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Search Office Space Adds New Business Centre in Exclusive Knightsbridge

SOS > Search Office Space expands its world class commercial real estate database of serviced offices further with the latest addition of a prestigious business centre in London’s exclusive Knightsbridge.

The new serviced offices in Knightsbridge offer clients the opportunity to do business in one of London’s premier addresses. In addition, the new business centre offers an impressive package of office services and IT capacity that is scaled to fit business needs of any size.

The new business centre in Knightsbridge is in one of the most exclusive commercial and residential parts of London. Lying to the west of Central London, the new centre is in close proximity to Belgravia, Chelsea, Mayfair and Hyde Park.

An up market district, very few office space providers have managed to gain entry in this exclusive area. Home to major national luxury retailers such as the iconic Harrods, Harvey Nichols, and Peter Jones, Knightsbridge is also the chosen bases of renowned international designers such as Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik. The high concentration of top end commercial activity makes Knightsbridge an office space market unlike any other in metropolitan London. In addition, Knightsbridge is only one of two international centres under further development through the London Plan. The purpose of the development proposals under the London Plan is to build on the current economic base and promote internationally.

The market for Knightsbridge office rentals is among the most expensive and attractive in the world. Being a commercial hub, the area is in high demand not only from the residential sector but also from the commercial sector. With such a strong demand for commercial office space in Knightsbridge, very few firms actually succeed in acquiring business in this market. The historically consistent demand for Knightsbridge office rentals is largely unaffected by high letting rates which currently average £110.79 per square foot. This is an increase from rates of £103.46 during September. While other high price markets around the world have shown a decline in demand and rental rates, prices for office space in Knightsbridge have remained relatively stable. The new business centre is due to open in April 2009, however, serviced office space is currently being let off plan.

Richard Smith, SOS > Search Office Space Managing Director and founder commented: “This new addition in Knightsbridge is ideal, especially since the options for office space to rent are limited in the area. I would not be surprised to see the centre opening in April with an occupancy rate of over 95%. Knightsbridge is a well sought after location in London, and the office solution and rate offered by the centre is unique in the area.”

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Self Directed IRA Investors Cash In From First Time Homebuyer Credit Extension

The recent extension of the $8000 Federal First Time Homebuyers Tax Credit along with the deflation of real estate prices across the country “may bring about an opportunity for those who know how to purchase real estate and have money inside an IRA,” says Josh Moore, President of Truly Self Directed.

The public is beginning to recognize the income potential represented by low-cost real estate and an increasing number of consumers are looking towards the possibility of using a self directed IRA in order to make these investments a part of their retirement strategy.

Self directed IRAs are themselves rapidly becoming more popular with Americans looking nervously at the still unsettled stock market as they plan for

retirement. Especially in the midst of a recession, real estate is looking like a safer bet than stocks or mutual funds; and the returns are typically far higher than those seen with a traditional IRA invested in a CD.

“With housing prices lower than they’ve been in years and the First Time Home Buying Tax Credit being extended until June of next year, this is unique time within the real estate market. There is an enhanced number of willing buyers out there right now, and for those investors who are willing to purchase real estate in their IRA, there’s a lot of potential to capitalize on low home prices and an increased buyer’s pool,” adds Moore.

“A self directed IRA isn’t the right choice for everyone – but then again, neither is a traditional IRA earning next to no returns in CDs. For anyone interested in growing their IRA outside the stock market, now may be an ideal time to look into real estate while the First Time Home Buying Tax Credit is still available,” adds Moore.

About Truly Self Directed:
Truly Self Directed is an Austin, Texas based firm specializing in structuring and managing self directed IRAs, a more flexible alternative to the traditional IRA. For more information about Truly Self Directed and their self directed IRA services, please visit: www.IRALLCPartner.com.

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Scottsdale Real Estate Demand Surges as Tax Credit Got a New Lifeline

The Scottsdale real estate market is again soaring high, thanks to Pres. Obama, and his decision to extend the tax credit deadline on the home deals for the first time home buyers till April 30, 2010. The original deadline for the $8,000 tax credit break was November 30, 2009. The Obama administration has also made some changes in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to enable existing home owners avail the tax credit on the purchase of a bigger primary residence.

