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Realter (Rltr) Approved As Official Title For Real Estate Professionals Worldwide

There is a new officially approved professional title for real estate practitioners — Realter. This word will soon find its way as new entry in the dictionary, and it will read as follows:

REALTER. Definition: [A patented service mark. Pronunciation: \\rē(-ə)l-tər, rē-al-tər\\.Abbreviation: Rltr.. Plural: Realters. Verb intransitive: Realteer. Verb present participle: Realteering. Verb past participle: Realteered]. Referring to real estate service practitioners who are registered in Realter Society and given extension of license by its patent owner. Realter and its abbreviation Rltr are exclusively used as professional titles before the names of members of Realter Society worldwide.

After 14 months of due diligence by experts in the Intellectual Property Office Philippines (IPOPHIL), the RLTR REALTER SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL 2011, its website REALTERSOCIETY.ORG, its service mark (logo), and manner of use were finally approved on 28 September 2012; and awarded with Trademark Registration No. 42011990441.

Real estate practitioners anywhere around the world, regardless of nationality, who want to use this prestigious Realter (Rltr) professional title may individually apply for extension of patent license by registering in Realter Society. The innovator defines the term professional practitioner as a service provider who does it for a living (for a fee).

Qualified to register are real estate financiers; agents such as brokers, salespersons, auctioneers, referral agents, buyer agents; dealers, short sellers, operators of for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) advertising facilities; administrators of condominium and subdivision homeowners associations; general managers of hotels, resorts, and golf and country clubs; registrar of deeds; educators; builders such as developers, architects, interior designers, construction consultants; valuers such as appraisers, assessors; documenters such as liaison officers, publishers of real estate classified ads, photographers; and scholars.

Realter Society members get the following rights: (1) the right to use the patented Realter and Rltr professional titles and logo, (2) the right to enjoy the award policy of Realter Society, and (3) the right to wear exclusive insignia products of Realter Society.

A person with a Rltr title before his/her name need not explain too much that he/she is in the real estate sector. The Rltr title bearer enjoys the automatic public perception that he/she is a real estate service practitioner.

Rltr title operates like a powerful slogan; it is short, easily said, catchy, and has quick recall factor. Since it is a new title, having it in your business card would trigger curiosity, then it becomes a conversation starter which can possibly propagate to customer inquiries that may open up a wide door of business opportunities for the Rltr® title-bearer.

Realter Society is designed solely as REGISTRY of the Rltr® title users. Realter Society does NOT offer real estate products (such as house, lots, condo units, burial lots, etc.) nor services (such as agency, appraisal, build consultancy, etc.). Realter Society has no intention to compete with the respective businesses and organizations of its individual members.

The individual membership registration fee in Realter Society is P2.00 per day, prorated from the day the person registers up to the general renewal date of 28 September 2022. Incumbent Assessors of Local Government Units and Regional Directors of Registry of Deeds are exempted from the membership fee.

The innovator of this new professional title is Rltr. John R. Petalcorin, born in Maramag Bukidnon PH in 1973, a product of the College of Economics and Management of the University of the Philippines at Los Banos, and a licensed real estate broker since 1998 specialized in pro bono consumer rights advocacy and peer coaching.

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Hawaiian Americana Realty, Inc. Unleashes Dynamic Expansion of Services and Coverage for Entire Hawaiian Real Estate Market!

Encompassing the entire real estate and housing market throughout the Hawaiian Islands, Hawaiian Americana Reality, Inc. proudly announces the expansion of its diverse real estate services and coverage to include national and international real estate networks and businesses, as well as an extensive marketing presence on the Internet.  Especially online, Hawaiian Americana Realty intends to constantly increase and innovate its numerous seller and buyer services, and at the same time continue to expand its dynamic marketing ideas and strategies worldwide.

With an eye towards becoming the premier boutique real estate service provider, through customer service, and establishing itself as one of the most successful real estate brokering firms throughout the whole state of Hawaii, the company is broadening as well as diversifying its coverage of the main island of Oahu.  With a focus previously on Oahu condos and prime Oahu real estate, the company now handles premier niches such as Waikiki condos for sale, Honolulu condos for sale, and all Honolulu real estate, to other more diverse residential and commercial real estate holdings. Of course, condos for sale in Honolulu are a major niche for the company, and some of its featured properties already include Pacific Monarch, Trump Waikiki and the swank Hokua.  But Hawaiian Americana Realty has not only big fish to fry, but will be providing extensive coverage to both sellers and buyers alike with major industry listings which will highlight choice real estate that are not only for the rich and famous.

