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Large Japanese property corporation entered the Australian & NZ serviced Apartments/accommodation Industry


Sydney, Australia, 2017-Feb-01 — /EPR REAL ESTATE NEWS/ — Daiwa Living Management Co. Ltd (DLM), one of the largest Rental Hosing management companies together with Cosmos Initia Co, Ltd (CI), a Residential Developer in Japan, have jointly purchased 75% of Waldorf Australia and New Zealand Group.

Waldorf is a privately owned company which commenced operations in Sydney in 1982. Since then, the business has grown to more than 1,500 apartments and operates in Sydney, Central Coast, Canberra, Leura, Geraldton, Perth and Auckland.

Waldorf is currently one of the largest Serviced Apartment operators in Australasia.
DLM manages approximately 500,000 rental housing properties across Japan.

The Serviced Apartment business has undergone significant transformation in Australasia in recent years with almost all leading operators entering into ‘Joint Ventures’ with international operators.

DLM and CI are subsidiary companies of Daiwa House Industry Co. Ltd, the largest publically listed Construction and Development Company in Japan.

“The sale to DLM Group will bring forward our plans to further improve services and allow the business to expand significantly in the coming years.” said the Waldorf Group founding Director and CEO, Avi Rubinstein. He added that “We expect to grow our business to more than 5,000 apartments in time and this will greatly enhance our brand awareness and increase our competitiveness.”

“Serviced Apartments are an attractive alternative to Hotels as they offer spacious, high quality self -contained accommodation at reasonable prices and they are becoming increasingly attractive to domestic and international tourists as well as to the corporate traveller.” Mr Rubinstein said.

DLM has been seeking an opportunity to enter the Australasian market and is excited about the Waldorf acquisition. Waldorf is a well-established and successful business which is ‘scalable’ and presents DLM with an ideal platform to grow across many sub markets in both Australia and New Zealand.

The existing owners of Waldorf will continue their involvement in the business as Directors and their main focus will be to acquiring new properties for the newly enhanced group.


For further clarification, please contact Avi Rubinstein at

Avi Rubinstein, Waldorf Australia & NZ Group
110 James Ruse Drive,Rosehill, NSW 2142
Tel 02 88378000


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US Residential Asset Fund launches as REO-to-Rental fund

US Residential Asset Fund, LLC (, implemented a unique strategy by launching as an REO- (real estate-owned) to-Rental fund. Christopher J. Crippen, the Fund’s manager, announced, “We put together a strategy that allows us to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities available in the REO-to-Rental markets and to support the communities we invest in.

US Residential Asset Fund’s investment strategy is focused on acquiring, renovating, leasing, managing, and exiting distressed single-family properties in multiple U.S. metropolitan areas. Tenants have the option to rent the properties with a “contract for deed,” paving the road to homeownership for those who otherwise would be lifelong renters. The tenants work with the Fund’s strategic partner, Sagamore Home Mortgage, to resolve their credit challenges, qualify for a mortgage, and purchase the home they are renting.

Mr. Crippen, an industry expert, explained, “This is really a unique Fund. We can do something good for the communities we invest in, enable our tenants to become homeowners, and provide double-digit returns for our investors. It’s a win-win-win strategy, which is hard to find in this market. I am proud to be a part of it.”

US Residential Asset Fund was founded by Mr. Crippen, Dana Bradley, Al Espinoza, Patrick Cipolla, and Amos Alexander. Focusing on the $3 trillion single-family rental market, the Fund expects to invest more that $20 million over the next two years, beginning with acquiring assets in the Charlotte, Memphis, and Chicago, MSAs. Phase two acquisitions will be in the Atlanta, Indianapolis, Tampa, Orlando, MSAs.

“My partners, Innotion Enterprises, Inc. (, and Performance Holdings (, have been operating in the single-family and REO arenas, and have built a world-class acquisition, renovation, and management platform uniquely designed for these properties,” Mr. Crippen continued. “We work with Sagamore Home Mortgage to work with our tenants to qualify them to purchase our properties.” Christopher J. Crippen formerly headed Prescient Asset Management’s FDIC ORE Disposition.

Mr. Crippen described how the program works, saying, “All of our properties are offered as ‘rent to own’ (RTO) to our tenants. This encourages homeownership in the markets we are investing in. Studies show that RTO tenants take better care of their properties than strictly rental tenants. The benefits are a more secure investment and the ability to give back to the communities in which we invest. It’s a win-win-win situation.”

