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Homeowners Should Treat Winter as a Threat to Their Home

Homeowners in regions that receive the nasty end of winter weather should listen up: a quality homeowners insurance policy is essential to make it through the harsh and brutal winter unscathed. According to an article recently published on InsuranceAgents.com, homeowners should follow several simple tips to make sure that their home stays protected and they avoid having to file a homeowners insurance claim.

“Winter also brings periods of heavy snow, ice, and other elements that could endanger a home and force a homeowner to file an unwanted homeowners insurance claim,” according to the InsuranceAgents.com article titled, ‘Winter Hazards and Homeowners Insurance.’ “With winter rapidly approaching, you should be sure that your homeowners insurance policy is adequate enough to hold up during any kind of winter-type damage that could be sustained by your home.”

The first tip that all homeowners should exercise is keeping their sidewalks and driveway shoveled and salted as much as possible. This not only avoids a liability suit if someone should accidentally slip and fall but it also avoids a damage claim should a vehicle slip and slide into the garage thanks to an unsalted driveway.

Also, homeowners should do their best to keep their roof clear of snow. Obviously, it isn’t necessary to shovel the roof every time it snows but if the homeowner notices interior doors sticking then that might be an indication there is too much snow weight on the roof. It could lead to bigger and more expensive problems such as a roof collapse if that snow isn’t dealt with promptly.

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For Sale By Owner Meets Online Dating

Sellmestraight.com has just launched a revolutionary concept in for sale by owner home sales modeled off of popular online dating sites. But rather than matching people with their dream date, sellmestraight.com aims to match buyers with their dream home. Using sophisticated profile based matching, sellmestraight.com is as much an “emotion engine” as a search engine, including criteria such as buyer tastes and preferences into the home search process.

The primary deficiency with most online real estate sites, is that they focus too much on brick and mortar and pay little attention to the emotional aspects of buying a home, which are sometimes the greatest motivating factors when making a major purchase. Eric Little, the site’s founder said “the motivation behind creating sellmestraight.com came from first had experiences both as both a buyer and seller. As a buyer, I was frustrated that the intangible elements of my home search were largely overlooked. A house that looked great on paper often fell far short when viewing in person, especially when it came to personal preferences such as the type of neighborhood”.

In regard to selling a property, Little said “as a home seller attempting to sell by owner, I was discouraged that there was no good way to reach out proactively to interested buyers. I am proud to say the selling tools provided by sellmestraight.com offer home sellers the ability to proactively reach out to interested buyers, representing an unprecedented advantage for motivated home sellers”. – ecoogle

Combining an intuitive and interactive interface between buyer and seller, along with unparalleled advantage of the exclusive seller tools, sellmestraight.com may prove to be the future of for sale by owner home sales. Experience the revolution for yourself at www.sellmestraight.com.

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MLK Insurance Announces Renters Insurance Website

MLK Insurance, recognizing the growing need for New York renters to insure their belongings, has announced the launch of NY-RENTERSINSURANCE.COM, a site dedicated solely to the renters insurance maket in New York. Many residents in New York are under the impression that their personal property is covered by their landlord in the event of a fire or theft.

Consequently, by not carrying the necessary coverage, there has been a huge number of New York renters left out in the cold when it comes to replacing their damaged or stolen contents. These contents can add up to significant amounts when you factor in the cost of replacing major items like tvs, computers, stereo equipment and furnishings. Increased burglaries in the current economic environment coupled with the coming holiday season which historically has triggered an increase in crimes against personal property, make the next few months a key time to secure the proper coverage. With that in mind, NY-RENTERSINSURANCE.COM was launched to have a quick and easy portal in which consumers can get a quote on the coverage they need. In most cases, same day coverage is available and low deposits of as little as $10 are needed to secure coverage.

Policies start for as little as $55 year for basic coverage which includes $100,000 liability coverage-in case you are sued by someone accidentally injured in your apartment. In addition, the policy pays for any additional living expenses you incur if you are forced out of your apartment while repairs are made. Policyholders have used this coverage for reimbursement on the cost of hotel rooms and eating out and it has prevented them from having to seek out a shelter.

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Renters Take Responsibility with Renters Liability Insurance

As an apartment or condo renter, it’s your responsibility to take care of your guests. Part of that responsibility includes owning renters liability insurance to avoid falling into a financial hole if a guest were to get injured on your property. A recently published article on InsuranceAgents.com discusses the significance of renters liability insurance and how it’s become a necessity rather than a luxury to own.

“If you are renting a house, condo, or apartment and you haven’t looked into purchasing renters liability insurance then you might want to start,” the article, Get Covered With Renters Liability Insurance, suggests. “Renters liability insurance is one component of a larger renters policy. A standard renters insurance policy generally comes with contents coverage, liability coverage, and external living expense coverage. However, you should not consider a renters policy unless it has adequate renters liability insurance coverage.”