What is most important is the expansion and up-scaling of marketing services, customer service, and real estate listings which, according to Owner/Founder Mark Howard, are going to make Hawaii one of the most successful real estate markets in the world, despite the static downtrend in the industry across the nation.  These myriad of upscale services Mark Howard’s company will be offering, he says, already now includes bringing together the best seller and buyer services possible, and combining them with superb creative marketing expertise and more than a decade of residential and commercial real estate experience which will serve the needs of clients not only in Hawaii but wherever else in the world (or online!) sellers and buyers are located.

“Hawaiian Americana Realty, Inc. will provide you with a level of personal service and knowledge that will empower you to make an intelligent, informed and comfortable decision,” says Mark Howard, who founded Hawaiian Americana Realty and has over a decade of experience and also heads the company as its most experienced broker.  “It is our goal to understand every client’s needs, and respond to them promptly, professionally, and with integrity.”

In addition, Mark will be delivering these quality services to every customer: Be you a seller or buyer, you will be keep continuously updated   and provided complete feedback from the market, see every detail taken care of, get your home sold (or bought) quickly for the highest market price, have all your needs answered during the process of selling or buying your home, enjoy a local market specialist sharing his knowledge so you can make an informed decision, and above all else the company will always be truthful and honest with you while making sure the marketplace understands that your home is something very special in Paradise.

The company’s most dynamic services will undoubtedly be its vast queue of new marketing services.  To list all of them here would take some serious time.  But here are some of the more impressive ones:

• Advertising on www.HawaiiAmericana.com
• Advertising on www.808Brokers.com
• Advertising on  www.HawaiiAmericanaBlog.com – custom postings
• Advertising on www.FaceBook.com/HawaiiAmericana – custom postings for Sellers
• Advertising on www.WorldProperties.com (for International buyers)
• Posting with Affiliations
• Realtor.com showcase (a Sellers listing ahead the others)
• High net worth mailing data base
• Referral network mail-out to California, Arizona, Nevada and New York Realtors
• Referral network mail-out to Realtors in key international markets

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Property Portals – Global Top 100

New research published today by Globaledge.co.uk reveals the most important property portals on the internet. The research analyses more than 250 portals covering 42 countries and eleven languages and ranks them according to their power on Google.

To evaluate each portal, Globaledge.co.uk used SEOMoz’s LinkScape tool which replicates the most important elements of Google’s algorithm by ranking the importance of over 34 billion URLs. To order the list, Globaledge.co.uk sorted the data by the number of unique inbound links each portal has.

US portals dominate, but for how long?

Four US portals, Realtor.com, Zillow.com, Trulia.com and Move.com make the top ten. Globaledge.co.uk director Ashley Rigg isn’t surprised by the results. “Property portals in the US have a distinct advantage in the rankings. They work in a market that is at least three times the size of even the biggest European countries so there are many more websites that could potentially link to them.”

Also making the top ten are China’s Sofun.com and Focus.cn which reflects the growing importance of emerging economies on the web according to Rigg. “Just over 20% of China’s population are currently online and it’s a similar story in many other large emerging markets. As these online populations grow, so will the number of websites built to serve them. If we did this exercise again in three years time, I’d be willing to bet that the list will be like a ‘Who’s Who’ of property portals in the developing world.”

It pays to be a market leader

Interestingly, seven of the top 10 portals are all leaders in their respective markets. Realtor.com or Move.com are market leaders in the US (depending whether you believe Hitwise or ComScore), Soufun.com, Funda.nl, Realestate.com.au and Immobilienscout24.de dominate in China, Netherlands, Australia and Germany respectively. The Immobiliare Network (which includes Immobilmente.com) which arguably dominates in Italy and Gdeetotdom.ru is Russia’s largest stand alone property portal.

“When you dominate a market you become associated with that category. You not only tend to outsell your nearest rival by a huge margin but you also get talked about and therefore linked to naturally in conversations” says Rigg explaining the results. “These portals have huge inbuilt advantages in their markets. They are in a huge virtuous circle. Being well known gets you links which reinforces the trend. Dislodging market leaders is exceptionally difficult and is often extremely unprofitable.”

Top 10 Property Portals – Results Table

Areas Covered
Unique domains

For full results table and article please visit  Property Portals – Global Top 100.

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Real Estate Broker Toni Mccarty Formerly Of Windermere Joins Fidelity National Home Warranty As New VP Sales For The Southwest Region

Bill Jensen, CEO and President of Fidelity National Home Warranty, announced the addition of Toni McCarty as the new Vice President of Sales for Arizona, Nevada and Texas. Toni was previously the General Manager for Windermere West Valley in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Her credentials include Associate Broker, ABR, GRI, CRS, CNE and SRES designations. She is also a licensed real estate broker in Texas.