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Bangkok Property World.Asia Is Ready To Establish Itself As An Excellent And Leading Site To Make It Possible For Buyers, Sellers, And Renters Of Properties In Asia To Find Each Other And Do Business Together

Bangkok Property World.Asia is proud to announce that we are bringing our successful real estate portal first seen in Bahrain at to Bangkok. Bangkok Property World.Asia is ready to establish itself as an excellent and leading site to make it possible for buyers, sellers, and renters of properties in Asia to find each other and do business together.

At Bangkok Property World.Asia, we are no stranger to success and we know what it takes to make property portals successful. In 2009, we won the prestigious Arabian Property Awards, part of the world’s most innovative and buzzworthy competition focused on identifying the most successful real estate professionals around the planet. We won the Arabian Property Awards for our work in the Middle East with our Bahrain Property World real estate portal.

Bahrain Property World’s success in attaining one of these highly desired awards indicates we have the skills and experience necessary to bring similar results and profits to our newest enterprise in Bangkok, Thailand.

It is absolutely free for every real estate company to register in order to list and promote their properties, and they can do so here and now.

What is this real estate portal about?

Bangkok Rental Apartments and Condos

Bangkok is easily one of the most extraordinary, enchanting, and magnificent locations on the globe, and it is certainly the place to be if you find yourself in Thailand. However, if you have never been to the area or are otherwise unfamiliar with it, you might have trouble finding the perfect rental or condo listing that meets all of your needs.

This is precisely why Bangkok Property World.Asia is here to help you. Through your research on our portal listing, you can figure out what kind of listing you are looking for, decide on the location that you find most important, and get a good idea of just how much it should cost.

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etc.venues Discard London Travel Worries

etc.venues, owners of purpose built luxury conference centres in London and Birmingham, are today reacting to suggestions London’s entire transport network will be affected during this summer’s Olympic Games; claiming organisers are ‘overly exaggerating’ the situation and ultimately discouraging travel in the capital.

With the Games fast approaching there are concerns London’s ageing transport network will be unable to handle increases in passenger traffic – leading to major disruptions and congestion on the capitals roads, rail lines and underground tube lines during the event.

Organisers are already exercising caution with advertisements scattered throughout the city urging resident Londoner’s and commuters to plan their journeys before using public transport networks. However Alistair Stewart, managing director at etc.venues, believes Olympic officials are only adding to existing visceral doubts over the city’s transport networks and goes on to claim only certain areas will be affected by the Games itself.

“ Of course there will be disruptions- that’s a given during such a popular event- but with all these exaggerated warnings of congestion, road grid-lock, etc., organisers are putting fans and commuters off travelling into London altogether .” says Mr Stewart

“ It won’t be busy everywhere . According to recent reports by Transport for London (Tfl) 70% of roads in the capital will not be affected by the Games directly. It’s a similar story for the London Underground: only 35% of stations have been identified as ‘busier than usual’ .”

“ The best advice is to take heed of the information given, consider route changes and re-time your travel plans if need be. ”

With ten London conference venues, etc.venues is considered one of the capitals leading training and conference producers. And despite the Tfl admitting that business in London is expected to drop by 20%, etc.venues is still opening its doors to clients throughout the duration of the Games.

“It’s business as usual for us. We want our clients to travel into London during the Games. Not only can they organise their events, they can soak up the amazing atmosphere and buzz created across the city.”

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Pall Mall Estates joins forces with

Leading commercial property provider teams up with, providing a new source of tenants for Pall Mall Estates’ nationwide property portfolio.

UK commercial property provider Pall Mall Estates has announced it has become a provider on, an online portal providing direct contact with business space operators throughout the UK.

Established for over three decades, Pall Mall Estates owns and manages over 5 million sq ft of commercial property valued in excess of £450 million, accommodating close to 300 tenants.

Tenants range from SMEs through to multi-national blue-chip organisations, with their premises situated in over 100 locations across the country.

As a provider on Pall Mall Estates will receive increased exposure to potential tenants, on the UK’s largest online portal for cost-effective and reliable commercial property operators. puts entrepreneurs and SMEs directly in touch with operators, with no middleman charges at all, with powerful on-site functionality to search for premises dependent on business requirements.

