping technologies.

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Datamap Intelligence is transforming the way companies use demographics for marketing

Due to the explosion of new home construction in the United States, the best market predictor of demographic trends is represented by the number and type of future homes in an area. While most companies buy data from an unreliable third party resource, the DATAMAPi online application provides clean demographics data collected directly from the original source to give clients exclusive, fresh data unavailable to competitors.

By measuring the pulse of the new housing markets, small companies determine expansion goals and large companies, such as Wal-Mart and Target, thrive on “in the know” data to promote retail site selection at future growth spots. The DATAMAPi online application, integrated with Microsoft Virtual Earth, allows clients to set any number of marketing filters to pinpoint a precise picture of the future demographics of an area according to a robust data mapping of new home locations.

“When companies can predict future demographics by gauging the growth of an area according to new home construction, then they can make informed decisions with projection reports including product marketability, size of employee pool, and retail site selection,” notes Sarah Thau VP of marketing and sales at DATAMAPi. Using a dataset to follow the thousands of houses built each year from the top 200 builders in the United States, the innovative DATAMAPi online application provides more than just a map of new homes. The online application, with the best features of Microsoft Virtual Earth, empowers companies to overlay data mapping results onto an interactive map to chart patterns, follow up on the progress of an area, and track initiatives for the next growth spot according to performance. “In reality, the DATAMAPi online application is the difference between hind sight and vision,” states Ms. Thau “While hind sight might be 20/20, you do not get to adjust your course until after a mistake.”

By showing companies where builders are constructing new home locations, the DATAMAPi application essentially creates a “future demographic” layout of any given area. “The tool proved invaluable when attempting to grow to new unknown markets,” stated Jennifer Michaels VP of business development at Land Barron, LLC. “We were able to get a good idea of where to look for properties before leaving the office.” Modernizing the face of marketing demographics, the dynamic DATAMAPi online application offers clients real time data mapping of new home construction to forecast timely, efficient market projection reports by establishing demographic trends for new home locations.

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Welcome to EPR Real Estate News

Welcome to EPR Real Estate News

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