“I am so excited about working with Fidelity National Home Warranty and using my real estate experience to create an even more successful southwest home warranty team”, said Toni“My personal mission is to unlock the passion in the people I influence.” Prior to coming to Arizona, Toni was a successful real estate broker in west Texas where she worked for Keller Williams in Amarillo and Lubbock McDougal Realtors.

Ms. McCarty was recently a key note speaker for the “Real Estate Recruiting in a Survival Mode” at the 18th Annual Recruiting Network Conference held March 2008 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

“We are so excited to have Toni join the Fidelity National Home Warranty Management Team, said Bill Jensen, President. “Her reputation in the real estate industry is impeccable and her range of experience in recruiting, training and maintaining top performing sales teams is priceless. I know she will do great in the home warranty industry. She’s a natural born leader and motivator.”

About Fidelity National Home Warranty
Fidelity National Home Warranty Company (FNHW) is headquarted in Concord, California and provides a one year home warranty service contract for the repair or replacement of homes’ covered systems and major built-in appliances in California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Oregon, Washington and Colorado. Covered systems and appliances typically include electrical, central heating, interior plumbing, water heater, ductwork, dishwasher, oven/range/stovetop, trash compactor, garbage disposal and in some states air conditioning and garage door opener. Additional coverages for pool and spa equipment, well pump, washer/ dryer and refrigerator are available for a minimal extra cost. Seller’s Coverage is also available for the home seller during the listing period. Fidelity customers rely on FNHW’s ability to provide consistent superior customer service, quick response time and efficient solutions for homeowners’ problems and needs. Visit www.homewarranty.com for specific coverage details for the home buyer and seller.

FNHW is owned by FNF, Inc, a Fortune 500 Company who also owns many other real estate related companies including: Fidelity National Title, Chicago Title, Lawyers Title, Commonwealth Title, Ticor Title, and Security Title in Arizona and Alamo Title in Texas, as well as Disclosure Source, a Natural Hazard Disclosure Company.

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MRI Overseas Property Announces A New CEO And Exciting Plans For Investors In 2009

New MRI CEO looks forward to 2009 with excitement…

20 years in the Real Estate and Finance industry has taught me that it’s all a matter of timing.

2008 was the correction period that was inevitable. That means that 2009 is the year of opportunity.

Over the last few months I have had the pleasure of speaking to, and working with, many of the new ‘movers and shakers’ of the Real Estate industry. They are making the moves right now that will ensure that they will secure their financial future. They are buying at the bottom of the market, knowing that the only way this market can go is up.

Yet many of these people are not the established wealthy. Not yet anyway. They are average investors that have been just waiting for the market to correct itself, so that they can take full advantage.

Over the next few months, we will see many of the transactions take place, that we will look back on in 2 or 3 years time and marvel at what amazing bargains were secured.

MRI has restructured itself during the later stages of 2008. I have taken over as CEO and my aim is to ensure that we continue to bring quality investment products to the market.

With that in mind, we are concentrating specifically on the apartments we build via the Construction arm of our company. History has proved time and time again that Real Estate will outstrip any other form of investment if given enough time, as long as you pick a good location and supply a high quality build. MRI has a track-record of providing both. 2008 saw us complete our first Bulgarian project, Aspen Golf, with 4 other projects hot on its heels, all which will complete on schedule and on budget.

We have also begun acquiring land in many other countries, using the very valuable insight we possess as to which markets are likely to show the most significant Capital Appreciation as the market turns positive again. In addition to just developing Real Estate, we are also launching some ground-breaking rental packages which will mean that investors can have peace-of-mind with regard to mortgage payments for as long as 10 years!

Producing more universally acclaimed developments is what we will continue to do throughout my tenure as CEO.

What you will see less of this year is MRI attending Property Exhibitions. We have decided to leave that to the many partners that we deal with throughout the world; independent companies that have the right ethics and attitude, and that we endorse to promote our products.

On a personal note, after many years in this industry with a variety of different companies, I am very excited to be given the opportunity to be at the helm of the industry leader. Particularly as I believe 2009 will be a pivotal year. It will be the year that we look back on as when the recovery happened, and I look forward to dealing with many clients this year who have the foresight to recognize that ‘now’ really is the time to invest in Real Estate for long-term wealth.

Join me and make this a great year for yourself.

Dominic Pickering
Chief Executive Officer

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Marbella Real Estate Website by Marrison Properties

Marbella is a charming little town located in Costa del Sol, one of Spain’s most well-known coastal regions. A resort town, it is dotted with many luxurious beaches, swimming pools, golf courses, night clubs, and other recreational facilities. The rich and well-heeled are frequent visitors ofMarbella, either flying in from halfway around the world or owning one of the villas in the place. Business moguls, Hollywood and Spanish celebrities love to spend a weekend or two in this beautiful seaside town.