Barbara Sullivan, of Pall Mall Estates, said: “We are naturally delighted to become an associated operator on With its excellent reputation for a diverse selection of commercial property, we are confident our portfolio will have the right platform to connect with a new source of potential tenants.

“Our own customer-focused culture mirrors that of and we sing from the same hymn sheet in wanting to provide commercial premises for businesses to thrive.”

Pall Mall Estates – a leading provider of office space and industrial units, is currently offering a range of attractive offers for businesses looking to relocate, expand or contract. Reduced rent premises and short term let solutions can help businesses enjoy the benefits of a reduced initial rental period or a low-commitment tenancy agreement.

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NY Office Space in the 21st Century

In the course of adapting ourselves to the modern world, we have come to rely on the Internet as a physical entity, a space that “really exists,” as opposed to the skepticism and unfamiliarity that first accompanied the “dot com” explosion. For the most part, everyone has “their sites” – those pages you check daily when work comes to a lull, and whose familiar home screens provide a sense of stability and comfort. This is analogous to how (I imagine) it felt 50 years ago, when you walked into your neighborhood pharmacy and were met with familiar faces in a comfortable setting.

Unlike a physical environment, however, the internet is never truly static and unchanging – and the speed of change online is instant. A site rolling out a new homepage is equivalent to a full physical renovation to the entrance of a building – in our experience, change of this magnitude should not occur overnight! You should hear hammering and see the work being slowly, painfully, brought from a beginning to a well-deserved final result. While the speed of achieving results has been shortened to a matter of hours in a digital space, the amount of thought and trial-and-error that go into planning these instant results is almost unbelievable.

Jay Suites’ unveiling of a new homepage this week is a perfect example of how the“instant” change perceived by you, our wonderful web audience, was preceded by a staggering amount of work and collaboration, both within our company and with external experts. While there were no physical undercurrents of change visible to those on the outside, Jay Suites has been pursuing a more targeted web strategy, focused on making our online identity as personalized and approachable as we are in person.

“Jay Suites’ new homepage has been in the works for a long time, and making it live was one of the easier elements in the process,” said COO Jack Srour, the day after the homepage makeover debuted. “That’s really how we approach everything – all you see is the immediate result, not how much goes on behind the scenes to make it happen.”

In addition to the new user-friendly landing page, which includes easy access for new and existing clients to the sites’ relevant content, Jay Suites has been aggressively pursuing an increased focus on social NY Office Space media development. “It’s so important to personalize your company, and make your products and services relevant to your target audience – if our clients are on Facebook and Twitter, we need to be there, too,” emphasized General Manager Caitie Bucci.

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The Long-Lost Principle of Customer Service

In today’s world, word-of-mouth referrals have all but disappeared. Multitudes of websites offer peer and professional reviews of everything from restaurants to retailers, and cover any and all imaginable and reviewable points. Gone are the days when one exceptional dish was enough of a reason to trek to a friend’s favorite restaurant – unless, of course, it got a great review on Yelp for every possible applicable category (and then some)!

Jay Suites’ commitment to service is much deeper than a desire to rise to the top of every web-based ratings site possible. Our feedback (in our opinion) comes from much more expert sources than teams of reviewers brainstorming around a table; rather, we rely on our tenants to let us know what kind of a job we do every day. It is understandably difficult to run a restaurant that gets both good reviews and repeat customers – it is even more difficult to run a serviced-based organization where your reviews come exclusively from the same clientele base day after day. Our tenants are not just operators of their own business organizations – they are also our clients. Whether they are in their offices working away, using a conference room for the most important sales pitch of the year, or taking a much-deserved day off, we care that we are doing the best for them and their businesses. We strive to provide the best for every individual that we expect to walk in our doors every morning, and we do so without compromising the excellence of our products.

In the serviced office space business, one of the hardest days to get up and go to work is a day when a long-standing tenant is scheduled to move out. For the company that’s relocating, this is an amazing day – they’ve likely grown enough in size and revenue to build out their own office space and sign a long-term lease; this is the corporate equivalent of going away to college. For those of us that have helped these firms grow from their start-up days, and watched last years’ major crises inspire this year’s next big thing, these are bittersweet occasions. The “-sweet” side of these experiences are the realization that even as the boxes are loaded onto the truck and bound for a new prestigious address, we at Jay Suites are still in the process of marketing ourselves and impressing our tenants. It is the same commitment to excellence that made our clients choose us initially, and that we will bring to moving day. We’ve spent between six and 24 months watching businesses grow from shaky start-ups to major market powerhouses, and we are not about to stop providing the services and personalized support synonymous with the Jay Suites brand, simply because a business is no longer located in our space.