You should also not consider a policy if it excludes the following: coverage for damage or injury caused by you or your property in your home as well as outside of your home (not including auto accidents), coverage for medical costs and legal bills that could result from said damage or injury, and a substantial coverage limit of at least $500,000.

Go to InsuranceAgents.com for renters or homeowners insurance quotes from up to five local agents.

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Inspect Your Home and Save on Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Even though all homes are required to be thoroughly checked out by a licensed inspector before move-in, you should employ the do-it-yourself method of following up the official inspection with one of your own because it could bring you lower homeowners insurance quotes.

According to an article recently published on InsuranceAgents.com, “It’s imperative that you conduct a home inspection before purchasing the house,” states the article, ‘Inspect the Unexpected: Take Control of Your Homeowners Insurance.’ “Although the home must be inspected by a licensed residential inspector, you should inspect the property yourself beforehand to look for any problems or issues. If it’s a resale house that is older than 20 years, chances are you will find a handful of issues.”

If you already know your home is a “fixer upper” then the inspection shouldn’t yield many surprises. However, many homeowners have a preconceived notion that their home is perfect in every way. Don’t fall into that trap. If you don’t fix some of the minor problems your new home has then you could pay for it with higher homeowners insurance quotes because you are a more high risk consumer.

For more information on home inspection and what to look for then go online to InsuranceAgents.com to talk to an insurance agent. While there don’t forget to compare homeowners insurance quotes from a number of different providers to find the most complete rate out there.

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Homeowners Insurance Quotes Reflect The Age Of Your House

According to an article recently published on InsuranceAgents.com, whether or not you’re purchasing a new home or resale home is a big factor in what kind of homeowners insurance quotes you will receive. The article, titled ‘New or Used? Homes That Affect Your Homeowners Insurance,’ states, “Part of what makes a good choice for you depends on the advantages and disadvantages of the two different types of property: new houses and resale houses. Each possesses different characteristics.”

New homes, which are commonly referred to as “tract houses,” usually come in bunches as parts of a larger housing development. These homes generally come with reduced privacy and less property attached but are build with the latest innovations in construction and therefore are more low risk. You will find lower homeowners insurance quotes regarding new homes.

However, resale homes are a whole different ballgame. Although they generally have more character and can be purchased at a cheaper price, resale homes that are older than 20 years are deemed high risk by insurance companies. This is because they are more susceptible to fire, flood, and other dangers that can cause home damage and lead to insurance claims.

Both new homes and resale homes come with their own set of pros and cons. Before purchasing you must decide how important low cost homeowners insurance is to you. Just because it is important to you doesn’t mean you have to purchase a new home. There are other factors that could come into play that could make it cheaper for you to purchase a resale house.

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Having Extensive Homeowners Insurance Is Absolutely Necessary Should Your Home Be Subjected To Any Of The Various Natural Disasters That Occur In A Given Year

After you’ve browsed homeowners insurance quotes and settled on a policy you have to ask yourself: “Is this policy sufficient?” If your homeowners insurance does not cover you against a number of hazards that can occur in your region then you will most likely need to take out hazard insurance.

Extensive Homeowners Insurance

According to an article recently published on InsuranceAgents.com, hazard insurance protects your home against a number of possible disasters. The article states, “Before purchasing hazard insurance, talk to your home insurance agent about the homeowners insurance policy you already have and see if the most common hazards are covered. If not, you may have to shop for more homeowners insurance quotes online.”

Some of the more comprehensive homeowners insurance policies protect you against damage inflicted by fire, burglary, and some limited types of storms. However, if you live in a region that is suspect to hurricanes, earthquakes, or flooding you should seriously consider hazard insurance to cover you against your more specific needs that most likely are not covered by your basic homeowners insurance and you should look online for homeowners insurance quotes.

The InsuranceAgents.com article states, “So as you can see, hazard insurance may not be for everybody but it could be absolutely necessary if you fit certain criteria. If your current homeowners insurance policy is bare bones, you should seriously consider adding hazard insurance to protect yourself against the elements. The cheapest and most convenient way to do this is to go online today and shop for homeowners insurance quotes.”

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Keep Homeowners Insurance Premium Low by Being Safe

With households from coast to coast doing everything under the sun to cut costs, any kind of information on how to lower home insurance premiums is usually welcomed with open arms. According to an article recently published on InsuranceAgents.com, comparing multiple homeowners insurance quotes from a wide array of home insurance agents will cut your home insurance premium.


The article also states, “To save money on your home insurance premium, homeowners should reduce the risks presented to their home and prevent any destruction. By taking easy steps, homeowners could save a significant amount of money annually on their home insurance premium.”

The best way to cut home insurance premium costs is to properly insulate your home from damage that could be caused by fire. Installing smoke detectors throughout the house, keeping a fire extinguisher handy, not smoking, and knowing fire safety rules are just a few of the ways to keep your insurance provider at ease thus lowering your homeowners insurance quotes.

Another important step to take is protecting yourself from break-ins. Advanced security systems, deadbolt locks on all doors leading outside, and motion-sensitive lights are just a few of the ways to make sure you’re not just another break-in statistic. If you take these measures in protecting your home against burglary you could be saving yourself up to and including 5% on your premium.

