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The same type of stock market metrics now available to the real estate market

Orlando, FL, May 18, 2015 — /EPR REAL ESTATE NEWS/ — SoftWorks Global LLChttp://realbench.net introduced an iPhone and Android real estate mobile application with the same green and red signals typically found in stock market software, but for the real estate industry targeted to home buyers, real estate agents and real estate investors.

The kind of metrics that have been available to the stock market are now available for real estate to home buyers, real estate investors and realtors. Until now it has been difficult for home buyers, real estate agents and real estate investors to identify real estate opportunities in a concrete and measurable manner. One of the things the stock market has always had is numerous charts and metrics to identify the deals, both individual stock pickers and stock brokers can easily go to a chart see red and green stocks and know which ones to buy. This same type of metrics has been lacking in the real estate sector.

There is such a tool now for the real estate industry, it is called RealBench; RealBench is a real estate mobile application for home buyers, real estate agents and real estate investors. it gives you all the financial numbers you will ever need when buying or selling a home, flip property or rental property. RealBench uses simple green and red signals that makes it simple for anyone to use, just like the stock market signals, but for the real estate industry.

Imagine searching for a real estate opportunity either as a home or investment, going from property to property taking a picture and entering in your mobile phone the basic financial information of the property (price, square footage, down payment ..), and tapping a single button on your phone to tell you with simple green and red signals whether the property is a good buy or not. That’s exactly what RealBench does, green means buy and red means don’t buy, it is that simple.

There are numerous http://realbench.net products in the market, but none of them provide simple to read signals that measure the financial characteristics and risks of potential properties using green and red traffic light signals.

Furthermore the app calculates different sets of green and red signals for homes, rental properties and flip properties. The type of metrics a first time home buyer needs to know are different from the metrics an investor needs to know; additionally an investors buying a rental property needs a different set of numbers and signals from an investor buying a flip property. RealBench generates different sets of signals for home, rentals and flip properties, commercial and residential, covering the entire spectrum of real estate purchases.

This is an indispensable tool for anyone looking to buy or sell a home either for personal use, on behalf of a client or as an investment. Home buyers can have confidence about their first or second home purchases, while realtors and real estate investors can maximize profits.

* For more information about our Real Estate Mobile App:

Go to http://realbench.net or send your inquiries at inquiry@realbench.net.

* Availability
The RealBench Real Estate Mobile App is available through the Apple Store and Google Play, simple type Realbench in the app search box.

For more information please visit http://realbench.net.

General Information:inquiry@realbench.net
Technical Support:support@realbench.net

Contact-Details: Juan Cabrera

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RealOrganized, Inc. Improves RealtyJuggler Real Estate Software

Today, RealOrganized, Inc. announced the addition of three new video tutorials and an upgrade to RealtyJuggler Real Estate Software.

The three new training videos cover the topics of advanced DRIP Sequences, MailChimp Integration, and Calendar. The first video shows how to create time-release letters and emails from scratch and explains how to include tasks as well. The second video shows how to integrate the MailChimp email newsletter software with RealtyJuggler.

The third video shows how to use the Calendar in RealtyJuggler and includes how to link appointments with contact and deal records. These videos are part of the video tutorial series for RealtyJuggler, which now totals 47 videos.

In response to customer feedback, RealtyJuggler has also been improved with over 50 new features. Some of these changes are:
A new Goals section has been added to RealtyJuggler. Goals allow agents to set targets for new leads, touches, appointments, listings and closings. Goals can also be used to track Income and Expenses as well. This is an excellent way to set monthly targets for your pipeline of prospects all the way through to expected income. In today’s slow market, prospecting is more important than ever and Goals can make sure you stay on track.

Email Feed has been dramatically improved. Email feed allows agents to feed leads into RealtyJuggler from any web site including the agent’s personal website. Improvements include special converters for Zillow, Realtor, Trulia and 23 other lead sources. Contact information is loaded with additional precision including auto-formatting of phone numbers. Duplicate data is now skipped, allowing for a cleaner Prospects database. The Email Feed feature provides an ideal way to bring all leads together into one centralized hub for better management and follow-up.

A number of other improvements were also made in the Commissions calculator, display of names, Top Producer Importer, the Calendar, Expenses, Postcard Label Printing, and in numerous other areas throughout RealtyJuggler. Features are added in response to client feedback and are always added with an eye to making improving RealtyJuggler by making it even easier to use. easier to use and simpler.

About RealtyJuggler – RealtyJuggler is a cloud-based real estate software product for real estate agents and REALTORS. The software can be used for prospecting, touching past clients, transaction management and much more. RealtyJuggler is sold on a subscription basis for $99 per year. It is multi-user and contains numerous features designed specifically for real estate, including transaction management, listing feedback, DRIP Letters, touch management, the ability to print mailing labels and much more.

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RealOrganized, Inc. Upgrades RealtyJuggler Real Estate Software and adds new training options

Today, RealOrganized, Inc. announced an upgrade to RealtyJuggler Real Estate Software and the availability of three new video tutorials.

The upgrade includes over 65 new enhancements requested by customers. These improvements include integrated Bulk Email, new Email/Letter Formatting tools, a new Letterhead Preview screen, performance improvements, Google and Outlook synchronization tweaks to improve accuracy, changes to Rental Management module to handle reports by year, categories are now case insensitive, merging of duplicate records is now more accurate and much more. These changes are applied automatically upon sign-in.