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NYC Flexible Office Space Provider, Jay Suites, Begins Tenant Spotlight Series

‘Jay Suites’ “Tenant Spotlight” series highlights the diversity of industries and companies that have made our business centers their headquarters. The vast array of corporate profiles we support is proof of the highest caliber professional services Jay Suites provides. Our business centers’ sleek decor, ultra-modern technology, and unsurpassed professionalism allows our tenants to save time and money and focus on what really matters: their business. Subscribe to our blog for future Tenant Profiles, and see first-hand the advantages in locating your company in one of Jay Suites
prestigious business centers.”

Founded in May 2008, BeautyBlitz is the world’s first entirely web-based beauty magazine – “first” and “best” are rarely synonymous, but BeautyBlitzis anything but typical: the site was rated the “#1” online beauty magazine by Weekend Today in New York. The staff of BeautyBlitz boasts over 125 years’ combined experience in the beauty and magazine industries – that’s right, one-and-one-quarter centuries’ experience is pumped into the content of Beauty Blitz daily! It’s no wonder that millions of women world-wide log onto the site to pour through product recommendations, insider tips, and posts from celeb guest-editors (notable past contributors include models Iman and Adriana Lima, reality star Bethenny Frankel, and actress Michelle Tractenberg, just to name a few).

Unlike typical women’s publications, a quick browse through the photo gallery of notable contributors shows women of every size, color, profession, and age. Where else can you find tips for taming the most unruly tresses (from the Branch sisters, founders of the famed Miss Jessie’sproducts), and then click over to tried-and-tested beauty advice from members of the U.S. Olympic team (from Allison Baver, speedskating, and Noelle Pikus-Pace, skeleton racing)? You got it – nowhere but here.

As if you need another reason to love Beauty Blitz, their across-the-board focus on results guarantees that BeautyBlitz readers need not worry about wasting money on pricey products boasting ineffectual promises. The editors test everything from drugstore mainstays to department store splurges, checking off every brand and price point in between. BeautyBlitz editors are frequently buzzing about “the next big thing you’ve never heard of” – and since many of their discoveries don’t hit the pages of mainstream magazines for months, they really are on the cutting edge of beauty news.

Polly Blitzer, founder and CEO of BeautyBlitz, is more than just a pretty face. This Columbia-educated entrepreneur gained experience in diverse disciplines before founding BeautyBlitz (among them: a stint in investment banking with Solomon Smith Barney, an editor at Marie Claire, and over six years’ as beauty editor for InStyle, where she is still a contributing editor). In addition to helming the website, Blitzer also founded “Kiss and Make Up,” a New York-based nonprofit providing makeovers to children with cancers. As often as possible, the editors at BeautyBlitz ship off boxes filled with brand-new beauty products to women’s shelters and hospitals in the greater New York-Metro area. Blitzer’s pragmatism and social savvy is evident in everything she does, including her desire to give back: “Beauty doesn’t have to be superficial. Sometimes it only takes a swipe of nail polish to make a sick child feel like a princess – and that is beautiful.”

For more information on BeautyBlitz, including the latest product reviews and to subscribe to their blog, check them out at:

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Executive Suites Provider, Jay Suites, to offer Flexible, Furnished Offices in the Financial District

Downtown New York City. The Financial District. Wall Street. The Stock Exchange. Soon entrepreneurs and small businesses will be able to take advantage of a flexible, furnished office plan in the heart of the financial capital of the world.

Jay Suites has secured its fourth New York City location at 30 Broad Street in the Financial District, company President Juda Srour announced. The company is now scouting out sites in Chelsea and the Plaza District for more locations.

Jay Suites — a serviced office suite provider which rents out fully furnished office spaces to both corporate clients and small businesses — signed a 13-year lease last Tuesday with Gotham Holdings for the entire 14th floor of the 50-story limestone building at the corner of Broad Street and Exchange Place, which is adjacent to the New York Stock Exchange. The classic art-deco tower is at the crossroads of the world’s banking, insurance, and financial industries.

The 16,000-square-foot space will be fully renovated and ready for lease by December 1, Srour said. Rents will range from $800 a month to $4,000 for office spaces of 100 square feet to 2,500 square feet.