For more information, visit InsuranceAgents.com.

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Perspective International Unveils Fractional Property Guide

Officially launching July 1st, the new Fractional Property Guide has been unveiled in preview mode to enable system checks and prospective advertisers to get a feel for the new service. The site can be viewed at http://www.ownersperspective.com/fractionalpropertyguide/


“Whilst there are several other excellent websites that provide property listings for fractional ownership, we have been compelled to produce ours through demand f r o m our consumer magazine readership which reaches more than 42,000 prospective buyers each month.” Says Paul Mattimoe, CEO of Perspective International.

Owners Perspective Magazine (http://www.ownersperspective.com) which launched in print in January 2009 has taken bold steps to bring the shared ownership industry to the general public, and in a matter of a few months has negotiated distribution deals with leading UK supermarkets, travel and property shows, selected hotels and resorts and shortly will add airport lounges across Europe to its already significant monthly reach of 42,000+ readership.

“It is essential for us to continue to differentiate ourselves f r o m competitors, and our offline reach is the key ingredient here. We don’t really base our online advertising platforms on “hits” or “impressions”, we simply provide direct enquiry forms and let each advertiser monitor the return on their advertising spend with 100% quantifiable results.” Comments Mr. Mattimoe.

Over the past few months, readers of Owners Perspective Magazine have favoured the articles relating to Fractional Ownership and have actively interacted with current advertisers for more information. The Fractional Property Guide, which resides within the main website, rather than a standalone website, is designed to harness the high traffic of the magazine to provide highly targeted and product educated, fresh purchase enquiries for fractional property developers.

The online enquiry forms offer the consumer the chance to request brochures, inspection visits, enquire about available inventory and request a telephone call, whilst also providing the developer with full contact details as well as other useful qualifying information.

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A Joint Venture Has Relaunched Newskys As A Fractional Ownership Property Portal

A joint venture has relaunched NewSkys as a fractional ownership property portal – TheMoveChannel.com and Richmond Green Group have combined their knowledge and experience in the overseas property sector to create a platform offering visitors the very latest in fractional news, advice and opportunities…

A joint venture has relaunched NewSkys as a fractional ownership property portal – TheMoveChannel.com and Richmond Green Group have combined their knowledge and experience in the overseas property sector to create a platform offering visitors the very latest in fractional news, advice and opportunities…

The world of fractional property and shared ownership is growing exponentially and NewSkys.co.uk reflects that – relaunching as the place to find all of the latest fractional ownership investment and lifestyle opportunities.

NewSkys is a winning mix of TheMoveChannel.com ’s technical and online marketing experience and Richmond Green Group’s knowledge of the fractional ownership sector through its consultancy business RGM Fractional.

The concept of fractional ownership is a sensible, affordable and common sense way of owning property abroad and NewSkys aims to bring both potential buyers and existing owners in touch with the most up to date news on the world of fractional ownership.

It also showcases a large selection of fractional schemes through an extensive and detailed search.

Dan Johnson, Director of TheMoveChannel.com said, “This brings together two of the biggest hitters in terms of overseas property marketing.

“We have nearly a decade of online experience in the sector and coupled with the expertise of RGG in the fractional sector, it should make for a powerful combination of skills.

“Our role will be to ensure the Newskys site has great visibility online, both in terms of natural search and pay per click – two areas where we know we can out-think, out-flank and out-resource the competition.

“By the end of the summer, Newskys will already be well on the way to establishing itself as the leading online vehicle for marketing fractional ownership property to the UK audience,” added Mr Johnson.

Drawing on the expertise of both organisations, the editorially driven site will cover all aspects of shared ownership with regular news bulletins f r o m around the world, a weekly email newsletter, property listings, destination updates, buying advice, buyer experiences and details of upcoming events.

Trevor Little, former Editor of Overseas Property Professional, will manage content for the portal – which went live on June 22nd.

Xavier Wiggins, CEO of Richmond Green Group, said, “We aim to offer the widest selection of fractional ownership opportunities f r o m global destinations.”

For more information on UK and overseas properties and the market in general, please visit http://www.themovechannel.com

TheMoveChannel.com is a property website that was founded in 1999 as an online resource for buying, selling and learning about property. It now receives as many as 300,000 visits per month and advertises over 50,000 properties in nearly 90 countries, which are listed by over 500 partner organisations.

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Property Marketplace Lead Galaxy Has Re-Launched And Now Allows You To Bid For And Buy Qualified Customer Sales Leads From A Dedicated Call Centre, Affiliated Sites And Property Portals

Calling all property agents and developers! Property marketplace Lead Galaxy has re-launched and now allows you to bid for and buy qualified customer sales leads from a dedicated call centre, affiliated sites and property portals.

You may think you can’t get much for £1 these days, but Lead Galaxy is proving that old adage wrong – selling leads for as little as £1.

