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The Door Store Pines For Some Excellent Doors

The Door Store has an excellent range of doors to suit the whole of the building trade requirements. The choice of doors and the number of different options that have come onto the market in recent years is immense. The quality has improved and the prices have remained excellent during this period. The Door Store has been at the forefront of supplying top quality doors for all occasions and all types of building from a range of different materials.

The Door Store has an excellent range of Pine Doors and they have taken a great deal of care to choose some of the best available pine doors to supply at some of the lowest prices available. In particular The Door Store is very proud to be able to supply the JB Kind range of Pine Doors. There is a range of different designs but one of the best standard designs is the JB Kind Clear Pine Swansea Internal Door.

The Swansea door is a classic design of Pine door with four panels fitted with two smaller oblong panels in the bottom half of the door and two longer almost elongated panels in the top half of the door. The bottom of the top panels is horizontal and the sides are vertical but the top has a classic half bow at the top of each panel going from low to high from the edge of the door towards the centre. This classic design can be used throughout the house and will enhance the general appearance of the building. The curved detail of the panelling is excellent and provides a great focal point for the doors.

The Door Store notes the exceptional quality and affordability of solid timber pine doors. These doors have a pine central core with a laminated veneered finish, which can either be stained or painted. The Door Store notes that care must be taken with Pine Doors as when they are made the wood is kiln dried to reduce the moisture content to a very low level and if they are exposed to high humidity they will obviously absorb water and the reaction can ruin a door. It is essential that the door is sealed to preserve their integrity and this can be carried out either by use of a good stain or by painting. The Door Store note that in general Pine Doors are not recommended for a new build situation as the high humidity can effect this high quality door.

The Door Store (http://www.the-door-store.co.uk) notes that the pine internal door is of a first class construction and one of the best values for money of all modern doors. Pine is a wood that fits well in modern surroundings and will compliment a large range of decorations and general fixtures and furniture. It is noted that the doors can be painted to fit in with the general house decoration scheme or made to stand out as a feature. A greater choice can be viewed on The Door Store web site and any queries will be answered promptly.

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The Door Store Goes Forward In Pairs

The Door Store has had an exceptional record at developing a superb range of internal doors for the building trade. They have developed a vast trade in doors which cover the complete requirements of almost any designer ranging from the simple plain door to the exotic range of moulded and wood machined finishes.

A model that The Door Store is particularly proud to promote is the JB Kind Moulded Panel Classique internal doors. These are a great set of doors, which are white primed and moulded, ready for painting in whatever colour that is decided for your home. JB Kind doors come with an excellent pedigree and give The Door Store a great deal of confidence in the product.

The Classique design is such that it has a six pane glass insert in the top half of the door of almost a Georgian design of six panes built in to the door in 3 pairs. The top panes have an ornate arch type top edge design to them and a single rebated type square design in the bottom half of the door. This really does provide a classic style and design, which can be used in a number of quite different situations.

The Door Store supply large quantities of pairs of cheap internal doors, which can be used for entry and exit to and from any room, and the appearance of these doors will really offset the entrance, which they are closing. The Classique design will give a richness to the look, which is most important to the house, and this will fit in with the general view of the property. Double entry doors do give any property that feel of space and luxury, which is difficult to get inn any other way. This is an excellent pair of doors and at a price of £137 plus VAT this is excellent value for money. The doors are a moulded hardboard construction with the grain textured and ready for final painting. The glass is safety tempered glass and if the doors are required as a fire door, Door Store are happy to supply a full pair of fire doors as JB Kind make the Classique design in a fully compliant fire door variant too.

These types of doors are themselves classics, and look at their best when displayed as a barrier between two rooms, which would otherwise be an open plan room.

There are of course doors which will match the Classique moulded door so that a full range of these doors can be fitted throughout the house and give a theme which will suit the whole design.

The Door Store – http://www.the-door-store.co.uk – has always examined all its ranges of doors in the light that a careful designer can mix and match as necessary and to that effect it is pleased that the present range can fulfil this function.

Whether the aim is luxury or good standard doors The Door Store can provide what is required and their web site is well worth contacting to see the vast range that can supply.

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