Jay Suites is a three-year-old venture run by brothers Juda and Jack Srour, the company’s CEO. “The space is ideal for both start-ups and corporate clients that need the prime Manhattan address, and a flexible office plan,” Srour said. He added,“30 Broad Street will open up limitless opportunities to companies who desire a base in the heart of the financial district.”

The company recently signed a 10-year lease for 16,796 square feet at 1370 Broadway, a deal which was finalized in mid-July. Though the space — the fifth floor of the 17-story building, between 36th and 37th streets — won’t be open until Nov. 1, several suites have been snapped up already. “People have expressed interest and we have pre-sold ten suites on Broadway,” Juda said. “We are very excited to open these new centers and to have such great locations steps away from all the main subway lines.”

Jay Suites’ other two offices, which are up and running, are at 369 Lexington Avenue between 40th and 41st streets near Grand Central, and at 2 West 46th Street at Fifth Avenue in the Rockefeller District. The business centers are fully furnished with secured Internet and phone access, as well a staffed reception area, conference rooms, copiers and a daily cleaning staff.

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Bruntwood Scores A Hat Trick Of Office Deals At Atria

Bruntwood, North of England commercial property company, has welcomed two new customers to Atria in Bolton and also let an additional 2,000 sq ft of office space to one of its current customers, MRH Solicitors Ltd.

Centric Sports Management has taken 575 sq ft and Best Practice Group has taken 400 sq ft at the building. MRH Solicitors Ltd, which specialises in personal injury claims, moved into Atria in December 2009, taking 3000 sq ft and following recent expansion plans now occupies 5,000 sq ft.

Mohammed Patel, Managing Director of MRH Solicitors Ltd said, “Atria is perfect for our office requirements and provides us with the flexibility to expand as our business expands. The building is very impressive, with an exceptional on-site customer service team, as well as being in an ideal location, just two minutes’ walk from Bolton town centre.”

Andrew Butterworth, Director of Sales at Bruntwood said “We’re delighted to be able to accommodate MRH Solicitors Ltd’s office requirement at Atria. This letting highlights the flexibility that Bruntwood offers in allowing customers to move seamlessly within our buildings, as their requirements change.”

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Bruntwood Purchase City House in Leeds

Bruntwood, the commercial property company has announced the recent purchase of City House in Leeds city centre marking Bruntwood’s fifth acquisition in the city in as many years.

Comprising 120,000 sq ft of office space over 12 floors, City House is situated above Leeds central train station and is currently in a shell condition having been stripped out by the building’s previous owners. Now, family-owned Bruntwood plan to work closely with Network Rail and Leeds City Council to regenerate this landmark building, incorporating Grade A office space and serviced office space to accommodate all sizes of business, and in addition there will be meeting and conferencing spaces for hire.

The acquisition of City House will bring Bruntwood’s total Leeds office space offering to 390,000 sq ft, spread across the buildings of West One, Hepworth Point, West Gate and 14 King Street. Currently, Bruntwood are running at 95% occupancy across the Leeds portfolio.

Like all Bruntwood buildings, City House will be both owned and managed by Bruntwood, with an onsite customer service team overseeing day to day management of the building. This ensures customers can focus on running their business.

Craig Burrow, Bruntwood’s Head of Sales and Development in Leeds, commented: “Bruntwood are delighted with the purchase of City House and we are looking forward to transforming and managing the building in the long term. With extensive experience of similar schemes in Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham, we’re confident that we can revitalise the building, enhancing the building’s existing infrastructure in what is without doubt, a fantastic business location in Leeds city centre.

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Rent Builtin Appliances for FHA Appraisals

Guaranteed Home Inspections inspects homes in all counties in Southern California – Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, San Diego and Los Angeles.

Rent Builtin Appliances for FHA Appraisals

Many homes that are inspected are missing builtin appliances. FHA lenders are now requiring that homes that originally had builtin appliances MUST have them operational at the time of the appraisal. If they are not in place and working the appraisal cannot be completed.

GHI is now offering to install builtin range tops in kitchen counters and builtin ovens in kitchen cabinets to facilitate appraisals. These can be installed within a few days notice and can be left in place through the close of escrow to comply with the lender’s expectation.

