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Realter (Rltr) Approved As Official Title For Real Estate Professionals Worldwide

There is a new officially approved professional title for real estate practitioners — Realter. This word will soon find its way as new entry in the dictionary, and it will read as follows:

REALTER. Definition: [A patented service mark. Pronunciation: \\rē(-ə)l-tər, rē-al-tər\\.Abbreviation: Rltr.. Plural: Realters. Verb intransitive: Realteer. Verb present participle: Realteering. Verb past participle: Realteered]. Referring to real estate service practitioners who are registered in Realter Society and given extension of license by its patent owner. Realter and its abbreviation Rltr are exclusively used as professional titles before the names of members of Realter Society worldwide.

After 14 months of due diligence by experts in the Intellectual Property Office Philippines (IPOPHIL), the RLTR REALTER SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL 2011, its website REALTERSOCIETY.ORG, its service mark (logo), and manner of use were finally approved on 28 September 2012; and awarded with Trademark Registration No. 42011990441.

Real estate practitioners anywhere around the world, regardless of nationality, who want to use this prestigious Realter (Rltr) professional title may individually apply for extension of patent license by registering in Realter Society. The innovator defines the term professional practitioner as a service provider who does it for a living (for a fee).

Qualified to register are real estate financiers; agents such as brokers, salespersons, auctioneers, referral agents, buyer agents; dealers, short sellers, operators of for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) advertising facilities; administrators of condominium and subdivision homeowners associations; general managers of hotels, resorts, and golf and country clubs; registrar of deeds; educators; builders such as developers, architects, interior designers, construction consultants; valuers such as appraisers, assessors; documenters such as liaison officers, publishers of real estate classified ads, photographers; and scholars.

Realter Society members get the following rights: (1) the right to use the patented Realter and Rltr professional titles and logo, (2) the right to enjoy the award policy of Realter Society, and (3) the right to wear exclusive insignia products of Realter Society.

A person with a Rltr title before his/her name need not explain too much that he/she is in the real estate sector. The Rltr title bearer enjoys the automatic public perception that he/she is a real estate service practitioner.

Rltr title operates like a powerful slogan; it is short, easily said, catchy, and has quick recall factor. Since it is a new title, having it in your business card would trigger curiosity, then it becomes a conversation starter which can possibly propagate to customer inquiries that may open up a wide door of business opportunities for the Rltr® title-bearer.

Realter Society is designed solely as REGISTRY of the Rltr® title users. Realter Society does NOT offer real estate products (such as house, lots, condo units, burial lots, etc.) nor services (such as agency, appraisal, build consultancy, etc.). Realter Society has no intention to compete with the respective businesses and organizations of its individual members.

The individual membership registration fee in Realter Society is P2.00 per day, prorated from the day the person registers up to the general renewal date of 28 September 2022. Incumbent Assessors of Local Government Units and Regional Directors of Registry of Deeds are exempted from the membership fee.

The innovator of this new professional title is Rltr. John R. Petalcorin, born in Maramag Bukidnon PH in 1973, a product of the College of Economics and Management of the University of the Philippines at Los Banos, and a licensed real estate broker since 1998 specialized in pro bono consumer rights advocacy and peer coaching.

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Thracian Cliffs Golf And Spa Resort Bulgaria – One Of Europe’s Top 3 Golf Courses

Soon, Bulgaria will be home to one of Europe’s top 3 golf courses, in the form of Thracian Cliffs Golf and Spa Resort, which boasts an 18-hole Gary Player Signature golf course.

Thracian Cliffs Golf And Spa Resort

At the heart of the luxury mixed-use development is the Gary Player Signature golf course, located on 164-hectares of wild, scenic Black Sea coast terrain, spanning 4.5 kilometres of coastline and bestowing a truly exhilarating golfing experience with stunning sea views.

Mr Player cannot speak highly enough of the course. “I’ve been designing golf courses for a long time all over the world – in China, India, Africa, America – all over the world. And I must say that I have never seen such a beautiful golf course as this here.

I am certain that it will bring a lot of tourism to Bulgaria and I am confident that Bulgaria will become a favourite place for holding world class golf tournaments within the next two to three years.”

The Golf Clubhouse will offer casual luxury with a comfortable, sophisticated and inviting social atmosphere for golfers and friends.