Aside from its beaches and watering holes, Marbella is also distinguished by its beautiful real estate properties done in the romantic designs characteristic of Spanish architecture. There are many villas, penthouses, apartments, flats, townhouses, and business establishments all around town—rustic yet sophisticated getaways from all the worries of the world.

You might wonder: How can I own one of them? Short of going to Spain yourself and contacting a local real estate agent to see what’s for sale, you can check out your prospects first by visiting the website of Marrison Properties. Marrison Properties doesn’t only have properties located in Marbella in their listing, but also those in Ojen, Golden Mile, Malaga, and Sierra Blanca among others.

“Our aim is to make the purchase of your property in Marbella and around the Costa del Sol an enjoyable one, as it should be, and to put as much time as is needed into finding the right place—villas, apartments, townhouses, flats, penthouses, inland country property, whatever it may be that you are looking for in the Marbella area,” says Guy Marrison, the owner of Marrison Properties.

Parallel to this goal, the firm has several services that you can avail of. First, they have several detailed guides to help you with the decision to purchase a property. There’s a buyer’s guide, a seller’s guide, the specifics on the purchasing cost, and how to employ a currency dealer.

Once you have decided to do business with them, they have many services to assist you with the processes involved in buying Spanish property. From buying and selling the property, renting it, to project management, furniture packages, property valuations, property surveys and property management, Marrison Properties will be there for you. In addition, they can assist you in choosing a mortgage plan and buying insurance for your home.

Their website has most of the information that you need. Pictures of the properties and their prices are posted in the site. If you’re looking for something specific, you can also use the search function embedded in the website. Marrison Properties also has a blog where you can read about the latest news on Marbella real estate and leave comments and suggestions. Of course, you can also reach them at the contact details provided.

Marrison Properties is a flourishing real estate firm in Marbella, Malaga. For more information, please visit www.marrisonproperties.com

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United Arab Emirates nabbed the top spot in TheMoveChannel’s investment property watch for October

Forcing Portugal off the top spot this month was the United Arab Emirates, which nabbed the top spot in TheMoveChannel’s investment property watch for October. However, Portugal did fight back to some extent, grabbing both second and third places…

UAE properties climbed from fourth place last month to take the gold in our investment property watch chart. Don’t assume it was Dubai. It was in fact Ajman, the smallest of the seven emirates.

Close to Dubai for job possibilities yet far enough away for peace and quiet, property in Ajman is becoming increasingly sought after by locals and foreign investors.

Prices in Ajman have not gone though the roof like those in neighbouring Dubai, so property in the emirate is still relatively affordable. Plans are in the pipeline for a new international airport which will make access easier and push prices higher.

Dan Johnson, Director of TheMoveChannel, said, “Ajman is the smallest emirate by size, but it certainly has big aspirations and was the first to offer investors of any nationality full and transparent freehold property ownership.

“Close to the Dubai airport and well connected via the Emirates road (traffic permitting), it has a wonderful old 16th century fort in the central square which is a must see, as well as an old Iranian souk, giving the city an authentic flavor,” added Mr Johnson.

The Algarve has long been a tourist hotspot, with more than five million visitors from across the globe making the pilgrimage to the sun, sand and sea each year.

Expats and investors from the UK are continuing to snap up property in Portugal, especially along coastline, despite being more expensive than some European destinations.

The Algarve’s popularity with holidaymakers means that foreign property owners have also been able to make money by letting their residence out to visitors. The Silver Coast has also become popular in recent years.

At number four on our investment property watch chart was property in Ajman Costa Rica, which is fast becoming the next property hot spot with international property investors eagerly anticipating a big boom in the country.

Costa Rica’s popularity has been growing for numerous reasons. With the slow down in the US economy, many US investors are looking abroad for safer markets with bigger potential profits.

The climate and beautiful natural scenery which includes everything from rainforests to volcanoes to beaches ensures that tourism in Costa Rica looks set to remain a prosperous industry for the foreseeable future which drives up demand for property.

Costa Rica is considered by many to be the strongest democracy in Central America with an independent judiciary ensuring the rights of investors. Unlike many other countries, Costa Rica also allows 100 per cent foreign ownership making it easy for US citizens buying investment property in Costa Rica.

Old favourite Italy made two appearances on the top ten table, at fifth and ninth place. An Italian property in the southern Italian village of Irsina took fifth place, proving that the interest in the south of the country is still growing.

Traditionally, the north of Italy has been the most popular, and the less fashionable southern regions were overlooked. But now, savvy investors seeking a cheaper property are increasingly turning their attentions to the south.

TheMoveChannel.com is a property website that was founded in 1999 as an online resource for buying, selling and learning about property. It now receives as many as 300,000 visits per month and advertises over 50,000 properties in nearly 90 countries, which are listed by over 500 partner organisations.