The updated version of the tax credit has announced a tax break of 10% of the total purchase price of the home amounting to maximum $8,000 for the first time home buyer. It also includes a tax break of $6,500 for the existing home owners who want to shift to a bigger primary residence. To qualify for the first time home buyers’ tax credit, the applicant has to show that he or she has not owned a home in last three years. To qualify for the existing home owners’ tax credit, the applicant needs to show ownership and occupancy of a primary residence for at least 5 consecutive years in the last 8 years.

“In Scottsdale, since the news came, we are seeing a significant rise in the inflow of buyers,” said Morgan H Hodges, a managing partner of MoJo Realty Group. He further added, “The first phase of the credit break pulled the first time home buyers into the market, and this new extension worked as a magnet to pull those who always wanted to move into a bigger and better house. Scottsdale real estate is hot now.”

Any single tax payer or married couple filing joint return can apply for the tax credit. The single filer should have gross earnings of less than $125,000, and joint filers should have gross earnings of up to $225,000 to avail a full tax credit under the updated American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. A single filer earning between $125,000 and $145,000, and a joint filers earning between $225,000 and $245,000 will be eligible for the partial tax credit only. Any single filer earning more than $145,000, and any joint filers earning more than $245,000 are not eligible for any tax credit.

One should keep in mind that a property of more than $800,000 sale price will not qualify for the tax credit, and to qualify for the tax credit, the property contract needs to be signed on or before April 30, 2010 and the sale should be finalized on or before June 30, 2010.

“Everyone in Scottsdale is happy with this extension and inclusion of existing home buyers in the tax credit,” said Josh W. Hintzen, managing partner of MoJo Realty Group. “These changes have brought many buyers into the market. The demand for single family homes is one the rise, and the home prices are steady. As of now, we are not seeing any sign of decline in the Scottsdale real estate market in the coming months.”

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Kenn Renner Unveils Website For The Avery Ranch Golf Course Community

Kenn Renner has long been the top producer for one of the most desired real estate locations in Central Texas. The popular Avery Ranch was much awaited when first opened in 2000, with Kenn sold 17 homes the first day they went on sale.

Avery Ranch Golf Course Community

In addition to the traditional items found on a real estate website, Kenn states that his site gives extensive history of Avery Ranch, provides videos and provides additional information on multiple aspects of home buying. Kenn provides seminars as well, with more information available on his new website www.BuyAveryRanch.com.

Kenn has now dedicated an entire website to this premium real estate location. Kenn says, “Avery Ranch has over 4,000 homes and over 1800 acres, with an award winning golf course and club house.” He highlights the amenities on his site, such as the pools and beautiful outdoor recreation opportunities. In addition to these amenities, there are playscapes, tennis courts – and an outdoor amphitheater.

In the Avery Ranch predevelopment stage, Kenn had visited one of original homes, and was attracted to the history of the Avery Ranch location. During this time, Renner states that he walked nearly all the lot lines personally and watched almost all of the homes being built. Kenn embraces the rich history of Avery Ranch, as it is a “true icon of central Texas.” Kenn states that the developers managed to “preserve the integrity of the Texas Hill Country experience” while still giving residents a great place to live, shop and work.

With over 200 home closings in the Avery Ranch since the golf course community opened, Kenn has sold more homes than any other realtor in the Avery Ranch location. As a top performer, his new website allows home buyers and sellers to view and market properties.

Kenn’s new website, www.BuyAveryRanch.com, is dedicated not only to the established neighborhoods in the Avery Ranch Real Estate, but also features the new additions of Pearson Place and Avery Station. “These two new developments,” says Kenn, “are just south of Avery Ranch,” and Avery Ranch’s “legacy continues to grow” as this area remains one of the top selling areas in central Texas.

Buyers and sellers alike are continuing to benefit from Kenn’s experience as he launches his new website to showcase not only the homes available in the beautiful Avery Ranch, but he highlights the new developments happening in the community as well. Avery Ranch homebuyers and sellers alike can easily view the homes for sale and comparison shop.

Visit either one of his websites for more information on buying or selling a home in Avery Ranch or one of the new additions of Pearson Place or Avery Station. www.BuyAustin.com or the site specifically for Avery Ranch – www.BuyAveryRanch.com to find useful information.

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Kenn Renner with BuyAustin.com Updates Austin on the First Time Home Buyer Extension

The First Time Homebuyer Credit was signed into Law in February 2009 to help stimulate the slumping housing market. The original Bill contained an $8000 tax credit for first time home buyers who purchased a home between January 1, 2009 and November 30, 2009. This past Friday the $8000 tax credit was extended past the November 30th deadline.