The facility will include relaxing restaurants, an elegant bar and lounge with fireplaces and terraces overlooking the 18th green and seaside views to the Gary Player Signature golf course.

The Clubhouse will include workout facilities, indoor and outdoor pools with dramatic views in all directions.

Gary Player has the final word, “You will never see a golf course like this anywhere in the world. Never.”

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Astute Investors Can Enlist Help Of Quality Tradespeople To Boost Returns

It has long been the case that investors have seen renovating and modernising a run-down property as a good opportunity to make money.

But in times like the present, when anyone who is still in the market for property can drive a hard bargain, such investments offer an even more appealing deal.

This is because, with good properties scarce, investors’ attention will increasingly focus on what is available lower down the market, where the potential long-term gains are greater.

Les Yates, of Bolton-based trade comparison site, LocalQuoter, believes that, with lots of tradespeople working at less than capacity due to the recession, there is also plenty of help and advice available for would-be investors.

“Competition is fierce among quality tradespeople, whose workload has slowed with the onset of the recession,” Les points out.

“So they have more time to advise on which improvements are needed to a run-down property, and which will bring potentially the highest return.”

Measures such as a new fitted kitchen, double glazing and a new bathroom always have the greatest appeal for buyers, and are one way to make money in a flat housing market, it has been claimed.

But with renewed emphasis on energy efficiency, any improvements which enhance a house’s energy-saving performance are also likely to bring good returns for investors.

Local Quoter can provide you with all the information you need to embark on any home improvment or enovation project such as Double Glazing QuotesCheap Double Glazing and Conservatory quotes.

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Soon, Bulgaria Will Be Home To One Of Europe’s Top Golf Courses, In The Form Of The New Gary Player Signature Course, Which Is Part Of Thracian Cliffs Golf & Spa Resort

Soccer mad Bulgaria traditionally hasn’t had much time for golf, but that is changing as people realise that the Bulgarian climate would suit the golfing season perfectly- stretching it out to eight or nine months a year.

Europe’s Top Golf Courses

Nine years after the first golf course was built, Bulgaria is on the fast track to becoming an established world golf destination and the development of the golf industry would double the all-important summer season on the Black Sea coast.

The Government is also backing the drive to boost golf in Bulgaria and plans to develop the industry and attract an increasing number of upper-class affluent tourists. It sees the construction of golf courses as an alternative to the property boom on the Black Sea Coast and in mountain resorts.

Soon, Bulgaria will be home to one of Europe’s top golf courses, in the form of the new Gary Player Signature course, which is part of Thracian Cliffs Golf & Spa Resort.

The 18-hole Gary Player Signature golf course forms the core of the luxury mixed-use development which is located on 164-hectares of wild, scenic Black Sea coast terrain.

The Golf Clubhouse will offer casual luxury with a comfortable, sophisticated and inviting social atmosphere for golfers and friends. The facility will include relaxing restaurants, an elegant bar and lounge with fireplaces and terraces overlooking the 18th green and seaside views to the Gary Player Signature golf course.

The Clubhouse will include workout facilities, indoor and outdoor pools with dramatic views in all directions.

And just in case you find yourself on the golf course without your dictionary, here are a few useful phrases to help you get ‘a-round’….

‘Did you see where that landed?’
Видя ли тази топка къде падна?
Vidia li tazi topka kyde padna?

‘That is a horrible lie’
Това е ужасна лъжа.
Tova e uzhasna lyzha.

‘Surely that’s a gimme’
Тази топка е вътре със сигурност.
Tazi topka e vytre sys sigurnost.

‘This to go all square. No pressure.’
Резултатът от тази дупка е равен. Спокойно.
Rezultatyt ot tazi dupka e raven. Spokojno.

‘I didn’t touch it’
Не я докоснах.
Ne ia dokosnah.

‘No I definitely scored 4 not 5’
Не, със сигурност отбелязах 4, не 5.
Ne, sys sigurnost otbeliazah 4, ne 5.

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Bulgaria : On Course For Golfing Greatness

Considered to be one of the greatest emerging markets for worldwide property investors, Bulgaria is already a hotspot for skiing and sunbathing. Now, thanks to the massive pulling power of top quality golf courses, Bulgaria is on track to become a golfing phenomenon too. With global golf tourism worth over £10 billion, Bulgaria is bound to become a huge success – with a range of pursuits both on and off the course…


1. Big hitters, big names!

Bulgaria is fast becoming first choice for many UK holidaymakers taking summer or skiing holidays, and now it looks set to become a mini-paradise for golfers too, as developers invest heavily in building a number of prestigious signature golf courses in the country.