Whilst the value of a lead varies drastically – depending on its age and how specific it is to the target market – traditionally, the cost of leads from portals haven’t reflected this, with one set price covering all.

Lead Galaxy recognizes that an older, more generic lead is worth less than a highly targeted one and its new tiered costings reflect this – allowing you to get the most for your money. Leads range in price from £1 to £25 for a highly targeted, brand new lead.

Lead Galaxy‘s intelligent search engine matches profiles to partners based on the country, location, type and price range that the customer is interested in.

Once the system has identified all the partners with matching profiles, it sends the lead to the highest bidder. This continues until the partner either runs out of budget or is outbid by another agent.

If there are no bidders, the lead goes into the ‘Buy Leads Now’ system, where it can be purchased for a price that decreases as the lead ages.

Dan Johnson, Director of leading UK and international property portal TheMoveChannel.com and new owner of Lead Galaxy, said, “Lead Galaxy fills a clear gap in the market for a low hassle, low cost way of generating sales referrals for any kind of property sales business.

“I’m a huge advocate of business efficiency and the ease with which people can set up profiles or buy leads, without having to spend hours listing dozens or even hundreds of properties should make it an appealing route to market for a lot of time-stretched companies.

“With our global distribution network, the throughput of leads is going to be exceptionally high, meaning that most companies will see their sales potential increase significantly by signing up to the service,” added Mr Johnson.

Why buy?

Check out our top ten reasons to join the Lead Galaxy network of advertisers:

1. Generate sales leads quickly with minimal outlay
2. Save time by not having to list property online
3. Open an account with a minimum of just £10
4. Browse the latest unsold leads availability list
5. Buy leads instantly online from only £1 each
6. Create profiles to compete for new customers
7. Set your own bid price for different types of lead
8. Opt-in to call centre, portal and web partner leads
9. Control your own daily, weekly or monthly budget
10. Use the free CRM system to manage customers

Throughout the month of July, new customers can open an account with Lead Galaxy for £10, a reduction from the normal minimum account balance of £50. Visit http://www.leadgalaxy.com/signup/ or call +44 (0) 207 952 7653 to find out more.

For more information on properties in the UK and overseas and the market in general, please visit http://www.themovechannel.com/

TheMoveChannel.com is a property website that was founded in 1999 as an online resource for buying, selling and learning about property. It now receives as many as 300,000 visits per month and advertises over 50,000 properties in nearly 90 countries, which are listed by over 500 partner organisations.

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If Selling Burial Plots In Cyberspace Sounds Futuristic Perhaps It Is Because The Future Is Here

Technology allows us to do everything online, even settle up our final resting place. Most of us do not like to think about our final piece of real estate. It is an indication of our mortality and is a purchase we’d prefer to put off.

BuyandSellCemeteryPlots.com understands the sensitive nature of the transactions they facilitate and they provide a beautiful site designed to make the buying and selling of future resting places not only comforting, but supportive as well.

On BuyandSellCemeteryPlots.com you will find many helpful pieces of advice as well as words of comfort to help you understand what you should look for and expect from a funeral service and cemetery site. Unlike many websites designed to sell or assist buyers Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots provided licensed agencies that handle the details of each transaction for you while making sure you know what is going on and why. They understand how difficult decisions about burials and funerals are and they also know that the legalities of buying and selling plots are more complicated than the average person is ready to deal with. When a customer lists a plot on BuyandSellCemeteryPlots.com they are not simply left hanging once a listing is made. The staff at BuyandSellCemeteryPlots.com explains all of the details and then once a price is decided on they provided licensed agencies to handle drawing up the contracts and legal paperwork.

This company will also provide protection for buyers by examining the deeds of the parcels and making sure that everything is in order before a plot is listed. Once a buyer chooses a plot BuyandSellCemeteryPlots.com will provide access to a third party escrow company that holds a deposit from the buyer in escrow until all of the agreements are final and then that deposit is applied to the full purchase price to be paid.

Everything is done online and by there delivery service , as many businesses today are, the benefits for that are far-reaching in today’s spread out world. Where once families were centralized and congregated in specific areas many now are spread out all over the country, but when it comes to a final resting place often they desire to be together again. BuyandSellCemeteryPlots.com connects family members with available plots everywhere in the country so that you can find a plot in your hometown, your family’s epicenter, or, for some individuals a special place that has treasured memories, or is far-removed from your current life. With BuyandSellCemeteryPlots.com you can find the perfect resting place no matter what your idea of perfection is, or where it is located.

About Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots – Located in Saint Petersburg, Florida, Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots hosts a full service sales website for individuals wishing to sell a burial plot, or looking to buy a final resting place. They have listings in cemeteries all across the United States and in Canada. Each cemetery is shown and includes pictures and a description of the grounds to help viewers choose the spot they will spend eternity. The team at Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots handles the legal aspects of selling a plot for the buyer and the seller so that everyone enjoys a smooth and hassle free transaction.

