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NSD Maps supplies real-time tracking for every new street location built throughout the United States and Canada

Because of the booming growth in the housing industry for new housing construction, companies are buying mapping data to get an accurate picture of neighborhood boundaries to keep their mapping software and databases up to the minute.

Due to the considerable amount of newly minted new street locations produced every year by new housing developments, the innovative system of mapping data by NSD Maps assures a constant stream of potent new street and boundary data for every update.

“When you consider that there are approximately 7,000 new housing developments constructed a year yielding over 45,000 new streets, the intelligence of a clean database of new street data is immeasurable,” states Joe Herskowitz, VP of Sales & Marketing. “Every piece of mapping data about new street locations provides an essential part of a larger puzzle. If one address range is missing, then the end product is incomplete and unreliable.” With unbelievable accuracy, NSD Maps uses geospatial vector images to display the integrated new street data for newly constructed housing developments for the past four years as well as those currently under construction.

As the premium aggregator of mapping datasets, NSD Maps employs state-of-the-art technology to provide targeted new street data to upgrade geographical datasets for mapping software. With the current expansion rate of new housing construction creating new street locations every day, NSD Maps supplies the exact layout of the new housing construction without delay. “Because newly minted streets resulting from new construction take 3-5 years to index into mapping software, the impracticality and loss of competitive edge of traditional new street data and boundary data is immense in a high tech world thriving on real-time data,” notes Joe Herskowitz, VP of Sales & Marketing. Due to the sheer volume of new streets created in the United States and Canada every year, numerous companies are struggling to preserve out-of-date map datasets or spending vast amounts of time on the upkeep of new street data.

NSD Maps gives clients the edge over their competitors by using innovative technology to deliver mapping data updated bi-monthly with reliable information. NSD Maps provides mapping data about new street locations that is never over two weeks old. With data outputs that include builder’s name, email address, and the number of homes in an area, NSD Maps provide the structure and platform of dependable mapping data for many thriving web based mapping technologies.

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