The cost is $100 for clients who choose GHI to inspect the house. If the inspection cannot be included, the cost is $200 which includes the labor to install and the labor to remove after close of escrow. This price includes both a counter top range and a cabinet mounted oven. Due to the cost of labor to install and remove, discounts cannot be given for rental of just one of the two. These appliances are not new and are not expected to be the buyer’s choice for life. In fact, in kitchens with double oven cabinets, only one rental oven is installed because that is all that is required by FHA lenders and appraisers. Open space above or below is closed off by a temporary but presentable cabinet face.

Authority to install and right to remove must be obtained from the seller or the seller’s listing agent. Payment may be made by either the selling party or the buying party. Payment may be made by cash, check, credit card or PayPal and is due in full at time of installation.

For more information see the Guaranteed Home Inspections web site,

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Bruntwood Starts New Business Breakfast Scheme

Bruntwood has organised a new ‘Breakfast by Bruntwood’ morning programme as part of its quarterly breakfast seminars held at the company’s most recent investment, the reinvigorated McLaren Tower.

The purpose of these new breakfast business meetings is to provide an appropriate scenario for officials at Bruntwood to discuss issues regarding the company, the projects it is involved in and developing within the region of Birmingham.

Regarding the future of the Midlands Business Breakfast, Chris Oglesby said, “We’re exceptionally keen to play an integral part in the city’s future and allied to our property plans for the city, these breakfast events are a great way to help integrate the business community further. Bringing a group of likeminded people together to discuss topics key to Birmingham’s long-term development will hopefully go some way to achieve this.”

The first of the new events proved to be a great success as Birmingham International Airport’s chief executive, Paul Kehoe, announced BIA’s response to the scrapping of Heathrow’s Runway 3, whilst renowned Birmingham architect, Glenn Howells added further insight into the city’s major transport issues and possible solutions, such as High Speed Rail 2.

About Bruntwood:
Bruntwood is a privately owned commercial property company with over 30 years experience of providing great offices. Bruntwood owns over 90 office buildings and has office space in Liverpool, Leeds office space, Manchester and also has Birmingham office space. Bruntwood provides office space, serviced offices including serviced offices in Birminghamvirtual offices in Birmingham and virtual offices in other cities, from one desk for one month, to entire office buildings for 25 years.

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Bruntwood Attracts Major New Customer To Halyard Court

Bruntwood, a North of England property company, has attracted the North West Collaborative Commercial Agency (NWCCA) to take 9,000 square feet at Halyard Court, in Salford Quays.

The NWCCA is a collaborative commercial and procurement organisation established by the National Health Service and drives improved procurement and commercial efficiencies across the North West health economy.

Blending public sector values with private sector ethos the NWCCA maximises the NHS’s enormous purchasing power, not just to save money, but also to improve quality, patient safety and reduce inefficiencies. Over the past five years, it has helped Trusts to achieve savings of more than £110 million which has been reinvested to further enhance the quality of patient care.

Talking about the collaborative, Michelle McCusker, the head of business and performance at the NWCCA, said “Our office requirements were specific. We were looking for good quality, cost effective, office space that was more economical than our previous arrangement and flexible enough to work with our contract dates and future expansion plans. Bruntwood has been more than helpful in accommodating our needs at Halyard Court”.

Halyard Court is undergoing extensive public realm improvements, including a new entrance leading directly to the Quays, as well as landscaping and signage works to provide the building with further prominence in the area.

Bruntwood are renowned for letting office spaces, serviced office spaces and virtual office spaces in the Manchester and the Greater Manchester area as well as across the rest of the United Kingdom.

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Bruntwood Attracts More Customers To Sale Point

Bruntwood, the privately owned commercial property company, has announced that debt management company, Harrington Brooks and Trafford Housing Trust have both taken up office space at Point Sale in Greater Manchester, with each company taking 16,375 sq ft and 21,110 sq ft respectively. This now means 80% of office space available at the property has been pre-let, three months before refurbishments are due to complete.

Bruntwood Attracts More Customers To Sale Point

Andrew Butterworth, Sales Director at Bruntwood said: “We are delighted to welcome these new customers. These deals truly reflect the high quality and cost effectiveness of the office space available and our ability to successfully accommodate business specific requirements.”

Sale Point is currently undergoing an extensive refurbishment to create high specification offices with a new entrance and reception on Washway Road in Sale.

Matthew Cheetham, Chief Executive Officer at Harrington Brooks said: “We’re impressed with the way the new works are shaping up. The new reception and entrance will provide an impressive welcome for our staff and visitors and we’re looking forward to taking occupation at the building this summer.”