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Top Austin Real Estate Agent, Kenn Renner (www.BuyAustin.com) with Keller Williams Lake Travis Market Center in Lakeway Sold a Custom “Spec” Home in Five Days

In an economy where negative real estate and financial news has become an all too common subject of the media, it is refreshing to hear of a win-win real estate success story. On Saturday, March 7th real estate broker Kenn Renner listed a brand new custom lake view home built by Horne Brothers Custom Homes located at 8032 Riviera Estates, Leander, Texas (www.8032RivieraEstates.com).

Kenn’s buyers were alerted via email through a “client Gateway” – a free Internet search feature that allows buyers to be notified when new listings come on the market. “Our buyer called us within 24 hours of the home hitting the market, our team showed him the home immediately, and within a few days we had the purchase details worked out and now we are under contract and headed toward closing.” Kenn explained. “The strategy that we took with the builder was to wait until the home was totally completed and fully staged before putting it on the market.” In the luxury market where selling times can exceed a year, an immediate sale is rare.

The buyers, who work in the medical field, had been looking for over two years for exactly the right lake view property – being very patient and particular about the type of home and especially the view. This brand new luxury estate fit their requirements and the builder will be adding a negative edge pool to complete their dream home. Our buyers confirmed their satisfaction exclaiming “This IS home!”

“In today’s extremely competitive market it takes a combination of strategies to sell a luxury home. It boils down to – staging, pricing, marketing and patience. The property must be staged and showcased with virtual tours, professional photography and graphic floor plans. I take it a step further and include high definition video tours that feature virtual aerial flyovers utilizing Google Earth.” Kenn adds “over
85% of home buyers begin their search on the Internet – for high end homes that number is much higher and they expect video content to be a part of the presentation.” As he does with all his listings Kenn created a unique property website exclusive to the home (www.8032RivieraEstates.Com). Buyers can navigate directly to a fully interactive exclusive website that features the specific property as opposed to a static web page or a typical multiple listing link.“Sellers need the marketing edge and exclusivity in all selling situations, especially luxury homes.”

Kenn owes much of his video expertise from his many appearances on the National television – HGTV’s “House Hunters.” Kenn produces all of his videos in-house and has a full time production assistant. “This home sold so quick I was not able to get the video finished in time, but we will add it at a later date because the home is spectacular and will show great in Hi Def.” Kenn recently released a video of another Lake Travis estate property called Lime Creek Ranch (www.LimeCreekRanch.com), which showcases the property with virtual flyovers and 360-degree panoramas. “Having great video content is just the first step – we then spend a lot of time and resources getting them placed high on the search engines including Google & Youtube. We often are placed in the very first position when someone types in the keywords Austin Real Estate Videos in Google.”

He also utilizes intense search engine optimization (SEO) to get his listings and popular websites to the top of the search engines. “You must make your clients property very Internet friendly and then get them exposed with proper keyword phrases to be competitive in this market.” Having great websites also helps his clients exposure like his popular website Austin real estate website www.BuyAustin.com, which has been around since 1995 or his newly developed www.AustinHomeVideos.com.

To get your property showcased with by Kenn Renner, one of the top real estate brokers in Austin, Texas, contact him (512) 423-5626.

About Kenn Renner:
Kenn Renner (www.BuyAustin.com) is a national speaker & author on the subject of real estate and finance. He has been featured on HGTV’s House Hunters and is a guest expert on nationally syndicated radio talk shows. He has helped more than one thousand Central Texas families purchase their homes.

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To Relieve The Anxiety At The Time Of Death

Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots announces global expansion of the company’s erstwhile marketing programs. These new procedures incorporate new international marketing with international retailers, agencies and marketing venues that bring persons looking to buy cemetery plots together with individuals looking to sell cemetery plots. Today’s transient lifestyle has more people relocating, changing their lives and looking to change their pre-arranged burial sites f r o m one location to another.

The expansion of the Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots marketing program is in direct response to this increased demand. The nation’s premier reseller of cemetery plots continues to update its website at buyandsellcemeteryplots.com to accommodate the increased demand for information about selling and buying cemetery plots.

The St. Petersburg Florida based company’s online presence is supported by the new direct marketing program which has effectively created a marketplace for buyers and sellers. The company’s pre-qualifying protocol assures sellers of worthy clients who are ready to proceed and buyers of valid titleholders. Transactions are carefully concluded by experienced staff that guides buyers through the secure and confidential process.

The Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots Cemetery Directory serves as a national reference center that assists buyers and sellers in locating specific cemetery plots. This forward-thinking solution for the death and burial only includes plots that are accompanied by verified deeds.

To relieve the anxiety at the time of death, Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots serve as the agent who procures an escrow deposit f r o m the buyer, develops the purchase and sale agreement for the accompanying plot and expedites the closing to the benefit of both parties. Completed transactions normally take six to eight weeks.

The Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots trained and experienced support staff can now offer Buyers an expanded inventory of listed plots throughout the United States. The country’s largest listing inventory consists of burial lots, mausoleums, vaults and crypts.