Soon, Bulgaria will be home to one of Europe’s top golf courses, in the form of Thracian Cliffs Golf and Spa Resort, which boasts an 18-hole Gary Player Signature golf course.

The course forms the core of the luxury mixed-use development and is located on 164-hectares of wild, scenic Black Sea coast terrain, spanning 4.5 kilometres of coastline and bestowing a truly exhilarating golfing experience with stunning sea views.

Being the first on site, Mr. Player had the privilege of situating the fairways along the edge of the land while the real estate had to take the back row overlooking the greens and the sea.

The Golf Clubhouse will offer extravagant golfer facilities, including restaurants, a Long Bar with fireplaces and terraces overlooking the 18th Green and the sea, a gym and indoor and outdoor swimming pools with stunning views.

Alongside Mr. Gary Player, several other big names are behind the boom in golf in Bulgaria – Ian Woosnam has designed three golf courses; Bankso golf course, the Ian Woosnam golf course and the Pirin Pine course and legend Jack Nicklaus is behind the Ibar Golf Club & Spa – his first project in southeast Europe.

2. The legendary nineteeth hole

Bulgaria’s all important Nineteeth Hole is buzzing – the capital Sofia boasts a bustling nightlife scene with numerous bars, clubs, live venues and “mehani” – traditional Bulgarian taverns. The restaurant scene in Sofia is also emerging as a culinary force within Eastern Europe.

You can enjoy a relaxing night out too – a pint of beer will only set you back around 50 pence!

3. A fair-weather destination – all year round!

Bulgaria boasts more than 2,500 hours of sunshine each year, with more than 300 during July and August alone. During the summer months, temperatures range from a balmy 23 to 30 degrees Celsius and you won’t have to edge slowly into the sea – the water will be warm and inviting.

The availability of reasonably priced direct flights to Bulgaria has made it easy for forward-thinking travellers to make the most of the country. Low-cost airlines fly 365 days a year to Sofia, Varna and Bourgas from many other European locations.

4. Royal and Ancient?

The game of golf may date back to the 12th Century, but you won’t be able to pass that off as the only bit of ‘history’ you enjoy in Bulgaria – not when there’s so much else on offer.

For thirteen centuries, the land of Orpheus and Spartacus has sparked Thracian treasures and burial tombs, magnificent frescos and ancient applied arts.

Along the coast lie the Aladzha rock monastery, the historic architecture of Nessebar and old Thracian Tombs. Bulgaria also boasts the most ancient copper mines in Europe, which date back to the 5th millennium BC and architecture from the late Bronze Age.

5. Feeling below par?

Pulled a muscle on the golf course or just feeling a little green? Soothe those aches away at one of the many thermal pools and spas dotted around the country, boasting mineral-rich waters with relaxation and healing benefits. The Chedi Spa at Thracian Cliffs would be the best place to recover your inner harmony.

The Chedi Hotel will comprise 60 suites and will have all of the facilities, amenities and services you would expect from a luxury boutique resort.

This Chedi hotel will manage The Chedi Suites, The Chedi Club Suites, The Chedi Residences and the extravagant Chedi Villas, each on its own secluded 2500 m² plot.

Once completed, Thracian Cliffs Golf and Spa Resort will be set apart from other resorts in Europe due to its architecture and interior design which will reflect contemporary Asian style.

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Balli Real Estate Sees Return Of Activity In UK Property Market

Balli Real Estate has revealed that fluctuations in the world’s currency exchanges and the fall in the value of sterling caused by the global financial crisis have once again made the UK’s property market a lucrative proposition for investors.

Recent statistics have revealed a rise in market activity and increased levels of mortgage approvals market as buyers return to the market after months of inactivity. This increase in market sentiment is not restricted to the occupational market and has been mirrored with an increase of investment activity.

Balli Real Estate, the private property company, has witnessed an increase in levels of interest in the UK market from domestic and overseas buyers during the first quarter of the year, as a window of opportunity, which opened with the fall of the pound against the world’s major currencies, has been spotted by investors.