Kenn Renner

This extension will extend the tax credit to include contracts signed by April 30th and are closed by June 30th next year. In addition, the extension will include a $6500 tax credit to those who have had a least 5 years of consecutive homeownership 5 out of the last 8 years. “Therefore, this extension not only benefits first-time homebuyers, but also homeowners, says Kenn Renner, first-time home buying expert with BuyAustin.com.

Mr. Renner says his office had been inundated with calls about the first extension. With the credit having been extended he said, “The fact there is a cutoff for contract leads me to believe that this will not be extended again. So anyone who is eligible and wants to take advantage of the tax break needs to take action sooner than later.”

Kenn Renner reminds those who want to take advantage of this extension that there are a few rules that new homebuyers need to be aware of:

1. Homes must be under contract for purchase by April 30th, 2010 and close by June 30, 2010.

2. Home buyers can receive the tax credit by amending their current tax returns, thus not having to wait until filing their tax returns next year and receiving the credit quicker.

3. Income limitations have been expanded.

4. The tax credit is no longer limited to just first time home buyers (considered those that have not owned a primary residence in the past 3 year), repeat home buyers that qualify and have lived in a primary residence for 5 out of the past 8 years qualify.

5. New or resale, Single Family, Condos & Townhomes all qualify for the credit as long as they become primary residences.

It is projected that 1.8 million homebuyers will benefit from the first time homebuyer credit by the end of this November. The National Association of Realtors believes approximately 355,000, nearly 20%, would not have purchased their new home without the First Time Home Buyer Program.

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The Real Estate IRA Is No Longer Your Grandma’s Retirement Plan

With the stock market constantly proving itself to be unstable, investors are turning to another method of investing for their retirement. Truly Self Directed IRA (www.IRALLCPartner.com) is a company that is providing new options for investors by giving them safety from the volatile nature of today’s stock market.

While some critics of this type of plan have stated that the market always bounces back, the current recovery is seen as a reaction to the government stimulus plan and, therefore, is not sustainable. Investors are now looking for alternatives to the market and many of these people believe that real estate IRA is the way to go.

Josh Moore of Truly Self Directed IRA states that “there has been a significant increase in the number of real estate IRA deals being done.” This bodes well for the future of this type of investments, “as many people are now choosing this method over the stock market,” Moore adds.

This is a direct backlash from the amount of money that has been lost in the stock market over the past couple of years. Individuals have been forced to work well beyond their perceived retirement date because their retirement funds have been depleted.

In some cases, these individuals have seen their funds decrease by 50% in a very short span, which “rarely happens around the median home priced real estate market. People need a place to live no matter what is happening on Wall Street. Even though the real estate market did go through some short term problems, it has rebounded in many parts of the country and has truly stabilized,” states Moore.

The Real estate IRA is meant to help people take control of their own destinies by giving them some control over where their personal investments are placed. “The days of relying on a big company or a large government pension is no longer a sustainable strategy for retirees because these program seem to always receive cuts, especially during and following a recessionary period. Therefore, it is a wise idea for every investor to evaluate their investment strategy and take personal responsibility for their own retirement plan.

Moore says, “we are starting to see a trend where younger investors are asking about the Real Estate IRA. This trend is increasing for a number of reasons:

1. Many are seeking to truly diversify.
2. Many want control over where their retirement funds are invested.
3. Many realize homes will always be in demand.
4. Many of the 30 and 40 somethings realize there is not going to be a safety net
for them like Social Security so they must take the initiative now or face a substandard lifestyle during their retirement years.”

In addition, “many wonder with the current state of the economy and the loses suffered over the past year whether they will be able to retire,” concludes Moore.

For more information on real estate IRA, contact Josh Moore at
http://www.IRALLCPartner.com/ or 877-339-4559.

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Homeowners Should Treat Winter as a Threat to Their Home

Homeowners in regions that receive the nasty end of winter weather should listen up: a quality homeowners insurance policy is essential to make it through the harsh and brutal winter unscathed. According to an article recently published on InsuranceAgents.com, homeowners should follow several simple tips to make sure that their home stays protected and they avoid having to file a homeowners insurance claim.