The transfer of the plot’s deed is managed and coordinated by company representatives whose responsibilities are stated on the company site. The company has detailed all company procedures and business practices on the site. Prospects may contact Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots by internet connection or by telephone at 727-278-2015.

Cemetery plots have spiritual and material value. Many times these valuable a s s e t s remain dormant or are wasted completely. The company has made its mark providing cost cost-effective, expedited acquisition and transfer solutions. Like real estate, cemetery plots typically appreciate over time. Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots is now foully prepared to maximize the return on these plots.

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BuyAustin.Com Features Lime Creek Ranch

The Lime Creek Ranch Property stands on a pristine mountaintop overlooking the gorgeous Texas Hill Country and Lake Travis (www.LimeCreekRanch.com). Austin real estate agent, Kenn Renner exclaims, “I am really excited about our virtual area tour of my new listing,” referring to the Estate at Lime Creek Ranch, “This video is going to be awesome!” Kenn was describing his new virtual fly-over area tour of an exclusive estate property located just 20 miles from downtown Austin. Renner adds, “In the recent past, to do an aerial tour, we would have to hire an airplane or a helicopter to capture the geographic nature of our listings.

Now with Google Earth, “we have complete control of what we want to showcase about the property,” says Renner. The video tour includes facts, information, and high resolution on ground photography to compliment the virtual tour. Google Earths fly-over technology allowed him to take a virtual, helicopter type fly-over. It also allowed for a 360 degree panoramic view punctuated with high-resolution photos.

Kenn explains, “In the near future, the use of Google Earth will revolutionize how real estate is presented. I intend to be on the cutting edge of this incredible technology.” Visit www.LimeCreekRanch.com to see the new Google Earth aerial video tour.

Kenn’s real estate videos top the best online search engines, including Google and YouTube. His years of production experience include not only video productions, but also music and virtual real estate tours for special clients. Kenn has recently featured Lake Travis Estate properties on HGTV’s #1 rated show, “House Hunters”.

His featured listing is the Estate at Lime Creek Ranch, a 12.5-acre mountaintop lake view property just off of Lime Creek Road in Cedar Park, Texas. Cedar Park is an Austin suburb, just to the north of the city. Lime Creek Ranch is perched upon one of the highest points in western Travis County it is the Crown Jewel of Central Texas.

The ranch sits on a mountaintop over-looking the popular and historic Texas Hill Country, with commanding views of sparkling Lake Travis. Enjoy far reaching lake views and distant vistas including extensive portions of the Balcones Canyon-lands Preserve.

The Estate at Lime Creek Ranch could be the site of a huge hilltop gated estate or could be divided into several acreage lots that custom homebuilders could sculpt their masterpieces. There are several building sites on the top of the mountain, which garners several acres of nearly flat building sites and then the property falls off into the pristine Fisher Hollow and Lime Creek valleys. Nature has graced the ranch with large oak trees and other beautiful hardwoods. Gentle mountaintop breezes and quiet wilderness enhance the natural surroundings. Bring your imagination and your creativity to turn this one-of-a-kind Lake Travis view acreage into your dream home come true. The Estate at Lime Creek Ranch is conveniently located, yet private and secluded. The property is located directly on Lime Creek Road just 2 easy (and straight) miles from the new Anderson Mill Road extension, which is less than 20 miles from downtown Austin and less than 6 miles to Cedar Park and the new 183A toll road. There is no lack of public service here either.

The new Seton Cedar Park Regional Medical Center is less than 15 minutes away. County emergency response locations are much closer. The property is also just 2 miles from Sandy Creek Yacht Club where you can store a Yacht and enjoy fine dining at Café Bleu’. Although the ranch is quiet and secluded – shopping, restaurants and schools are just a few minutes away. It is located in the highly rated Leander Independent School District. Take a look at the links on our website for more information regarding the amenities, education, employment and recreational opportunities surrounding The Estate at Lime Creek Ranch. In order to arrange for a private tour of the property, then please contact or Kenn Renner @ 512-423-5626 of Keller Williams Lake Travis. Or via email kenn@buyaustin.com

About Kenn Renner:
Kenn Renner (www.BuyAustin.com) is a national speaker & author on the subject of real estate and finance. He has been featured on HGTV’s House Hunters and is a guest expert on nationally syndicated radio talk shows. He has helped more than one thousand Central Texas families purchase their homes including over two hundred DR Horton home owners. Corporate Disclosure: Kenn Renner is a buyer’s representative and does not represent nor have an exclusive right to sell DR Horton homes.

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Overseas Property Business Boosted By Twitter

Overseas property website Homesgofast.com demonstrates how things have changed in real estate with social media being an integral part of online marketing. The 21st century phenomena, and a web 2.0 craze has seen the site developing international contacts via Twitter which is a microcosm of the social networking craze.

For some businesses, still trying to get to grips with Social media and Web 2.0, Twitter has them scratching their heads and some are even quite afraid of it; “what if no one wants to follow me, won’t that do more harm than good?”

