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Aulder Capital Delivers Transparency with Technology

New York, NY / Rancho Santa Fe, CA, 2017-Mar-13 — /EPR REAL ESTATE NEWS/ — Aulder Capital, formerly known as BZ Investments, was looking to improve engagement with investors, specifically post asset acquisition and needed a solution to better institutionalize their information. With the desire to break free from the perception of a traditional slower-moving investment property company, Aulder looked to the future of real estate to see how to best meet their needs. Several platforms offered partial solutions, but only one ensured ongoing connectivity with a promise of providing a smooth investor centric user experience. The utilities found on the MREN platform surpassed current competitors offerings and Aulder was able to leverage the easy to use functionality for a technologically savvy transformation.

The real estate investment firm was focused on expanding their value-add investment strategy, and Aulder knew that technology was key in mindful management and investing in their platform. “Before we deployed MREN, information was scattered throughout local systems,” recalls the principal, Jonah Bamberger.

“The solution has brought all that knowledge into one place.” The business results are a solidified network of Aulder’s investors and a stronger ability to maximize the management of properties. MREN enables transparency of all deals at any given moment and investors can access their deal information at their convenience. Aulder’s dedication to responsible investing and their proven track record is highlighted through the use of the MREN platform and will pave investor expectations for other real estate investment management firms. Aulder Capital plans to enhance their communication and collaboration effort via MREN to drive efficiency and expedite their growth.

Learn more about Aulder Capital’s value-add investment strategy, here: www.aulder.com

Learn more about the changing landscape of technology in CRE, here: www.mren.com



Self Directed IRA Holders Find A Silver Lining To The Foreclosure Crisis

With foreclosures at all time highs and the stock market still not quite on solid ground, investors are focusing their activities on other markets, especially stable commodities and real estate. According to the latest indicators, it seems certain that the unprecedented level of foreclosures is set to continue even as the housing market slowly recovers. For many, it’s a tragic situation – and for others, a time of unparalleled opportunity.

There are quite a few IRA holders who are also interested in making investments in real estate given the sheer number of homes either in the foreclosure process, or already owned by financial institutions. However, traditional IRAs don’t allow the holders of these accounts the freedom to decide that they would like to take advantage of current market conditions to make investments in this very exciting market.

The answer may lie in something known as a self directed IRA, which as the name implies, is a retirement fund, which allows for the holder to make decisions about where their contributions to the account are invested – including in real estate, as president of the Austin firm Truly Self Directed, Josh Moore explains:

“Unfortunately, it does not appear that the current wave of foreclosures is going to subside anytime soon. Many investors are uncertain about the stock market and a lot of people are turning to what they know versus the unknowns of the stock market.”

“People with IRA / 401ks are looking for something they know can provide them a return on their investment – and that’s real estate. Investors who purchase real estate with IRA funds may actually be an important part of a viable free market solution to a less than ideal situation,” adds Moore.

About Truly Self Directed:
A self directed IRA such as those offered by Moore’s firm allow investors to take funds earning very low returns in traditional investment vehicles and put them to work as they see fit, including profitable sectors like real estate and development.

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Balli Real Estate Has Predicted That UK Property Will Be A Lucrative Proposition For Overseas Investors Due To The The Fall In The Value Of Sterling

Balli Real Estate has predicted that UK property will be a lucrative proposition for overseas investors due to the current fluctuations in the world’s currency exchanges and the fall in the value of Sterling caused by the global financial crisis.

Balli Real Estate, the developer of the 172 apartment Latitude property development currently under construction in central Birmingham, has witnessed an increase in levels of interest in the UK market from overseas in recent weeks, as a window of opportunity has opened with the fall of the pound against the world’s major currencies and, as such, Balli property developments are set to be popular among those overseas looking to invest in UK property.

Vahid Alaghband, Group Chairman of Balli Group, observed that the fall in sterling has made the UK an attractive proposition for overseas investors. He commented: “The relabttive weakness of the pound against other currencies and the fluctuations of the exchange rates are currently proving to be very beneficial to buyers from overseas who are looking for new opportunities thrown up by the turmoil being experienced by real estate markets around the world.”

Balli Real Estate suggests that the pound’s fall on the world’s currency markets will make the UK property market particularly attractive to buyers from the USA, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates.

Hassan Alaghband, director at Balli, said: “The argument for an influx of overseas investment is compelling when you combine a 30% fall in the value of the pound with, in some cases, a similar fall in property values.”

“Inward investment will help bring an increase in liquidity to the market, which will be an important factor in the recovery of the residential and commercial property markets in the UK,” he added.

Balli Real Estate expects that established and mature markets will prove particularly attractive to foreign investors as the fundamentals of location; accessibility and communications will remain key drivers for occupiers.

David Reid of Balli Real Estate observed: “The old adage of ‘location, location, location’ holds good whether the market is good or bad and the established and proven locations of our towns and cities will continue to draw occupiers and purchasers.”

“Our ‘Latitude’ development will see 172 apartments and penthouses located a short distance from New Street train station and the Bullring for private sale and, since its launch, over 60% of the total development has been sold. Situated in the heart of the city, on the corner of Bromsgrove and Hurst Street, ‘Latitude’ is just a few minutes’ walk from the Bullring Shopping Centre and Birmingham New Street Station and supports our philosophy of providing high specification and stunning accommodation in desirable and prestige locations.” he added.

Vahid Alaghband, Group Chairman of Balli Group, agreed: “‘Latitude’ is ideal for either owner occupiers or individual and bulk purchase investors looking to secure high quality property in the centre of one of the UK’s premier cities. The scheme has been priced competitively making ‘Latitude’ excellent value for money when compared to other regional cities in the UK, such as Manchester, Southampton and London.

Vahid continued, “Housing demand in Birmingham is forecast to grow over the next decade, due to the city’s expanding workforce and student population. With lower crime levels than comparable cities, good schools and improved retail provision Birmingham is well positioned to attract further investment and development.”

About Balli Real Estate:

Balli Real Estate is a leading multi-national real estate investment and development company operating in the UK, the Middle East and other lucrative markets. In the United Arab Emirates the company operates under the Peacock Ventures Ltd brand. The company focuses on four key activities: fund management, joint venture developments, direct developments and bulk purchase investment, and is involved in some of the most prestigious real estate projects in the world.

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