Vahid Alaghband, group chairman of Balli Group, observes that the fall in sterling earlier in the year made the UK an attractive proposition for overseas investors and comments: “The relative weakness of the pound against other currencies and the fluctuations of the exchange rates are proving to be very beneficial to buyers from overseas, looking for new opportunities thrown up by the turmoil being experienced by real estate markets around the world. With low prices and yields at up to 10%, property has become a good investment again. In particular the housing market in the UK, of which around 50% is underwritten with government money, and with supply at record low we expect the market steadily through to 2014. The return to the market of competitive mortgages will prove a further boost.”

Balli Real Estate suggests that the pound’s relative weakness on the world’s currency markets will make the UK particularly attractive to buyers from the USA, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates.

Alaghband continued: “The argument for an influx of overseas investment is compelling when you combine a 30% fall in the value of the pound with, in some cases, a similar fall in property values. This inward investment is helping to bring an increase in liquidity to the market, which will be an important factor in the recovery of the residential and commercial property markets in the UK.”

Balli Real Estate expects that established and mature markets will prove particularly attractive to foreign investors as the fundamentals of location, accessibility and communications will remain key drivers for occupiers and investors.

David Reid of Balli Real Estate said: “The old adage of ‘location, location, location’ holds good whether the market is good or bad and the established and proven locations of our towns and cities will continue to draw occupiers and purchasers.”

“This has been witnessed at ‘Latitude’ our 172 apartment development in central Birmingham a short distance from New Street train station and the Bullring. Sales in the third and fourth quarters of 2008 were negligible but we have seen a steady increase during the first quarter of 2009.

About Balli Real Estate:
Balli Real Estate is a leading multi-national real estate investment and development company operating in the UK, the Middle East and other lucrative markets. In the United Arab Emirates the company operates under the Peacock Ventures Ltd brand. The company focuses on four key activities: fund management, joint venture developments, direct developments and bulk purchase investment, and is involved in some of the most prestigious real estate projects in the world.

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The Ivy Log Development group is proud to announce Union County’s first golf course community; Owen Glen

The championship golf course at Owen Glen was designed by world – class golf course Architect Denis Griffiths. With over 35 years of experience Denis has designed and built courses in Scotland, Thailand and here in the United States.

The Owen Glen community offers outstanding amenities for golf enthusiasts as well as those who want to lead active lifestyles surrounded by opulence and beauty.

Our Pre Opening Sale offers 27 premier lots many offering golf frontage, creek frontage and year-round mountain views Lots priced from the low $70’s to $250’s all to include a FREE 1 year golf membership Our Semi-private Championship 18 hole course is scheduled to open in the Summer 2009 The spectacular clubhouse is scheduled to begin construction in Early 2009 Golf memberships to include total access to our championship 18 hole 7500 yard course that may be played by cart or walking, designed to be enjoyable and an adventure to all, the golf course practice facility are unparalleled in North Georgia and will especially cater to the juniors and beginners Social memberships will include access to the fitness center, pool, tennis court, a snack bar and public meeting rooms

Call me today to schedule a private tour of this exciting golf community. Come experience the excitement of Owen Glen!


Bill Ruegge,


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Builder Superstore Have A Vast Range Of Interior Floor Tiles And Exterior Paving At Prices To Bowl You Over

It’s well documented – flooring is the most important surface in the home, but it’s suggested that not enough time is spent on finding the right materials. In the current climate of staying put it is worthwhile making an effort to spruce up your property for a nicer stay or to achieve higher yield from tenants. Builder Superstore offer interior floor tiles and exterior paving slabs at trade prices with next day timed deliveryand bulk discounts. Also the same day sample despatch gives specifiers and customers the chance to make a quick decision.

Currently Builder Superstore are offering trade customers an EXTRA 10% OFF when atrade account* is opened. Simply apply for an account when placing an order to receive the 10% CASH BACK.

An eye-catching floor can make all the difference to a home’s general appearance. Even shabby and tired looking properties can be turned around with a beautiful floor.

Lifestyle of residents and the design of home should establish the type of floor selected. The amount of wear the floor receives in each space should be calculated and materials chosen accordingly.

Using similar flooring throughout the house has been the trend for some years but this is getting boring and does not capture different needs from each room. Once again developers and DIYers alike are using different flooring surfaces for each living space. The key to this is selecting different options that have a common design element, such as a similar colour or texture. This will help the eye flow easily through the space.