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Packaged Property Investments Have Had An Excellent 2008. Director Matthew Banks Talks About The Future

Packaged Property Investments Ltd have had an excellent 2008 securing projects in Poland and the Czech Republic. Despite the difficulties in the financial markets, Director Matthew Banks believes the company is still set for strong growth in 2009. ‘We have broadened our geographical base of developments in Europe. We have moved into second and third tier cities in Poland whilst also entering the Silver Coast in Portugal.’

Despite the difficulty in obtaining finance in the current market he explains why sales for the company have increased for the final quarter of 2008. ‘We pick the right product, at the right price and in excellent locations. We have extremely close relationships with our banking partners and as we secure and sell our projects at excellent prices, our clients have had far fewer difficulties in securing finance than our competitors.’

When quizzed about the direction of the company in the next couple of years he added ‘I see this as an exciting time for the company. We prefer the market to be difficult as it always creates a number of joint venture opportunities in our target cities. I also welcome some realism from local land-owners. We really did forecast the market well and the entry to our current territories seems to have paid off. We have seen a massive increase in the rental market with values holding up extremely well. I can see some buying opportunities coming in the next few months and always look forward to building relationships with our partners worldwide.’

Packaged Property Investments Ltd is a UK based property investment company that is involved in a number of projects with property in Poland, Czech Republic and Portugal.

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Thinkproperty.com Has Integrated Real Time Property News Content Into Its Site

Thinkproperty.com, a leading consumer property portal, has added real time property news to its website.

The new feature allows users to browse through the latest property news on selling, letting, buying and renting property, as well as information on estate agents, property prices and general market news. thinkproperty.com updates this news in real time via a bespoke news content feed on the site.

thinkproperty.com‘s directory of locations has also been improved to include targeted news content, as well as local area information such as school performance results and sold prices. Users can continue to browse through locations using the existing sitemap, but can now also perform a property search from the directory itself.

Mark Goddard, Managing Director of thinkproperty.com comments: “We are delighted with these exciting additions to thinkproperty.com. We know that research forms a large part of the home movers process when buying property, renting or selling property. Both of these changes will further enhance the user experience of the site, which remains at the heart of our development focus. “

thinkproperty.com holds over 600,000 properties from the UK and overseas, including 40,000 rental properties, and is currently working with over 6,000 estate agents who are uploading their stock to the site and benefit from an increasing number of leads originating from the property portal.

thinkproperty.com places Web 2.0 methodology at the heart of its functionality, with market-leading functionality including Google mapping, property ranking, RSS and Video Tours being core features.

About thinkproperty.com:
thinkproperty.com is wholly owned by GMG Property Services, a division within Guardian Media Group.

GMG Property Services Group also owns Vebra, the UK’s leading provider of software to independent estate agents, Core, CFP, The Media Design House and thinkproperty.com, the consumer-facing portal.

Guardian Media Group plc (‘GMG’) is one of the UK’s leading multimedia companies. Its diverse portfolio includes the Guardian and Observer newspapers and the Guardian Unlimited network of websites, the Manchester Evening News, a number of other regional newspapers in the North West and South of England, the Channel M city TV station and the Manchester Online website.

GMG also owned 13 regional radio stations by the end of 2007 under the Real Radio, Smooth Radio, Century FM and Rock Radio brands. Trader Media Group, one of Europe’s largest specialist print and online media companies, and publisher of the Auto Trader magazine and website is jointly owned by GMG and Apax Partners, with GMG as the majority shareholder.

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Balli Real Estate Have Created A New Website To Showcase The Core Activities Of Investor-Developer

Balli Real Estate Ltd, the UK and UAE based investor-developer, have launched their new website, located at www.balli-re.com, to showcase the company’s brand, services and its $3.5 billion property investment and property portfolio on the internet.

Built using a mixture of HTML and Flash Shockwave programmes, the new website is designed to be simple, stylish and easy to navigate. It sets out the company’s vision through a mixture of images and editorial contained in five main sections, complete with a series of sub-navigation drop down pages.

The new website provides a review of Balli Real Estate’s four core activities: fund management, joint venture developments, direct developments and bulk purchase investment.

Drawing on a series of panoramic images, the website explains how Balli Real Estate is involved in some of the most exciting and prestigious real estate projects in the world.

Balli Real Estate currently has a property portfolio of over $3 billion, comprised of more than 900,000 square feet of property under development with a Gross Development Value (GDV) of $800 million, and an additional 2 million square feet and a GDV of almost $2.5 billion in the pipeline.

The company operates in the UK and UAE and the Balli property portfolio includes four major residential and mixed use projects in Dubai providing a combined total of more than 1000 luxury residences.