“Winter also brings periods of heavy snow, ice, and other elements that could endanger a home and force a homeowner to file an unwanted homeowners insurance claim,” according to the InsuranceAgents.com article titled, ‘Winter Hazards and Homeowners Insurance.’ “With winter rapidly approaching, you should be sure that your homeowners insurance policy is adequate enough to hold up during any kind of winter-type damage that could be sustained by your home.”

The first tip that all homeowners should exercise is keeping their sidewalks and driveway shoveled and salted as much as possible. This not only avoids a liability suit if someone should accidentally slip and fall but it also avoids a damage claim should a vehicle slip and slide into the garage thanks to an unsalted driveway.

Also, homeowners should do their best to keep their roof clear of snow. Obviously, it isn’t necessary to shovel the roof every time it snows but if the homeowner notices interior doors sticking then that might be an indication there is too much snow weight on the roof. It could lead to bigger and more expensive problems such as a roof collapse if that snow isn’t dealt with promptly.

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For Sale By Owner Meets Online Dating

Sellmestraight.com has just launched a revolutionary concept in for sale by owner home sales modeled off of popular online dating sites. But rather than matching people with their dream date, sellmestraight.com aims to match buyers with their dream home. Using sophisticated profile based matching, sellmestraight.com is as much an “emotion engine” as a search engine, including criteria such as buyer tastes and preferences into the home search process.

The primary deficiency with most online real estate sites, is that they focus too much on brick and mortar and pay little attention to the emotional aspects of buying a home, which are sometimes the greatest motivating factors when making a major purchase. Eric Little, the site’s founder said “the motivation behind creating sellmestraight.com came from first had experiences both as both a buyer and seller. As a buyer, I was frustrated that the intangible elements of my home search were largely overlooked. A house that looked great on paper often fell far short when viewing in person, especially when it came to personal preferences such as the type of neighborhood”.

In regard to selling a property, Little said “as a home seller attempting to sell by owner, I was discouraged that there was no good way to reach out proactively to interested buyers. I am proud to say the selling tools provided by sellmestraight.com offer home sellers the ability to proactively reach out to interested buyers, representing an unprecedented advantage for motivated home sellers”. – ecoogle

Combining an intuitive and interactive interface between buyer and seller, along with unparalleled advantage of the exclusive seller tools, sellmestraight.com may prove to be the future of for sale by owner home sales. Experience the revolution for yourself at www.sellmestraight.com.

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Self Directed IRA Holders Find A Silver Lining To The Foreclosure Crisis

With foreclosures at all time highs and the stock market still not quite on solid ground, investors are focusing their activities on other markets, especially stable commodities and real estate. According to the latest indicators, it seems certain that the unprecedented level of foreclosures is set to continue even as the housing market slowly recovers. For many, it’s a tragic situation – and for others, a time of unparalleled opportunity.

There are quite a few IRA holders who are also interested in making investments in real estate given the sheer number of homes either in the foreclosure process, or already owned by financial institutions. However, traditional IRAs don’t allow the holders of these accounts the freedom to decide that they would like to take advantage of current market conditions to make investments in this very exciting market.

The answer may lie in something known as a self directed IRA, which as the name implies, is a retirement fund, which allows for the holder to make decisions about where their contributions to the account are invested – including in real estate, as president of the Austin firm Truly Self Directed, Josh Moore explains:

“Unfortunately, it does not appear that the current wave of foreclosures is going to subside anytime soon. Many investors are uncertain about the stock market and a lot of people are turning to what they know versus the unknowns of the stock market.”

“People with IRA / 401ks are looking for something they know can provide them a return on their investment – and that’s real estate. Investors who purchase real estate with IRA funds may actually be an important part of a viable free market solution to a less than ideal situation,” adds Moore.

About Truly Self Directed:
A self directed IRA such as those offered by Moore’s firm allow investors to take funds earning very low returns in traditional investment vehicles and put them to work as they see fit, including profitable sectors like real estate and development.

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MLK Insurance Announces Renters Insurance Website

MLK Insurance, recognizing the growing need for New York renters to insure their belongings, has announced the launch of NY-RENTERSINSURANCE.COM, a site dedicated solely to the renters insurance maket in New York. Many residents in New York are under the impression that their personal property is covered by their landlord in the event of a fire or theft.