Commonly transitional areas, such as entranceways, doorways and at the foot of the stairs, take a lot of foot traffic. With much prominence given to indoor/outdoor flow, interior and exterior flooring is often contrasted and visible.

Strong links are needed between flooring chosen for indoor and outdoor use. Rather than using timber decking outside and real wood flooring indoors with contrasting direction, it is more stylish to select an outdoor tile, which links to the interior via a complementary colour or similar texture. Builder superstore offer a wide range of quality tiles for both inside and out, with super savings to be made and orders before 12pm guaranteed next-day delivery.

Porcelain Tiles

Durable and hard wearing ensures porcelain tiles have longevity of appearance. Available in a wide variety of styles such as stone effect, and patterns from Builder Superstore, why not take advantage with the latest 10% OFF on all porcelain. Available for indoor and outdoor use, they create a seamless flow, are low maintenance and great for repelling spills and dirt.

Natural Stone

While still desirable, marblegraniteslate and limestone are extremely porous and need to be sealed. An authentic finish is created by using any of these materials and an added benefit allows them to be installed indoors and outdoors. Remember to use the different stone treatment products all available with Builder Superstore to ensure these items stay looking great.

Looking for Paving or Tiling? Speak to Builder Superstore

Builder Superstore is an online building supplies site that helps builders to get the supplies they want at great prices. With next-day delivery to most of the UK, a wide range of ceramic tilespaving slabsgroutadhesive and sealant, Builder Superstore can supply all of your tiling and paving needs. Offering secure payment facilities so the choice of tiles and paving ordered from Builder Superstore are done so with complete peace of mind. Browse the site, call us on 08000192 405 or emailcontact@buildersuperstore.co.uk.

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Builder Superstore launches a new underfloor heating product to help your tile floors feel luxuriously warm

The first thing to consider when tiling the floor of any room in a home is to pick the right size of tiling to fit in well with the overall size of the room itself. Of course, tiling comes in all shapes and sizes and this is something that isimperative to get right before you proceed with the tiling of a room. Generally speaking, tiling can be found in sizes varying from 1” up to sizes of around 2 feet so, it’s safe to say, you should be able to find a variety of tiling to suit; whether it is the bathroom, living room or kitchen floor that they are tiling. It goes without saying that they don’t want their choice of tiling to overwhelm the room completely which it is always a good idea to do research and speak to tiling experts beforehand who will be well versed in finding the right sort of tiling for all manner of rooms within the home.

Heat From the Floor Up

The installation of green technology doesn’t need to be restricted to just renewable energy. High efficiency systems such as underfloor heating require significantly less energy to heat a space than traditional methods. Scandinavian building techniques have used both wet and dry systems for many years and the UK needs to catch up as they are missing a trick! Combining low energy input and intelligent distribution of warmth is what makes energy work longer for less. When powered by a renewable energy source it achieves tip top energy efficiency for the household and the environment. Customers can potentially heat their home for years to come for little or no on-cost. Builder Superstore provide underfloor heating systems for domestic purposes currently however there are wet systems coming online in the near future. Current systems work on both wooden and concrete sub-floors and can be installed under any tiles.

Tiling – The Importance of Matching Décor

Few things can derail the style of tiling more than it being a mis-match with the décor that is chosen for the room. The décor of a room should be one of the first considerations when it comes to tiling a room. For example, if a room has a decadent feel, then tiling that complements this is necessary. Similarly, if a room is striving for a minimalist feel, there would be little benefit from installing highly intricate tiling that may well look out of place in a room that is designed with simplicity in mind. Tiling is all about complementing the features of a room and it is simple to find a variety of tiling that will more than meet customers’ needs.

Tiling – How to Maintain Tiling

Tiling is a fairly simple material to maintain and ceramic tiling is invariably the easiest sort to keep looking ship-shape. Tiling can be made to keep its clean and shiny surface for many years with the simplest of cleaning regimes and, in order to create the best visual impact, it is very important to keep tiling looking spick and span. That’s why we at Builder Superstore bring you the best tile maintenance products with our ultra grout and adhesive range.

Looking for Paving or Tiling? Speak to Builder Superstore

Builder Superstore is an online building supplies site that helps builders to get the supplies they want at great prices. With next-day delivery to most of the UK, a wide range of tiles, paving, grout, adhesive and sealant, Builder Superstore can supply all of your tiling and paving needs. Offering secure payment facilities so the choice of tiles and paving ordered from Builder Superstore are done so with complete peace of mind. Browse the site, call us on 08000192 405 or email contact@buildersuperstore.co.uk.