The answer is no; if no one is following you, no one will know, will they?

If you don’t know the answer to that question, then it is clear you haven’t yet embraced the phenomenon that is Twitter.

The overseas property business which includes a dedicated real estate blog has always been quick to embrace new technology, and has fallen in love with Twitter. The site is not only “on Twitter”, but they have even found its applications in building the business.

Nick Marr, director of Marr International, the group behind the portal, said:

“We love Twitter! It is really good for us, and for any business that produces engaging articles and content on a regular basis. Twitter allows you to share your content with the world, and if it is good content, your gang of followers will quickly grow.

“At first we thought it was just a way of building traffic to the site, as our following grows, we are being approached by businesses wanting to advertise and/or affiliate with us — through Twitter!”

Nick said their “Tweets” had become particularly popular with property marketers in the US and in the Caribbean. “We are in the process of forming a working relationship with the proprietor of propertyadsja.com, who contacted us after seeing our following grow on Twitter,” Nick explained, adding: “we will continue to exploit this new medium, and are particularly keen to follow, and be followed by those involved in the Jamaican property market.”

Homesgofast’s following on Twitter is growing by the day, join them at http://twitter.com/homesgofast

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Leading Online Office Search Website Offices.Net Has Announced The Launch Of Its New‘Map-Driven’ Search System

Using an integrated Google Map mashup, this site allows visitors to the site to find offices, executive suites and serviced office space simply by navigating around a map of the US.

‘Offices.net is all about making it easy for businesses of all sizes to find their work space, so there was a huge appeal to using a simple point-and-click system to let people explore their area on a map,’ said company Director Matt Aird. ‘Visitors can see the locations of office buildings, internal and external photographs and lists of their facilities right there on the map.’

Offices.net provides detailed information about the office space rental market to the public, and does not charge or require registration before allowing access to information. In another move to simplify the process of obtaining office space, users can now add as many offices as they are interested in to a ‘shopping-cart’ and get quotes and detailed information about them all at once.

The the map-driven system, photo-displays and the office shopping-cart are all part of our effort to integrate the best of recent developments and intuitive navigation ideas to make the site as easy and fun to use as possible, and we’re proud of our development team’s efforts,’ Offices.net Marketing Communications Specialist Jurga Galvan added. ‘Choosing the right location and office space is vital for any company, especially new ones starting out in the current tougher business environment, so anything we can do to make that simpler, easier and cheaper is worth the effort.’

Along with the map system, www.Offices.net provides free search tools to help users find executive suites, business centers, office buildings, flexible and shared office space for lease across the US.

Executive suites, shared office space and other types of short term office rentals are growing in popularity as they provide flexibility and cost savings compared to conventional office space. Businesses can move in immediately and with very little capital investment in terms of furniture and equipment, and most office buildings providing reception, janitorial and support staff.


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Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots

On a normal day, no one starts the morning with the thought, “I have to find a gravesite today”. We generally don’t concern ourselves with thoughts of our demise and resulting mortal remains until we get a call that someone close to us has died. Then, it’s a sudden rush to find a funeral home and gravesite.

On the other hand, there are those who plan for the future, and realize that one day life will end. Many recognize the inherent truth behind, “The only thing sure in life is death and taxes”, and prepare for the eventuality. Later, however, there may be circumstances in which they’d need to sell their previously bought cemetery plot.

How do these people, those in immediate need of a cemetery plot and those trying to sell a cemetery plot, meet up? Without the proper resources, it can be an endless search, with neither party finding what they need.

This is why services such as BuyandSellCemeteryPlots.com have done so well. Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots, a leader in cemetery sales, provides an online platform for just these people. Those who need to sell their cemetery plot can post it on the website along with any information they feel would help, including video or pictures. The company provides full service to their clients, including seasoned account executives to help with the transactions, take care of all the steps involved in the sale and ensure that all the legal paperwork is handled correctly thru a properly licensed and bonded third party at no additional cost to the buyer or seller of the cemetery property.

Buy and Sell also offers premium marketing talent to bring the cemetery property for sale to the public eye, in order to make them more accessible to those needing to buy the property. The buyer views the cemetery plot, either through video, pictures or description and, if they want to buy it, an account executive is there to help with the particulars.

As with any real estate transaction, the buying and selling of cemetery plots have certain legal documents that must be taken care of before transfer of ownership. Current ownership needs to be verified, the Bill of Sale will need to be provided, and the owner transfer paperwork will have to be filed. With services such as Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots, all of this is handled with care, in a timely successful transaction, whether the sale is basic or complex. This provides a seamless transition between the buyer and seller.

Providing a platform for the buying and selling of cemetery plots, as well as the marketing to match buyer and seller, is a needed service. It cuts down on the amount of stress that most transactions can cause, especially transactions of such a sensitive nature, and guarantees that the transitions are flawless.