Consequently, by not carrying the necessary coverage, there has been a huge number of New York renters left out in the cold when it comes to replacing their damaged or stolen contents. These contents can add up to significant amounts when you factor in the cost of replacing major items like tvs, computers, stereo equipment and furnishings. Increased burglaries in the current economic environment coupled with the coming holiday season which historically has triggered an increase in crimes against personal property, make the next few months a key time to secure the proper coverage. With that in mind, NY-RENTERSINSURANCE.COM was launched to have a quick and easy portal in which consumers can get a quote on the coverage they need. In most cases, same day coverage is available and low deposits of as little as $10 are needed to secure coverage.

Policies start for as little as $55 year for basic coverage which includes $100,000 liability coverage-in case you are sued by someone accidentally injured in your apartment. In addition, the policy pays for any additional living expenses you incur if you are forced out of your apartment while repairs are made. Policyholders have used this coverage for reimbursement on the cost of hotel rooms and eating out and it has prevented them from having to seek out a shelter.

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The Approaching Tax Credit Deadline Is Pushing The First-Time Home Buyers Into The Market

There is a panic in the real estate market, but it’s no longer the panic driven by falling prices. The approaching tax credit deadline is creating the panic, and pushing the first-time home buyers into the market. The current rise in the demand for the Scottsdale real estate can be credited to this change in regulation.

As the November 30 deadline is closing in, the prospective home owners are trying hard to secure a deal before it is too late. The nationwide tax credit of $8,000 has worked as a catalyst in bringing the first-time home buyers to the Scottsdale and Phoenix real estate market. “The Scottsdale real estate market is hot and has been since spring, especially homes price under $400,000,” said Josh W. Hintzen, managing partner of MoJo Realty Group. He further added, “And with the November 30 deadline on the horizon, we’ve seen the Scottsdale real estate market gain momentum.”

As estimated by IRS, since February when the tax credit came in effect, in Arizona alone 38,000 taxpayers have taken the benefit under this plan, and around 1.4 million people nationwide have applied for the tax rebate. It is worth noting here that the U.S. median home price plummeted by 28 percent over 3 years in January. At that time, the market sentiment was at the lowest in 7 year.

It was only after the Congress approved American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 that the market started to recover. The first-time home buyers have been responsible for 43 percent of the home sales since the law came into effect. In a survey conducted by a leading market research company, 70 percent of the first-time home buyers said that the $8,000 rebate played a role in their purchase decision.

“The government stimulus package, falling interest rates, and well priced homes have brought buyer’s back into the housing market in Scottsdale, Phoenix and nationwide,” said Morgan H Hodges, a managing partner of MoJo Realty Group. “Supply has gone down and demand has gone up. We are in a much better market than we were 2 years ago. The numbers don’t lie.”

Realtors are divided on whether this surge and excitement in the housing market is temporary or here to stay. Some believe that the increase in home sales is mainly due to the stimulus package. Others believe that home buyers and investors have shed their fears and are back in the market regardless of the tax incentive.

Lately, there has been a lot of speculation in regards to the deadline of the first time home buyer’s tax credit. Will the government extend the cut-off date? If extended, will the credit be increased to $15,000? Will it be available to all buyer’s and not just first time home buyers? At this point, the tax incentive is set to expire November 30th and buyers should take advantage of the $8,000 while they still can.

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Kenn Renner Teams Up With DR Horton To Warn About Expiring Federal Tax Credit

Top Austin real estate broker and author, Kenn Renner, with Buy Austin (www.BuyAustin.com) and DR Horton, Austin’s largest home builder, has reported they can only accept contracts for individuals who qualify for the first time home buying federal tax credit for a few more weeks. Although a hard deadline has not been set by either organization, first time homebuyers who do not take action now seriously risk missing the November 30th cut-off set by the government.

Top Austin real estate broker and author, Kenn Renner, with Buy Austin www.BuyAustin.com and DR Horton, Austin’s largest home builder reminds first time homebuyers of the impending deadline for the $8000 Federal Tax Credit, which is due to expire on Monday November 30th, 2009. Kenn urges first time home buyers who want to make use of the $8000 tax credit, “to purchase their home within the next few weeks in order to meet the first time home buyer federal tax credit deadline.”

Last February, President Barack Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 in order to help kick start the sluggish US housing market. One of the key components of the Act was the creation of the $8000 first time home buyer federal tax credit. “The $8000 federal tax credit is essentially a free gift from the federal government,” says Renner, www.BuyAustin.com broker and a first time home buyer specialist.