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Italian Real Estate Specialists, Realitalia And Their Restoration Partner, Sextantio Are Revealing The Secrets Of Medieval Restoration

Dedicated to the principle of protecting both the environment and culture of the thirteenth-century town, the teams are creating unique Italian homes that are historically accurate, visually appealing, and environmentally friendly. The current restoration in Santo Stefano requires a well-informed team of artisans to demolish and reconstruct these medieval buildings with historical accuracy.

The restoration of the medieval homes in Santo Stefano is centered on discovering and staying true to the original character of each property. Any element in the structure that does not conform to the structure’s original design is removed. This starts with an exhaustive undertaking to remove layers of inaccurate and unattractive refurbishments that have been done over the years. The team of workers searches behind doors and above ceilings to discover hidden niches and rooms. Once the building is stripped to its core, it is carefully reconstructed according to the original plans and upgraded with modern amenities that don’t detract from the ancient architecture. The end result is a true restoration with well-concealed modern comforts like under floor heating and low voltage electricity.

After restoring each building to its original foundation, the homes are individually furnished and decorated with antique furniture and fittings. This requires an exhaustive search throughout the local Abruzzo region for aged furniture and decorative pieces that reflect the local culture and traditions. These are restored and fitted for the home, creating a customized look within the home. This dedication to preserving local customs is also evident in the use of materials and furniture reclaimed from demolished buildings.

Realitalia was founded with the mission to provide customized holiday homes along with a management service that takes away the stress of owning a second home. Their one-of-a-kind homes are built within restored ancient structures and are designed to meet the individual needs of the owner. The company prides itself in its ability to restore these buildings using methods and materials that protect the environment and the culture of the local regions.

Santo Stefano is a small thirteenth-century town in Italy’s Abruzzo Mountains. The village has long been an important cultural and merchant center and is steeped in cultural traditions that are still evident in the residents’ daily lives.

Realitalia is the Homes for Pleasure boutique by Realinvest Ltd. This dedicated team is committed to create Homes for Pleasure in quality projects that respect local communities and the environment, located in beautiful, unspoiled, and in many cases undiscovered areas of Italy. The restorations are designed for those who are passionate about Italy and want to understand more about what the country can offer for the second home market.

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Optima, the UK’s market leading partitioning specialist has vowed to completely cut waste to landfill out of their operations through recycling by 2010.

Optima, the UK’s leading supplier of commercial partitioning systems is paving the way to greener construction by promising to eliminate all waste to landfill from their operations by 2010.

Optima, (whose past projects have included supplying partitioning for clients at the Gherkin), plan to achieve this by using only materials that can be dismantled and recycled when they are no longer required.

Managing Director, Nigel Westray said, “We are examining every aspect of the supply chain to see where improvements can be made and are pleased to say that we have reduced our carbon emissions by 5% since the start of the year.”

Optima’s revolutionary partitioning solutions have been made from 98% recycled materials since the beginning of this year, now Optima wish to go a step further, ensuring each of its products can be fully recycled, eliminating waste to landfill and dramatically reducing the impact Optima’s activities have on the environment.

Westray adds, “Our products are installed in the offices of some of the most prestigious companies in the UK, companies who are totally committed to Environmental management, and it is only right that we meet or exceed their standards of environmental best practice”.

Optima’s environmentally ethical practices recently earned the company ISO14001 accreditation for its Environmental Management System and the company has also drawn up plans to make further emissions reductions across all sectors.

To find out more about Optima‘s superior and eco friendly office partions products and services please visit: http://www.optimasystems.com/glass-wall-sustainable.php

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Natural stone paving is ideal for outdoors use

Exterior flooring is as much about quantity as it is about quality. Often procuring and specifying for outdoor jobs means a large budget and making sure the supplier has stock of the right stone and getting it on site at the right time.

Natural stone paving are ideal for use outdoors and are low maintenance. Limestone, travertine , granite and slate paving are all excellent choices. Builder Superstore carries stock of stone paving to suit contemporary garden plans and all with next day delivery and high stock holding. Also the same day sample despatch gives specifiers and customers the chance to make a quick decision.