In addition, three new video tutorials are also available. Video 42 shows how to use the new Bulk Email capability. Video 43 shows how to do fancy formatting of letters and emails including font changes, text styling, embedded images and attachments. Video 44 shows how to implement a touch cycle for Prospects and Contacts. Topics include creating a call list, sending Birthday cards and creating task reminders for phone calls. These videos as well as all other video tutorials are available by signing into RealtyJuggler and clicking on the YouTube Video Tutorials icon from the main screen.

RealtyJuggler has also announced a new program called one-on-one which is a free training program available to all trial and paid subscribers to RealtyJuggler. This training program is geared towards helping people load their contacts list, set up synchronization with their smart phone, and install their graphical letterhead into RealtyJuggler. This is a great way to start using RealtyJuggler. To schedule your free one-on-one training session, call (970) 672-3467.

Dave Beson and Verl Workman will be offering a free on-line training Webinar to RealtyJuggler users on Tuesday, Jan 24, 2012 at 1:00PM PM Mountain Standard Time. The subject will be using the Dave Beson LetterWriter DRIP letters with RealtyJuggler.

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RealOrganized, Inc. Upgrades Flagship RealtyJuggler Real Estate Software

Today, RealOrganized, Inc. announced another major upgrade to their flagship real estate software product, RealtyJuggler.

RealtyJuggler is a software organizer (CRM) for REALTORS, real-estate agents, and their assistants. It can be used to track prospects, clients, deals, print mailing labels, do DRIP letters and emails, and much more.

This upgrade consists of over 100 bug fixes and improvements, including refinements to Google Synchronization, Outlook Synchronization, DRIP Mail, Mailing Labels, improved iPAD and Google Android support.

Tasks management (Activity Plans) received a major boost in RealtyJuggler with the addition of email alarms, the ability to including mailing address and phone numbers directly inside of tasks, as well as improved task flow for call lists.

Google Synchronization was also improved with the addition of a number of compatibility fixes for Google Apps users. The increased popularity of iPAD, iPhone, and Google Android smartphones and pad devices has led to a number of user interface optimizations for using RealtyJuggler on those devices.

Mail has also received a significant upgrade, with the ability to embed images and password protected file attachments into both printed letters as well as emails. This addition allows agents to send documents to clients and others from RealtyJuggler as well as directly embed images. Service reports can also be sent as a web link. This new capability is particularly useful for tracking showing feedback in real-time without the need for a complicated portal.

“Our primary focus is to provide the easiest to use real estate software there is. This latest upgrade continues our tradition of refining and perfecting RealtyJuggler in ways that make RealtyJuggler simpler, not more complicated.” states RealOrganized, Inc. president and CEO Scott Schmitz.

Visit the company web site for a 90-day free trial. A free trial is exactly that – a no-cost free way to try out the software. You are never charged or billed for a free trial.RealtyJuggler is sold on a subscription basis and costs $99 / year. Subscription includes automatic data backup, technical support and free upgrades. RealtyJuggler requires no installation and runs from any modern web browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox on either a Mac or Microsoft Windows PC.

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RealtyJuggler Real Estate Software can now synchronize seamlessly Contacts, Tasks and Appointments with Microsoft Outlook.

RealOrganized, Inc. announced that their organizational real estate software product, RealtyJuggler Desktop now synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook.

“Seamless, Two-Way synchronization with Outlook has been our number one request. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our products, and this latest upgrade demonstrates that commitment. This upgrade is free and part of the normal RealtyJuggler Desktop subscription.” stated Scott Schmitz, President of RealOrganized, Inc.

Synchronization is as easy as pressing the ‘Start Sync’ button in RealtyJuggler Desktop. Changes made to Contacts, Appointments, and Tasks are then merged with Microsoft Outlook Contacts, Appointments, and Tasks and are treated normally within Microsoft Outlook. This approach permits the use of third party synchronization with devices such as:

* Palm-Powered PDA’s and SmartPhones, including the Palm Treo
* RIM’s Blackberry including the Pearl and Curve
* Pocket PC / Windows Mobile / Windows CE devices including the HP iPAQ
* Apple’s iPhone
* Any other third party device that synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook.

Other real estate software vendors offer custom mobile solutions for an extra fee. But that approach forces the Realtor to software from that vendor only. By synchronizing with Microsoft Outlook, RealtyJuggler Desktop avoids vendor lock-in. An agent has the freedom to synchronize with whatever devices they like.

RealtyJuggler Desktop is a Realtor’s swiss-army-knife. It tracks prospects, buyers, sellers, showings, closings, open houses, lockboxes, promotions and expenses. Included are five real-estate calculators and a complete DRIP e-mail system with hundreds of template letters written in both Spanish and English. The product is web-based and multi-user with a straightforward user interface. Visit company web site for 90-day free trial. Normal subscription pricing is $99/year with no extra fees or charges.

About RealOrganized, Inc. – RealOrganized is a corporation founded in 2003 by a former executive from AOL and a top real estate agent, each with over a dozen years experience in their respective fields. The company’s mission is to create organizational software for the real estate industry.

RealOrganized and RealtyJuggler and are trademarks of RealOrganized, Inc. Realtor is a registered trademark of the National Association of Realtors.

Palm and Treo are registered trademarks of Palm, Inc. Realtor is a registered trademark of the National Association of Realtors. Windows CE, Windows Mobile and Pocket PC are registered trademarks of Microsoft, Inc. Blackberry is a registered trademark of RIM, Inc. iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.

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