The first time home buyer federal tax credit has been received favorably by many consumers, real estate professionals, and home builders across the US. “The first time home buyer federal tax credit has been successful because there is always a positive economic ripple effect each time a home is purchased,” says Renner. In addition, “its success has been fueled by “pent up demand, low interest rates and lower home prices,” Renner continues.

The National Association of Realtors recently reported that 53% of today’s homebuyers are first timers due in part to the $8000 federal tax credit. “Homebuyers just need to realize that the tax gift is going away and that now is the time to take action,” Renner urges.

Renner warns home buyers who wish to take advantage of the $8000 federal tax credit to focus primarily on available housing inventory. Renner adds, “although there are great deals for buyers in the short sale market, foreclosures and with bank owned REO companies, they unfortunately cannot process the contracts quick enough to meet the deadline. Therefore, buyers should focus on builder inventory or resale homes that are owner occupied in order to close before the impending deadline.”

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Edinburgh-Based Ocean Serviced Apartments Responds To The Growing Number Of Business Clients By Providing Dedicated Corporate-Level Accommodation

Business travellers are switching to the value and comfort of serviced apartments to seal the deal. Edinburgh-based Ocean Serviced Apartments has responded to the growing number of business clients, looking for economy and luxury combined, by providing dedicated corporate-level accommodation.

Ocean Serviced Apartments

When the UK’s newest operator in the sector, Ocean Serviced Apartments, offered high-spec accommodation for corporate clients, they anticipated that many guests would also want to use their waterfront address to entertain too. “And why not?” asks Matthew Hansen one of Ocean’s Corporate Account managers. “If you’re working in Edinburgh for a limited time, be that a few days or a few months, there’s no needing go to the additional expense of a meeting place, when you can easily use one of our corporate-level apartments as a place to live, and as somewhere to hold an informal meeting”.

Certainly, Ocean Serviced Apartments offer an inspiring location. With views of the Edinburgh skyline and the waters of the Firth of Forth there are few locations that come close to this impressive new-build. “We’re on the edge of the city centre, rather than being out of town”, adds Matthew Hansen. “So we avoid all the usual problems, like parking and congestion, while still being close to all the city amenities”.

Ocean’s two-bedroomed Corporate Apartments all have complimentary wifi, and TV and radio so you can Wake Up To Money and doze off to the Financial World Tonight. They’re all furnished to a premium standard. With nightly rental available from £70, corporate guests have excellent flexibility and a great view of Edinburgh to impress clients.

Ocean Serviced Apartments, Western Harbour, Edinburgh. 0131 553 7394www.oceanservicedapts.com.

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Brasil Investments Helps Foreign Investors Find Prime Real Estate In Brazil

Brasil Investments is leading the charge to help foreign investors find prime real estate properties in and around Brazil. The land division program within Brasil Investments has created a team of knowledgeable experts who specialize in acquisition and development of real estate properties. These experts include a legal team that understands the intricacies of Brazilian law and a knowledgeable group of financial authorities who understand the Brazilian real estate market inside and out.

Properties that are offered by Brasil Investments meet the highest standards. We work closely with all our investors and ensure that they are only selecting a top property f r o m the best available land and properties available. The investment professionals on staff help guide investors through the process of purchasing land for both personal and commercial use and only offer properties that they would be willing to purchase for themselves.

Brasil Investments offers the widest range of first-class Brazilian properties available f r o m any single firm and offers a 1,000 Euro cash back incentive for investors upon receipt of a signed contract and first payment. In effect, this is to show that the team at Brasil Investments values their clients and wants to instill the highest amount of confidence possible with their investors.

For additional information regarding Brasil Investments and a complete prospectus on properties offered, please contact them through their Web site at http://brasilinvestments.com/contact.

About Brasil Investments:
Brasil Investments is a property and real estate investment firm located in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. They provide investment services and property tours to foreign clients wishing to do business in Brazil.

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Renters Take Responsibility with Renters Liability Insurance

As an apartment or condo renter, it’s your responsibility to take care of your guests. Part of that responsibility includes owning renters liability insurance to avoid falling into a financial hole if a guest were to get injured on your property. A recently published article on InsuranceAgents.com discusses the significance of renters liability insurance and how it’s become a necessity rather than a luxury to own.