The website contains details of the company’s senior management team including Vahid Alaghband, group chairman, Hassan Alaghband, Director, and Group Finance Director, David Spriddell. It also features testimonials from some of the company’s professional advisors and partners, including Sunland Group, CB Richard Ellis, Bank of Scotland Corporate and Forsters LLP.

As part of Balli‘s focus on customer service, the website has a special password protected information centre for clients, enabling them to gain access to development brochures, investment documents, development floorplans and legal contracts wherever they are in the world.

The website also has a careers and recruitment section, setting out Balli’s employment opportunities, as well as an interactive press centre which enables journalists to download press information and imagery and make enquiries.

Vahid Alaghband, Group Chairman of Balli comments: “Over 60% of potential purchasers looking for property use the internet as their primary research tool. We therefore felt it essential that we created a property specific website to complement our existing Group corporate website.”

The website was designed and produced by TTA Group, a specialist property marketing consultancy, part of PR market leader Chime Communications plc.

About Balli Real Estate
Balli Real Estate is a leading multi-national real estate investment and development company operating in the UK, the Middle East and other lucrative markets. In the United Arab Emirates the company operates under the Peacock Ventures Ltd brand. The company focuses on four key activities: fund management, joint venture developments, direct developments and bulk purchase investment, and is involved in some of the most exciting and prestigious real estate projects in the world such as luxury property in Dubai.

Balli Real Estate forms part of Balli Holdings, one of the UK’s largest private, multi-national corporations, headquartered in London. Established in 1982, Balli Holdings operates a number of affiliated companies specialising in commodity trading, real estate, industrial activities and aviation, with offices in key economic and business hubs around the world and operations in over 20 countries.

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Balli Real Estate Raises Profile By Continuing To Pursue New Opportunities In Middle East, As Part Of 3 5 Billion Of Real Estate Expansion Plans

Balli Real Estate, the property investment and development division of Balli Holdings, is raising its profile in the Middle East as part of a $3.5+ billion property development and investment portfolio expansion strategy.

Balli Real Estate is the property investment and development division of Balli Holdings and has a portfolio of over $3bn under management. This is comprised of over 900,000 sq ft of property under development with a gross development value (GDV) of some $800 million, and an additional 2 million sq ft and a GDV of almost $2.5 billion in the pipeline.

In addition to its real estate operations, Balli’s operations extend to steel trading, commodities trading, logistics, project and trade finance solutions.

Balli Real Estate has already invested in four major residential and mixed use projects in the UAE, under the Peacock Ventures brand, with a total of over 1,000 luxury residences. These include properties in the sought after Culture Village district and the prestigious Waterfront precinct.

As part of the drive to expand its portfolio of projects, Balli is now seeking more real estate investment opportunities in the region provided by developers, agents and landowners. As part of this, Balli Real Estate is sending a senior team to Cityscape Dubai 2008 (6th-9th October) to identify and review investment and development opportunities in the region. Balli’s representatives are looking forward to discussing its current and ongoing plans with its existing partners and to developing new relationships with other leading players in the real estate industry.

Vahid Alaghband, Group Chairman of Balli Group commented: “Balli Real Estate is a business that is growing rapidly and real estate represents a central pillar of Balli Group’s expansion and diversification strategy. We have found Dubai to be highly profitable and, as part of the Group’s commitment to identifying and capitalising on lucrative opportunities across a variety of industries and markets, we will continue to expand Balli Real Estate’s and Peacock Ventures’ operations in the Middle East and beyond in 2009.”

Hassan Alaghband, Director at Balli commented: “CityScape affords us the opportunity to inform and update the industry on Balli Real Estate’s ongoing and forward looking activities. In light of the significant returns the Group has enjoyed from our existing portfolio of investments in the Middle East and the impending establishment of our Dubai-based property fund, we are looking forward to using CityScape as a venue to meet with existing and new joint venture partners, developers, agents and contacts as well as potential investors wishing to take advantage of the market opportunities that the region undoubtedly presents.”

About Balli Real Estate
Balli Real Estate is the UK-based, internationally-focused real estate investment and development subsidiary of Balli Holdings – and leverages Balli’s global presence and local expertise to underpin its growing Global real estate activities.

About Balli Holdings
Balli Holdings, established in 1982 and headquartered in London, is one of the UK’s largest privately held multi-national corporations. Its affiliate companies deliver market leading solutions in industries that include project and trade finance, commodities tradinglogistics, risk management, aviation, manufacturing and real estate. Balli operates through a global network of offices in key economic and business hubs in over 20 countries.