With this 37,485 sq ft of offices secured, Bruntwood and retained agents King Sturge and WHR are now talking to other parties regarding much of the remaining 9,656 sq ft of office space.

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The Jay Suites Promise: Modern, Upscale Manhattan Office Space at an Affordable Rate

When Brian Akaka, a NYC-based developer and marketer of iPhone apps, launched his own business, he faced one major challenge: finding suitable office space. His low budget and 6-month outlook may have been perfect for a space in Queens, but Brian knew that networking and corporate image would be integral to his venture’s success. His company, Appular, needed the prestige of Manhattan.

Then he came across Manhattan-based executive space provider Jay Suites, which offered just what Brian needed: pre-built, ready-to-use office suites on flexible terms and at a comfortable price. The concept works for many other professionals, as well: attorneys, accountants, insurance agents, technology consultants, hedge funds, and any other startup looking to minimize costs and risk.

While traditional flexible office space and business centers have been around for years, Jay Suites seriously raised the bar on design, service, and technology. Every center has the marble floors, Venetian plaster walls, and sleek furniture that constitute the company’s signature look – and a head-turning one at that. Lease terms and office layouts are customizable, and all plans include a receptionist, kitchen access, and conference room time, among other amenities that cost upwards of $100/month at traditional centers. Other perks that Brian appreciated included high-speed internet, VoIP phones, teleconferencing, and advanced presentation systems with surround sound.

If you think these services come at a price, think again. Monthly plans start at just $1,000 – including utilities, furniture, and cleaning. And because the space is already built out, Brian was able to move in just a day after signing up. To top it all off, Jay Suites is waiving phone and internet fees for all leases signed through June 30.

It’s a proposition that caught the attention of many – including the hosts of WPIX real estate show Metro Residential, which recently featured Jay Suites in an episode about the office space industry. “What we saw in the market was a need for space suitable for small businesses,” CEO Jack Srour says. “And having our unique concept recognized by so many is amazing. We’re planning to grow [beyond the Grand Central and Rockefeller Center locations but still want everyone to feel at home here.”

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Letting Web Business Leads the Way with iPad Technology is the first UK property website to announce the development of an iPad application; to add to its property search offering.

Letting Web Business Leads the Way with iPad Technology

After the success of the iPhone and great buzz surrounding Apple’s newest creation – the iPad, Lettingweb has decided to embrace this new technology which is certain to take the UK by storm.

Apple delivered over 500,000 iPads during its first week in the US and has experienced an overwhelming demand for the newest must-have Multi-Touch screen tablet computer.

The Lettingweb iPad App will allow users to search for available UK rental properties in their chosen area with a few quick actions. The unique app will let property seekers to view the property’s particulars, Google map location and see an album of photos for the property before deciding to enquire directly with the agent. Users can also forward details to friends or add the property to a shortlist so there’s nothing for them to try to remember either. For the agent, the chances of receiving an enquiry are also greatly improved as it all happens instantly.’s, Marketing Manager, Mr Richard Matthews, said:

“As a technology business we are focused on providing the most innovative and practical solutions for our letting agent customers. As many home hunters currently use our iPhone App to search for properties to rent we decided to invest in the technology to make searching for a property even easier and faster with the release of the iPad. This should translate to even higher enquiries for our member firms.”

“The Lettingweb iPad App is due for release on the App store very soon. So far from our usability testing days we’ve had excellent feedback from several groups of home hunters who have tested the application. This technology is sure to be the next big thing in the property industry.”

Lettingweb’s statistics for 2008 and 2009 based on over 7,000 properties every month, show supply of rented accommodation in the first half of both years outstripped demand making it a tenants market. 2010 has seen the reverse happen with demand outstripping supply and as a result rental prices have increased suggesting a landlord market for beginning of the year, which would go against the trend for the past two years.

About Lettingweb
Based in Edinburgh, was established in 1999 and is now the largest marketplace for private rented property in Scotland with circa 6,000 properties to rent posted live per month through the majority of Scottish Letting agents (circa 300 member firms). Lettingweb has one of the widest selection of flats to rent in Edinburghflats to rent in Aberdeenflats to rent in Glasgowflats to rent in Dundee and flats to rent in Inverness in Scotland. Lettingweb also represents nearly 450 agents in the UK as a whole.