“If you are renting a house, condo, or apartment and you haven’t looked into purchasing renters liability insurance then you might want to start,” the article, Get Covered With Renters Liability Insurance, suggests. “Renters liability insurance is one component of a larger renters policy. A standard renters insurance policy generally comes with contents coverage, liability coverage, and external living expense coverage. However, you should not consider a renters policy unless it has adequate renters liability insurance coverage.”

You should also not consider a policy if it excludes the following: coverage for damage or injury caused by you or your property in your home as well as outside of your home (not including auto accidents), coverage for medical costs and legal bills that could result from said damage or injury, and a substantial coverage limit of at least $500,000.

Go to InsuranceAgents.com for renters or homeowners insurance quotes from up to five local agents.

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More Serviced Apartments Added To SilverDoor’s Website

SilverDoor has expanded its website to reflect its ever growing portfolio which now includes 954 apartment buildings in 186 towns and cities around the world.

Chris Gee, sales director at SilverDoor said: “Business is booming at the moment. One of the benefits of operating globally is that there are always lots of new serviced apartment buildings opening. Given the shortage of supply of serviced apartments in general, one of the main keys to our expansion is the continued growth in supply of new serviced apartment buildings.”

A recent addition is a selection of serviced apartments in Milton Keynes. These apartments are situated within a ten minute walk of the main shopping centre and a good selection of bars, cafes and restaurants. Ideal as business accommodation, the mainline train station is a short walk away and has a direct service to London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester. Each modern furnished apartment includes a comfortable living area, a fully equipped kitchen and a luxury bathroom with a bath and a shower. Apartment features include a secure video entry system, free broadband internet access and a flat screen TV with Sky satellite channels. These serviced apartments and penthouses also enjoy south facing balconies and complimentary parking is also provided for one car.

As well as Milton Keynes, SilverDoor has added some new serviced apartments in Nottingham. Situated on the Ropewalk, these stylish and contemporary Nottingham serviced apartments are conveniently located near to the town centre. Residents have access to the popular shopping areas, renowned boutiques, designer stores and a great selection of bars, restaurants, cinemas and theatres. These modern apartments are well suited to those who require a short-term corporate rental as the business and commercial districts are within a ten minute walk. Each one and two bedroom apartment is beautifully furnished and includes a large living area and dining area, a modern kitchen with a complete range of appliances, master bedroom with king size beds and a separate bathroom.

About SilverDoor
SilverDoor offers serviced apartments in over 170 locations globally such as London, Paris, New York, Abu Dhabi and Toyko. SilverDoor has also just added to its portfolio with additional new Prague serviced apartments and a selection of serviced apartments in Slough as well as new serviced apartments in Glasgow.

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SilverDoor Has Announced Record Figures For August After An Amazing Month For Sales Despite The Country Being In Recession

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development says the pace of the global downturn is now moderating after a sharp drop in the six months to March and that the recovery is likely to be weak and fragile for some time. However, despite hotels being hit hard during this time, the serviced apartment industry hasn’t seen the same drop in business, as shown by the figures SilverDoor has published.

SilverDoor has seen a 41% growth year on year and it has also increased its portfolio due to client demand, adding new serviced apartments in Cheltenham. Clarence Apartments, located in historic Clarence Square, is a few minutes’ walk f r o m the town centre with its selection of shops, bars and restaurants. The fully furnished apartment is convenient for Cheltenham Race Course, the Centaur Conference Centre and the famous Pittville Park with Pump Room where the legendary spa waters can still be tasted. The apartment is housed within a beautiful regency townhouse and comprises one double bedroom, bathroom, an open-plan kitchen/dining room and a sitting room with a bay window which overlooks the public gardens.

Also recently added to the SilverDoor portfolio, is Rimal Apartments, a new selection of Dubai serviced apartments. Conveniently located within walking distance of the major shopping district of Deira and a short drive f r o m Dubai International Airport and Dubai World Trade Centre, these spacious well equipped apartments offer a choice of comfortable studio apartments and two bedroom accommodation. Each modern apartment includes air conditioning, multi channel satellite TV, an in room safe and high speed internet. Guests can enjoy 24 hour room service and on site fitness centre which has a fully equipped gymnasium with a cardio system, sauna and steam room. A temperature controlled swimming pool and landscaped terrace are located on the roof of the apartments, offering views over the sea and City.