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Real Estate Expert Kenn Renner Is Hosting A Series Of Timely Real Estate Seminars And Webinars Free Of Charge For Homeowners And Homebuyers

Real estate expert Kenn Renner rolls out timely seminars and webinars for homeowners and homebuyers in Austin, Texas. The educational series will cover an array of timely subjects with an emphasis on real estate. Topics include: investment, HUD foreclosures, debt cancellation, credit repair, college and retirement housing, goal setting and time management as well as property tax and income tax strategies. The seminars and webinars will be free of charge and will be held at various locations around Austin and Central Texas including colleges, universities and financial centers, including Amplify Credit Union (formerly IBM Credit Union).

One of Kenn’s timely presentations will include an in-depth study of the new legislation benefiting thousands of home seekers – “The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008” and will focus on the IRS’s $7,500 first time homebuyer tax credit. This credit will allow first time homebuyers (those who have not owned a home in the past three years) to receive a $7,500 tax “credit” akin to a tax refund. Home buyers that qualify must purchase and close on a new or resale home by July 1, 2009.

To register for one of these events visit: http://www.BuyAustin.com contact Kenn Renner directly – call/text (512) 423-5626.

About Kenn Renner:

Kenn is a national speaker and author on the subject of real estate and investment. He was recently featured on national television with appearances on several episodes of the top rated HGTV show “House Hunters”. Kenn is an active real estate broker and has been consistently ranked as one of the top 5 agents of “sold homes” by the Austin Business Journal. His real estate career spans over twenty five years and in the past three years he has closed over $80,000,000 in residential transactions.

Because of the advances of video technology online, many of Kenn Renner’s seminars are offered for free on video and can be viewed on various websites including:


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Oyster Festival Coming To Ocean Isle Beach Great Time To Buy Nc Beach Property

The Ocean Isle Beach Oyster Festival should not be missed! Come see for yourself and take advantage of the great prices and buy NC beach property…

The waters of Brunswick County produce an abundance of oyster and each year the North Carolina Oyster Festival is held to celebrate the mollusk. Ocean Isle Beach is proud to present the 28th anniversary of the Oyster Festival on October 18-19. Over 45,000 people attend this festival and it is a great time for to buy NC beach property!!

The 28th Annual North Carolina Oyster Festival will feature live entertainment, arts and crafts vendors, festival food, a road race, kid’s area, North Carolina Oyster Shucking Championships and an Oyster Stew Cook-off.

The Ocean Isle Beach Oyster Festival should not be missed! Come see for yourself and take advantage of the great prices and buy NC beach property! Check out our available properties at www.sarahharrisrealtor.com/listings.asp.

For more information contact Sarah Harris at 910-209-2535 or SarahHarris@atmc.net.

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Secureasale Has Relaunched Its Website At A Perfect Time For Desperate Home Owners Looking For Fast House Sales

SecureASale, a premier cash home-buying service in London has this week relaunched its website, www.secureasale.co.uk.

The online refurbishment comes at the perfect time for many home owners, desperately looking for fast house sales to release home equity as the credit crisis looks set to continue for the next year.

Run by property experts, Tim Jackson and Eli Robinson, SecureASale offers home owners up to 90% of the value of their property in cash and can, in many cases, exchange contracts within a week of the initial home viewing!

As many families are looking at ways to tighten their belts, SecureASale’s cash home-buying service can ensure that those that need to move for any reason (whether it be a new job elsewhere, a divorce or repossession and money worries) are able to quickly and easily thanks to their fast house sales policy.

Because SecureASale always buy directly from the owner, clients do not have to worry about estate agent fees either, so 100% of the sale price goes to the seller. SecureASale even guarantees to pay all solicitors’ costs.

This week, leading estate agent publication, The Negotiator, heralded Jackson and Robinson as, “not a pair to dismiss” and “a bad estate agent’s worst nightmare!”

Through its fast house sales service, SecureASale hopes to reinvigorate the stagnating London property market by offering Londoners fair cash prices for their homes.

Visit the brand new website for further details of this exceptional service atwww.secureasale.co.uk.

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Select Property Has Launched West Avenue, A 32 Storey Luxury Manhattan Style Complex On Dubai Marina

Select Property, UK based overseas property developer, launch new 32 storey luxury Manhattan style Dubai Marina complex following six previous sell-out off-plan developments

West Avenue is a joint development partnership for Select Property combined with Dubai based Select Group, and is the seventh tower to be launched by the companies – who have already sold out six off-plan developments on Dubai Marina.

Contemporary in style, West Avenue offers studios, one and two bedroom apartments, along with two bedroom Marina and City Suites and luxury penthouses. All 273 units in the exclusive West Avenue development have been designed specifically for spacious, open plan living.

Acknowledged as the height of Dubai living, Dubai Marina is the largest man-made marina in the world. Situated in the central part of the marina, studios in West Avenue are available with a 15 year non-status payment plan. Purchasers also benefit from the security of an Escrow account, protecting their funds during the build phase.