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Bruntwood Expands Its Serviced Office Portfolio In Manchester

Bruntwood, the North of England commercial property company, has announced that it is to open up a new floor of serviced office space at Manchester’s Centurion House on Deansgate. This will take its serviced office portfolio to over 1800 desks across Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Birmingham.

The new suites will provide additional cost efficient office space for small to medium sized businesses who want to be located on Deansgate, a high profile location right in the heart of the Manchester city centre. Customers in the newly developed space will also benefit from contemporary communal areas, onsite meeting rooms and a dedicated customer service team.

The building on Deansgate is owned and managed by Bruntwood and combines two floors of serviced office space alongside nine floors of conventional office space and ground floor meeting rooms.

Andrew Butterworth, Bruntwood’s Sales Director commented; “Demand for our serviced offices has always been strong. Our fully integrated office buildings where our serviced and conventional office customers work side by side have proven very successful, particularly in the current climate. This is because we can offer customers the ability to take short term serviced office space and then move into longer term conventional offices within the same building.”

The new serviced office suites will be available for occupation from May and the suites will be available to view from April.

Bruntwood currently proactively own and manage 90 properties across the cities of Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Birmingham, which are home to over 1,000 companies.

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Bruntwood Reports An Increase In Turnover Of 11.5% To £97m And Operating Profit Of 9.5% To £12.6m

North of England commercial property company Bruntwood has filed its latest set of accounts for the financial year 2009, reporting an increase in turnover of 11.5% to £97m and operating profit of 9.5% to £12.6m.

Chris Oglesby, Bruntwood’s chief executive, said: “Against a very difficult economic backdrop, I am proud of the way our team at Bruntwood have, once again, responded in delivering another very good set of results. Property values may have fallen in response to the investment market but the underlying fundamentals in our business continue to improve, as evidenced by the 9.5% increase in profit before tax up to £12.6m.”

Further to a full revaluation of the portfolio by Knight Frank in September 2009, Bruntwood’s fixed assets now stand at £912m. This figure is down seven per cent on last year and is the first time in the company’s 30 year history it has seen a reduction in its property values.

Chris Oglesby said: “Whilst a drop in our property values was not unexpected, our conservative approach to valuations at the top of the market has meant they have held up exceptionally well. Our September year end was at, what we believe, to be the bottom of the market. Since then, there has been a considerable rally in property values and I am confident we will see the value of Bruntwood’s portfolio grow again in our 2010 financial year. That said, more important to us as a business is income, the true value that we are creating via the lettings we achieve. In this respect, the business remains incredibly healthy with rental income being 216% of our interest costs.

“Our performance through the economic downturn, allied to the feedback we get from our customers and business partners, reinforces our belief that we have a great business model and a great team. 2010 is likely to be a year when Bruntwood start to invest again in expansion and we look forward to the year confident and enthusiastic with, as ever, our customers at the heart of everything we do.”

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Bruntwood Welcomes New Years Lettings

Bruntwood, the North of England property group, is enjoying a busy start to the year after securing four new lettings at the Cotton Exchange in Liverpool’s commercial district.

Lettings totalling 6,100 sq ft of office space have been agreed with HH Law, iProgress, Medicals Direct and MJP Justice at the Grade II listed building.

Medicals Direct, a health service provider to the insurance sector, has taken a 1,000 sq ft office on the building’s fifth floor. The company has also let a 3,000 sq ft suite in Bruntwood’s St Christopher House property in Stockport. Personal injury specialist HH Law has signed a three-year lease on a 700 sq ft refurbished office.

Web design company iProgress is moving into a 400 sq ft suite on the sixth floor of the building, upgrading from a 200 sq ft office. Law firm, MJP Justice is also doubling its space in the Cotton Exchange, expanding from 2,000 sq ft to 4,000 sq ft. Both leases are for three- years.

Colin Forshaw, head of sales at Bruntwood, said: “These new lettings mark another great start to the year for Bruntwood and we are pleased to welcome such a wide range of businesses into the Cotton Exchange.

“The building remains one of our most popular properties and we’ve worked closely with our tenants to ensure they have the type and size of suite that they need. Lettings to companies such as Medicals Direct highlight the flexibility that Bruntwood offers in allowing customers to move seamlessly within our buildings as their business requirements change and they look to up or downsize.”

Paul Hampson, director at HH Law, said: “The Cotton Exchange was the perfect location for our business because it’s crucial for us to be located at the centre of the commercial district and legal community, close to clients, the courts and partners.”

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