To find out more about buying and selling cemetery plots in general, or Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots’ full service features, visit: http://www.buyandsellcemeteryplots.com

About Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots
Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots was constructed around the idea that buying or selling a cemetery plot should not be a traumatic event. By helping clients to plan for the future and release there loved ones from the burden of final planning, Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots provides secure and effect ways for everyone to make informed decisions from the comfort of their home. Whether selling a cemetery plot due to life changes or buying a cemetery plot to secure a final resting place, Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots provides a quality, effective service for both buyers and sellers.

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Homesgofast.com announced that it has been accepted as a member of the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP) making it one of only three property portals to be Members of the organisation

The international real estate portal Homesgofast.com announced that it has been accepted as a member of the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP) making it one of only three property portals to be Members of the organisation.

AIPP was set up to increase consumer confidence when buying property abroad and to provide industry professionals with a united voice. It aims to improve the standards of professionalism in the international property market. Each member has been vetted and approved, and is required to have a minimum level of experience to qualify for membership.

AIPP Chief Executive Paul Owen welcomed the portal membership stating “As well as agents and developers, the AIPP welcomes other professional companies from the international property market, including lawyers, banks, magazines and property portals. Homesgofast.com has joined the AIPP and we welcome them into membership. We congratulate them on playing their part in our work to make the international property market a better and safer place for both consumers and those working in the industry.”

Homesgofast.com membership category at AIPP comes under its media group which also includes Daily Mail Ltd, OPP – PFI Media Ltd and Real Estate TV Ltd. Current membership from other overseas property portals includes The Move Channel and Kyero.com

Paul Owen explained the association role in the overseas property industry “A non-profit organisation, the AIPP exists to improve standards of professionalism in the international property market. Set up in 2006, the AIPP is improving the market by bringing together professional companies who voluntarily agree to abide by its professional Code of Conduct. Where you see the badge of AIPP membership, it means a company has been vetted, has agreed to industry standard training and, importantly, has agreed to be bound by the AIPP’s professional code.”

Nicholas Marr CEO Homesgofast.com “We are delighted to be a part of an organisation that aims to improve standards of the overseas property industry. Our online platform at Homesgofast.com is used by overseas property buyers and those promoting international real estate. It makes sense more than ever to help raise standards not only with overseas property agents but also with those in the business of promoting international real estate.

He continues ”It’s a fact that most buyers will use the internet first before contacting an agent and we believe the standards set out by AIPP should apply to the internet as with real estate professionals “

Homesgofast.com was established in 2003 Homesgofast.com is part of global property marketing company Marr International Ltd.The webiste began by promoting property in Spain, France and the UK and now cover some 70 countries. Homesgofast.com attracts a large international audience to over 180,000 international property listings and a range of related services.

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Marbella Real Estate Website by Marrison Properties

Marbella is a charming little town located in Costa del Sol, one of Spain’s most well-known coastal regions. A resort town, it is dotted with many luxurious beaches, swimming pools, golf courses, night clubs, and other recreational facilities. The rich and well-heeled are frequent visitors ofMarbella, either flying in from halfway around the world or owning one of the villas in the place. Business moguls, Hollywood and Spanish celebrities love to spend a weekend or two in this beautiful seaside town.

Aside from its beaches and watering holes, Marbella is also distinguished by its beautiful real estate properties done in the romantic designs characteristic of Spanish architecture. There are many villas, penthouses, apartments, flats, townhouses, and business establishments all around town—rustic yet sophisticated getaways from all the worries of the world.

You might wonder: How can I own one of them? Short of going to Spain yourself and contacting a local real estate agent to see what’s for sale, you can check out your prospects first by visiting the website of Marrison Properties. Marrison Properties doesn’t only have properties located in Marbella in their listing, but also those in Ojen, Golden Mile, Malaga, and Sierra Blanca among others.

“Our aim is to make the purchase of your property in Marbella and around the Costa del Sol an enjoyable one, as it should be, and to put as much time as is needed into finding the right place—villas, apartments, townhouses, flats, penthouses, inland country property, whatever it may be that you are looking for in the Marbella area,” says Guy Marrison, the owner of Marrison Properties.

Parallel to this goal, the firm has several services that you can avail of. First, they have several detailed guides to help you with the decision to purchase a property. There’s a buyer’s guide, a seller’s guide, the specifics on the purchasing cost, and how to employ a currency dealer.

Once you have decided to do business with them, they have many services to assist you with the processes involved in buying Spanish property. From buying and selling the property, renting it, to project management, furniture packages, property valuations, property surveys and property management, Marrison Properties will be there for you. In addition, they can assist you in choosing a mortgage plan and buying insurance for your home.

Their website has most of the information that you need. Pictures of the properties and their prices are posted in the site. If you’re looking for something specific, you can also use the search function embedded in the website. Marrison Properties also has a blog where you can read about the latest news on Marbella real estate and leave comments and suggestions. Of course, you can also reach them at the contact details provided.

Marrison Properties is a flourishing real estate firm in Marbella, Malaga. For more information, please visit www.marrisonproperties.com

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