Prices for property in Dubai Marina have soared over the last few years with the average price per square foot rising from £120 in 2005 to £342 in 2008, making properties in the area a sound capital investment. A key driver for the continued growth is Dubai Marina’s excellent location.

Mark Stott, CEO of Select Property, explained: “Dubai Marina is undeniably one of the most desirable locations for residential property in the Emirate. Located off the Sheikh Zayed Road and Jumeirah Beach, and in close proximity to the commercial areas of Dubai Media City and Internet City, Dubai Marina appeals to both the business and leisure resident. It is perfect for investors looking to benefit from the ongoing Dubai propertyboom.”

West Avenue will offer facilities catering for all needs including a swimming pool, sauna and steam room, modern gym, shopping, dining facilities, and 24 hour security.

Dubai attracts a number of markets to its sun kissed shores, not least property investment. In an economy that is defying the credit crunch, Dubai is still hugely popular with the holidaymaker and those looking for a more permanent luxury home, and demand for property looks set to outstrip supply until the end of the decade (Source: Meed Real Estate report 2007).

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Even With The High Gas Prices And The Down Economy Endless Summer Vacation Rentals Did Well

Sloan Realty & Management Ltd. and Endless Summer Vacations announce. Even with the high gas prices and the down economy Endless Summer Vacation Rentals did well. The real estate market did slow down over the summer but the last two weeks of August Sloan Realty & Management had an increase in calls from people looking to purchase condos and single family properties. The sales associates are looking for a better fall with the low interest rates and real estate prices back to the 2001, 2002 price levels. Also, there is plenty of inventory, that means the sellers will negotiate their price in order to sell first.

Sloan Realty & Endless Summer Vacations specializes in real estate sales and vacation rentals. They have been in the Myrtle Beach area for over 35 years and plan to serve the area for many years to come.

If you would like more information on the article please contact Bill Genovese BIC. bill@sloanrealty.com

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New Website Offers Many New Lead Generation Tools For Home Owners And Real Estate Agents

MilitaryForSaleForRent.com (MilitaryForSaleForRent.com), a real estate website especially designed for military families, announced today the launch of its redesigned website featuring industry standard tools for home owners, home seekers as well as real estate agents. http://www.militaryforsaleforrent.com

“Every year one-third military relocates. This figure crosses 500,000 making it a huge real estate market for many real estate service providers. Relocation order brings a new challenge in daily life, no matter how many times you have relocated in past. You have to start from the ground. Find new home, sell existing one (if owned), relocate and get settled. In this process many service providers work for you but it’s hard to find them when you have limited time. We understand the mess and started MilitaryForSaleForRent.com to bring home owners, buyers, renters, sellers, real estate professionals on the same ground.”

RSS is a popular format for syndicating information on the internet and MilitaryForSaleForRent.com provides different RSS feeds for its listings. This can be very useful tool for real estate agents to re-publish their listings in other websites without re-posting. Listings’ RSS feed contain complete listing data with property images. Agents may decide how much information they want to display using these feeds.

There are many RSS to HTML conversion tools available on internet which may convert RSS in simple HTML format, ready for copy and paste.

Home seekers can save search in their favorite rss/news reader, either online or offline. If using desktop RSS reader, internet is required only for updating the feeds, and information will be stored in desktop pc which is accessible even without internet connection.

Realty-Flyer (color flyer) is another eye-catching tool of MilitaryForSaleForRent.com. Just click a button and your flyer’s HTML code is available to you with a permanent link to hosted version of flyer. You may either send the link to your friends, family or colleagues or use the provided “html” code to post your listing in other classifieds website or blog etc.

Printable flyer is old but effective tool to generate leads. MilitaryForSaleForRent.com provides you printable flyer for offline distribution of property details available for sale/rent.

Virtual Property Show (VPS) is an eye-catching feature of MilitaryForSaleForRent.com. It converts your property images in dynamic virtual show and displays on property details page. Remember, a photo has million words but VPS adds a few more million words value to your photos by converting it in virtual property show.

Google map locator on listing details page helps visitor to locate the property on street map, with option to change view from street to satellite for more live preview.

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) Calculator is one of the most popular tools of MilitaryForSaleForRent.com among military. Just input your rank and zip code and it displays your basic allowances for housing with and without dependents in your area.

MilitaryForSaleForRent.com and its network of websites promote property listings to large community of home seekers, which result more leads. It’s a power of RSS and XML feeds which MilitaryForSaleForRent.com knows how to utilize.

About MilitaryForSaleForRent.com:
MilitaryForSaleForRent.com is a small team of professionals, working hard to provide the best marketing platform to military community for their housing and relocation needs. For more information, please visit http://www.militaryforsaleforrent.com

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