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Inspect Your Home and Save on Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Even though all homes are required to be thoroughly checked out by a licensed inspector before move-in, you should employ the do-it-yourself method of following up the official inspection with one of your own because it could bring you lower homeowners insurance quotes.

According to an article recently published on InsuranceAgents.com, “It’s imperative that you conduct a home inspection before purchasing the house,” states the article, ‘Inspect the Unexpected: Take Control of Your Homeowners Insurance.’ “Although the home must be inspected by a licensed residential inspector, you should inspect the property yourself beforehand to look for any problems or issues. If it’s a resale house that is older than 20 years, chances are you will find a handful of issues.”

If you already know your home is a “fixer upper” then the inspection shouldn’t yield many surprises. However, many homeowners have a preconceived notion that their home is perfect in every way. Don’t fall into that trap. If you don’t fix some of the minor problems your new home has then you could pay for it with higher homeowners insurance quotes because you are a more high risk consumer.

For more information on home inspection and what to look for then go online to InsuranceAgents.com to talk to an insurance agent. While there don’t forget to compare homeowners insurance quotes from a number of different providers to find the most complete rate out there.

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Bruntwood To Let A Further 5000 Sq Ft In Leeds City Centre

Bruntwood, the North of England property company, has let a further 5000 square feet in Leeds city centre with two new deals at 14 King Street. These recent lettings are to The Co-operative Bank Plc and Freedom Back Clinics, who are taking 2447 and 2642 sq ft respectively.

Bruntwood’s head of sales and development in Leeds, Craig Burrow, said: “We’re delighted to welcome both The Co-operative Bank and Freedom Back Clinics to 14 King Street. These deals highlight the fact the building continues to go from strength to strength and, since completing in January, we’re now 40% let. As such, we’re confident this success will continue.”

Both companies will join existing customers Charles Stanley Group Plc, Gatenby Sanderson and Venture Finance Plc at the building, leaving 22,000 sq ft of office space still available to let for which there is continued and strong interest.

About Bruntwood
Bruntwood is a privately owned commercial property company with over 30 years experience of providing great offices. Bruntwood owns over 90 office buildings in Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham. They provide office space, serviced offices, virtual offices, from one desk for one month, to entire office buildings for 25 years. Bruntwood also offers retail space and meeting rooms to hire within its buildings. The essential elements of the Bruntwood promise are to provide a wide choice of offices, commercial flexibility, world class customer service and long-term value for money.

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First Time Home Buyer $8000 Federal Tax Credit Is Set To Expire

In February, President Obama signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. One of the key components of the act was the $8000 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit. Basically, a gift from the federal government to be credited to qualified first time homebuyers. The act has been received favorably by consumers, real estate professionals, and homebuilders. The program has been successful because there is always a positive economic ripple effect each time a home is purchased. The National Association of Realtors recently reported that 53% of today’s homebuyers are first timers due in part to the $8000 tax credit. Pent up demand, low interest rates and low prices have also played a big part in the home buying activity.

“Buying a first home at the right time is always a good move,” comments Kenn Renner, real estate expert with Keller Williams Realty. “Homebuyers just need to realize that the tax gift is going away and that now is the time to take action,” Renner added.

Just as the “Cash For Clunkers” program is now history – the first time homebuyers tax credit is set to expire. The deadline is Monday, November 30th. The Monday after the Thanksgiving Day holidays. Title companies, escrow companies, and mortgage companies have been alerting the real estate community and their clientele to not wait until the last minute to close on a home as they will be overwhelmed with home buyers trying to beat the deadline.

“I have heard some title companies indicate they will need purchase contracts in by late October to ensure they have plenty of time to meet the deadline,” Renner explains. “There is no grace period – there is ‘talk’ that the government might continue the program, but right now we cannot assume any date except the current deadline that is stated in the law,” further adds Renner.

About Kenn Renner: Kenn gained national exposure from his numerous appearances on HGTV’s #1 rated show “House Hunters” and as a guest expert on business talk radio. He is a broker associate with Keller Williams Realty. He has sold and financed over $200 Million in real estate since 1983. His new book “First Time Home Buying Secrets Revealed” (www.FirsttimeHomebuyingSecrets.com) will be published nationwide this fall. On September 29th, Kenn will be presenting his popular “American Dream Home Buying Seminar” in downtown Austin. Visit www.BuyAustin.Com for more information.

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