Currently Builder Superstore are offering trade customers an EXTRA 10% OFF when a trade account * is opened. Simply apply for an account when placing an order to receive the 10% CASH BACK.

Drawing inspiration from extensive travelling can offer excellent outdoor spaces to add value and space. This is the stone courtyard of the Esbaluard Museu d’art modern in Palma.

Sealant for exterior paving is especially important in cooking areas to prevent the natural materials from staining heavily. Builder Superstore supply tile sealant and treatment to protect and complete the look. The natural stone flooring can be teamed with a perimeter of limestone chippings that reflect light to make installing quicker and cheaper.

Black or white marble is very recherché. (See our natural stone tile section). Monotones are very contemporary and make a striking change from stone shades.

Raise the outdoor room slightly higher than the rest of the garden to prevent it looking like a patio. Include a feature design such as a natural stone octagonal or sun circle as a focal point.

Builder Superstore offer interior floor tiles and exterior paving at trade prices with next day timed delivery and bulk discounts.

Paving materials and flooring tiles in vast quantities – Next Day Delivery & Pallet Discounts! Also trade customers can get an EXTRA 10% OFF when a trade account* is opened. Simply apply for an account when placing an order to receive the 10% CASH BACK.

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New LudoSlate™ Line Meets Consumer Need For A Slate Alternative That Will Not Curl Or Fade Over Time

Driven by customer demand, Ludowici has introduced a new offering that combines the advantages of natural clay and the beauty and aesthetics of slate.

Ludowici engineers have designed an innovative product that is lightweight (less than 600 lbs per square), fully walkable (with a breaking strength of over 400 lbs), and has all the beauty and color of traditional slate at a cost that is competitive with less dependable, mass market composite products, but with the added benefit of a 75 year warranty from a company that has been in operation in the United States for 120 years!

The color range for LudoSlate™ is the broadest on the market—a broad array of colors and blends that cover all of the classical ranges of slate, but unlike mined slate, LudoSlate™ will be able to consistently repeat the colors over time. In addition, the LudoSlate™ line includes LudoSlate Premier™ with varied widths available for those that prefer a more random appearance.

About Ludowici: Ludowici Roof Tile is an American based manufacturer located in southeastern Ohio that has been in continuous operation since 1888 mining rich Ohio clays to manufacture a wide variety of top of the line clay roof products.

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Datamap Intelligence is transforming the way companies use demographics for marketing

Due to the explosion of new home construction in the United States, the best market predictor of demographic trends is represented by the number and type of future homes in an area. While most companies buy data from an unreliable third party resource, the DATAMAPi online application provides clean demographics data collected directly from the original source to give clients exclusive, fresh data unavailable to competitors.

By measuring the pulse of the new housing markets, small companies determine expansion goals and large companies, such as Wal-Mart and Target, thrive on “in the know” data to promote retail site selection at future growth spots. The DATAMAPi online application, integrated with Microsoft Virtual Earth, allows clients to set any number of marketing filters to pinpoint a precise picture of the future demographics of an area according to a robust data mapping of new home locations.

“When companies can predict future demographics by gauging the growth of an area according to new home construction, then they can make informed decisions with projection reports including product marketability, size of employee pool, and retail site selection,” notes Sarah Thau VP of marketing and sales at DATAMAPi. Using a dataset to follow the thousands of houses built each year from the top 200 builders in the United States, the innovative DATAMAPi online application provides more than just a map of new homes. The online application, with the best features of Microsoft Virtual Earth, empowers companies to overlay data mapping results onto an interactive map to chart patterns, follow up on the progress of an area, and track initiatives for the next growth spot according to performance. “In reality, the DATAMAPi online application is the difference between hind sight and vision,” states Ms. Thau “While hind sight might be 20/20, you do not get to adjust your course until after a mistake.”

By showing companies where builders are constructing new home locations, the DATAMAPi application essentially creates a “future demographic” layout of any given area. “The datamapi.com tool proved invaluable when attempting to grow to new unknown markets,” stated Jennifer Michaels VP of business development at Land Barron, LLC. “We were able to get a good idea of where to look for properties before leaving the office.” Modernizing the face of marketing demographics, the dynamic DATAMAPi online application offers clients real time data mapping of new home construction to forecast timely, efficient market projection reports by establishing demographic trends for new home locations.

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